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Islands in Mauritius

7 Best Islands in Mauritius | That Are Perfect For Honeymoon

If you think that Mauritius is one island in the Indian Ocean, you are wrong. Several islands come under the Republic of Mauritius. One of Mauritius' domestic airports is on the Rodriguez Islands, which is not connected to Mauritius by land.

So, when you are on your trip, you get to witness all the islands along with their enjoyable water activities, coral reefs, beautiful landscapes, and more. Let’s dive in and find out more about these Islands in Mauritius.

Top 7 Islands in Mauritius | Collecting the View of Mauritius Jigsaw

Weaving together a rich embroidery of nature, encapsulating history, culture, and natural splendour, Mauritius is all about iconic landmarks and hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

  • Mauritius Island | For the Surfing Lovers
  • Ile des Deux Cocos | The Island of Coconuts
  • Rodrigues Island | The King of Sandy Beaches
  • Ilot Gabriel | To get the luxury experience
  • Île Du Phare | The Lighthouse island
  • Gunner's Quoin | To relish amazing marine life
  • Ile D'Ambre | For fulfilling nature retreat

1. Mauritius Island | For the Surfing Lovers

Sitting in the heart of the capital, Port Louis, Mauritius Island tops the list of the best islands in Mauritius for all the right reasons. Whether you want to participate or sit back and relax, the island offers various recreational opportunities, from surfing to beach sports.

You can relish a majestic drive on the Baie du Cap road beside the ocean or visit Rivière des Galets and experience one of the best surfing spots. Moreover, the island houses the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, making it the starting point of your every adventure while you are in Mauritius.

  • How to visit: You can take a flight to Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, which is located on the island.
  • Major attractions: Surfing and picturesque beaches.

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2. Ile des Deux Cocos | The Island of Coconuts