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Refreshing Summer Drinks To Beat The Heat While Travelling

As the summer season begins, the temperatures start rising which leaves everyone fatigued and quite sweaty. Thus, the only thing crucial amid all this is to stay hydrated for a healthy mind, body and spirit. In the summer season, especially while travelling, our body generally tends to lose water at a much faster pace due to an excessive amount of sweating.

While water is quite important for satisfying our thirst, it is equally important to try other summer beverages as well which will help you keep your body cool. These drinks and beverages can help you a great deal to replenish your body. And for that, we have curated a list of some of the most refreshing summer drinks which you can carry with you while travelling!

Famous North Indian Summer Drinks

Rejuvenate Your Senses With Aam Panna

Aam Panna is a refreshing drink which people of every age group drink to resist the scorching heat of the summers. This drink is made from raw mangoes and is generally light green in colour. It is simply delicious and helps you fight against the extreme summer heat. So, if you have any plans for travelling then you can definitely consider carrying this amazing drink along with you.

Taste The Delicious & Spicy Jaljeera

Jal-jeera is an Indian beverage which is flavoured with jal-jeera powder and that is what makes it quite an amazing drink to relish. It is also quite good for digestion. Generally, this drink is stored in a “matka” to keep it cool and then it is served with garnished coriander leaves along with mint enhancing its overall taste. This gives the drink its unique flavour. So, if you are planning to go for an outing in this heat wave then why not take along this spicy drink along with you?

Healthy Buttermilk

Yet another popular summer drink! It is quite demanded especially in states like Delhi, UP, Punjab and the other North Indian States. Here people drink buttermilk with great enthusiasm to satisfy their summer cravings. What is really good about this drink is that it is very good for health and has numerous health benefits as well!

Replenish Your Health With Sugarcane Juice

What can be better than a glass of sugarcane juice on a hot summer day? It’s sweet taste is just too amazing to miss. However, apart from its delicious and scrumptious taste, there are many other things to it such as it is very good for health and is a great source of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, phosphorus etc.

Revitalize Your Being With Delicious Thandai

Thandai is quite a popular traditional drink which is famous in the North Indian states such as Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, UP etc. And there is nothing better than refreshing taste of Thandai in the scorching summer heat. And furthermore, it is quite a good option to have with you while travelling and exploring around!

Traditionally Flavoured Lemon Juice

Also famous as “Shikanjvi” it is a traditional lemonade drink which has its origins in the Punjab region. It is interesting to know that other names for this amazing summer drink are “Shikanjbi”, “Shikanjbeen”. This drink is prepared using ingredients like lemon, water, salt, cumin powder etc and is a perfect choice to beat the heat during the summer season. And if you have a plan to travel somewhere then it would be great to have Shikanjvi alongside with you.

Famous South Indian Summer Drinks

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