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Top 25 Places To Visit In Switzerland In March

Top 25 Places To Visit In Switzerland In March | Best Tourist Attractions

Switzerland, nestled in the heart of Europe, offers geography that's nothing short of a masterpiece. With the Swiss Alps dominating over 60% of its terrain, this country's landscapes and towns evoke visions straight from an artist's vivid imagination. Imagine glacier-draped peaks, thundering waterfalls, castles that seem plucked from fairy tales, and lakes boasting surreal shades of turquoise blue. Red trains snake up mountains to dizzying heights, serenaded by the gentle melody of cowbells in meadows that beckon you to skip with Heidi-like glee. You will find many places to visit in Switzerland in March, bestowed with unimaginable beauty!

Even its culturally rich cities aren't without their breathtaking backdrops, surrounded by vineyards, lakes, or rivers, with those majestic mountains never more than a whisper away. Switzerland's natural beauty transcends earthly measures, making every journey—by train, bus, or car—an enchanting odyssey. Join us on a discovery of the 11 most captivating destinations in Switzerland.

Switzerland Weather In March

As for March, Switzerland experiences a transitional phase, with the tail end of winter yielding to early spring. Switzerland's weather in March features milder temperatures compared to the frigid winter months, making it an excellent time to explore both snow-covered alpine regions and lower-altitude areas coming to life with budding foliage. Switzerland in March offers a delightful blend of winter wonder and the promise of the blooming season, making it a versatile and captivating destination.

List Of 25 Best Places To Visit In Switzerland In March

  • Harder Kulm | Reaching New Heights in Switzerland.
  • Schynige Platte Trails | Hiking Bliss at Schynige Platte.
  • Matterhorn | Nature's Masterpiece.
  • Niederhorn | Where Views Touch the Sky.
  • Lake Thun | Lake Thun's Tranquil Beauty Beckons.
  • Panoramabrücke Sigriswil | Sigriswil's Panoramic Bridge.
  • Brienzer-Rothorn Railway | Climb to the Clouds.
  • Swiss Open-Air Museum Ballenberg | Step Back in Time at Ballenberg Museum.
  • St. Beatus Cave and Waterfalls | Discover the Mysteries Beneath St. Beatus.
  • Rothenfluh Castle | Where History Lives On.
  • Lutschine River | Nature's Flowing Serenity.
  • Kunsthaus (Museum Of Fine Arts) Tours | Art Unveiled.
  • Swiss National Museum | National Museum Tales.
  • Fraumunster Church | Where Beauty and Belief Unite.
  • Lake Zurich | Urban Oasis by the Water.
  • Bahnhofstrasse Street | Shopping Extravaganza.
  • Heimwehfluh | A Scenic Ride Above Interlaken.
  • Höhematte Park | Green Heart of Interlaken.
  • Bernatone Alphornbau | Alphorn Magic at Bernatone Alphornbau.
  • The Rhaetian Railway | Rails through Alpine Majesty.
  • Langenberg Wildlife Park | Get Wild at Langenberg Wildlife Park.
  • Zurich Opera House | Where Arts Take Center Stage.
  • The Rhone Glacier | Witness Frozen Elegance at The Rhone Glacier.
  • Lake Oeschinen | Serene Gem in the Swiss Alps.
  • Zermatt | The Skieers Paradise

1. Harder Kulm | Reaching New Heights in Switzerland.

Overlooking the picturesque Interlaken, Harder Kulm, at 1,322 meters above sea level, provides panoramic views of the Jungfrau, Monch, and Eiger peaks. March offers crisp, clear skies for an unforgettable experience. Besides the stunning vistas, Harder Kulm is an ideal starting point for nature enthusiasts looking to explore the outdoors. Follow Switzerland travel tips in March and get ready to soak in nature’s beauty at its finest.

  • Location: 3800, Interlaken, in the Bern Canton region within the Emmental Alps.
  • Entrance Fee: Funicular ride from the base station at Harder Kulm costs EUR 30 for a return trip.
  • Timings: Monday to Saturday: 9:30 am – 9:30 pm; Sunday: 8:30 am – 9:30 pm.

2. Schynige Platte Trails | Hiking Bliss at Schynige Platte.

Catch the rack railway from Wilderswil to Schynige Platte for an enchanting journey through Alpine landscapes. In March, you'll witness the Swiss Alps transition from winter to spring, creating a unique hiking experience, one of the must-enjoy things to do in Switzerland in March. Enjoy spectacular views of the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau peaks, along with Lake Thun, making it a must-visit Swiss destination.

  • Location: Part of the Bernese Highlands, near Interlaken, a charming Swiss town.
  • Timings: Trains depart every 40 minutes, running from 7:20 am to 4:45 pm. If you plan to hike from First, the day's final train is between 5 pm and 6 pm.
  • Fees: A single train ticket costs approximately 31.5 CHF for one way, with a separate ticket required for hiking.

3. Matterhorn | Nature's Masterpiece.

The Matterhorn, Switzerland's iconic peak, stands tall in the Alps, reaching 4,478 meters and offering four steep faces to explore. Climbers flock here in the summer, but March offers a unique opportunity for a less crowded visit. Take the cable cars from Zermatt for breathtaking views of this legendary mountain, making it one of Switzerland's top destinations for early spring adventurers.

  • Location: Straddling Aosta Valley, Italy, and Valais, Switzerland.
  • Operating Hours: Open 24/7 (Climbing takes approximately 6 hours).
  • Admission: Round trip tickets start at CHF 95 per person, covering the cable car and entrance fees.

4. Niederhorn | Where Views Touch the Sky.

Take a short bus ride from Interlaken to Beatenberg and ascend the Niederhorn for breathtaking panoramic views of Lake Thun and the Alps. It is one of the Switzerland March vacation spots that every traveller must add to his itinerary. March is an excellent time to explore this viewpoint with fewer crowds. Besides the landscape, Niederhorn is known for its wildlife, including ibex, marmots, mountain goats, and golden eagles, making it an exciting early spring destination.

  • Location. Peak of the Emmental Alps in the Bernese Oberland near Beatenberg

5. Lake Thun | Lake Thun's Tranquil Beauty Beckons.

Lake Thun, surrounded by mountains and near Interlaken, offers year-round cruise options. March brings a serene atmosphere and a chance to witness the transitioning landscapes. Cruise and savour the stunning views of meadows, forests, the Alps, and the majestic Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau peaks.

  • Location: Situated in the Canton of Berne, near Interlaken, Switzerland.
  • Entrance Fee: The admission fee for Lake Thun ranges from 30 CHF to 100 CHF.
  • Operating Hours: Lake Thun welcomes visitors from 8:00 a.m., with closure at 4:00 p.m.

6. Panoramabrücke Sigriswil | Sigriswil's Panoramic Bridge.