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    Here’s a toast to this exotic destination of the European continent. Officially known as The Swiss Confederation, Switzerland is a small mountainous country that sits beautifully in Central Europe. It is landlocked between France and Italy alongside Austria, Germany as well as Liechtenstein. Its capital city Bern is known as the city of fountains while its financial capital, Zurich marks itself as the most expensive city in the world. 

    Known for its dramatic Alps, Jura, Alpine resorts, fascinating landmarks, verdant valleys, classic watches, iconic Fasnacht carnival, Swiss chocolates, exotic range of cheese and whatnot, Switzerland indeed is a dream destination that exudes exceptional charm. Be it adventurous expeditions, nature walks, heritage tours or cultural trips, cable cars or experiencing Europe's highest mountain railroad, Switzerland - a charming country in Central Europe addresses every travel possibility with utmost elegance. Check out the complete info!

    Best Time to Visit Switzerland

    Switzerland's Tourism is at its peak between April to October as it enjoys pleasant weather all through these months. During this time of the year, you can enjoy surreal surroundings and verdant valleys. However, if you are seeking winter sports indulgences then December to March will be the ideal time to visit this Alpine paradise.   

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    History & Culture of Switzerland

    Helvetians, aka Helvetic Celts, were the first inhabitants of the region which is now known as Switzerland. This Alpine region was a flourishing Roman province until the 4th century AD after which it was taken over by various Germanic tribes. 

    During the 8th century, Switzerland became a part of Charlemagne's empire. However, the Holy Roman emperors colonised here by the end of the century and introduced imperial sovereignty in the region. 

    In 1291, the death of the Holy Roman Emperor created disturbances in the region which led to the signing of a treaty between three ruling families belonging to Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden. The charter was signed on 1st August 1291 which is celebrated as the National Day of Switzerland. 

    In 1815, Switzerland became an independent country. Later by 1848, a new constitution was adopted under which it barred the Swiss military from serving in any foreign wars. This European country has strictly adhered to the law and has maintained a low key even during the world wars. 

    It is among the most peaceful and wealthiest countries in the world where living standards are extremely high. Due to Roman, German, French and Italian settlements, it is considered the melting pot of these cultures and beyond. This mini haven enjoys a striking cultural vibrancy with Swiss German, French, Italian and Romansch as few of the popularly spoken languages. 

    Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

    Steeping in rich history, cultural vibrancy and imposing landscape, Switzerland is a place that enthrals every kind of traveller. So here’s the ultimate list of best places to visit in Switzerland that will make your trip worthwhile. 

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    1. Zurich
    The financial capital of Switzerland, Zurich is a must visit place for an ultimate Swiss vacation. The city is also known for offering an array of historical, cultural and scenic marvels which draws a large footfall of tourists all around the year. The art scene of the city is also incredibly attractive. Zurich is also reckoned as one of the best cities in the world in terms of quality of life. 

    Tourist Attractions of Zurich: Swiss National Museum aka Landesmuseum, Lake Zurich, Strandbad Mythenquai, Church of Our Lady, Town Hall, Lindenhof

    2. Geneva
    Home to the largest lake in Switzerland and set amidst the majestic Alps, the city of Geneva must be on the top of your wishlist if you are planning a trip to this part of the world. This idyllic city of Switzerland has an old world charm and offers a picturesque view of snow covered mountains. 

    Tourist Attractions of Geneva: Lake Geneva, Jet d’Eau Fountain, Cathedral de Saint-Pierre, Parc des Eaux-Vives, Jardin Botanique (Botanical Gardens), Musée d'Art et d'Histoire (Art and History Museum), Patek Philippe Museum (Watch Museum)

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    3. Bern
    Studded with many architectural marvels and natural wonders, the capital city - Bern will not cease to amaze you with its breathtaking charm. This charming Swiss town has retained its old world elegance that dates back to the 12th century. Right from its pristine location as it is built around a crook in River Aare to its well preserved Old Town with cobblestone paved streets, this destination in Switzerland is a delightful discovery for travellers. 

    Tourist Attractions in Bern: Old Town (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Kunstmuseum (Museum of Art), Einstein Museum, Einstein Haus (Former Residence of the Scientist), Rosengarten (Rose Garden), Cathedral of St. Vincent, Zytglogge (800-year-old Clock Tower), Ancient Fountains 

    4. Basel
    Strategically positioned on the banks of river Rhine, Basel is yet another impressive Swiss town that is a treat for nature lovers and history enthusiasts alike. This third-largest city in Switzerland houses about 40 stunning museums, opera houses, art galleries, theatres and whatnot which keeps the travellers hooked with its fascinating history, culture and art scene. The town also has great eateries which are reckoned to be the best places to eat in Switzerland. 

    Tourist Attractions in Basel: 15-century Old Town, Papiermuhle (Basel Papermill Museum), Marktplatz (Mediaeval age market),  Kunstmuseum (Art Museum), Basel Minister (Catholic Church), Gate of Spalen, Museum of Antiquities and the Ludwig Collection, Basel Zoo

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    5. Zermatt
    A paradise for snow activities, Zermatt is the famous ski resort in Switzerland that is popular for thrilling holidays. Apart from enjoying skiing at the steep slopes of Theodul Pass, tourists can grab the panoramic vistas of Alpine meadows along with taking part in endless hiking trails. This quaint village is basically a vehicle free zone and you need to reach here by electric shuttles or cableways. Also, riding the cog railway is one of the top things to do in Switzerland and Zermatt is perfect for it. 

    Tourist Attractions in Zermatt: Matterhorn (4,478-m peak), Theodul Pass (For Skiing), Nordic trails, Nikolai valley for rack-railroad climbs, Kleines Matterhorn (summit at 3,884 m), Hinterdorf for well-preserved old Valais village buildings, Matterhorn Museum, Brig

    6. Lucerne
    If you wish to see a little piece of paradise on earth then Lucerne in Switzerland must be on your wishlist as it is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The idyllic location of this breathtaking Swiss village as it sits amid snow covered mountains adds extra charm to its beauty. Besides its jaw dropping landscape, the striking mediaeval quarter of Lucerne is among the top attractions for travellers.  

    Tourist Attractions in Lucerne: Mount Pilatus, Lake Lucerne, Kapellbrucke (a wooden bridge), 13th century Water Tower, Lion Monument, 14th century Chapel Bridge, Musegg Wall, Old Town of Lucerne, St. Peter's Chapel, Verkehrshaus der Schweiz (Swiss Transport Museum), Gletschergarten (Glacier Garden), Bourbaki Panorama

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    How To Reach Switzerland

    Switzerland is a landlocked country that is well connected to neighbouring countries and all parts of the world through different modes of transportation. Here’s the best way to travel to this Alpine paradise without any hassle. Check out!

    International Airports of Switzerland

    • Zurich Airport (ZRH)
    • Geneva Airport (GVA)
    • Basel Airport (BSL)
    • Bern Airport (BRN)

    By Air
    One of the best ways to reach this dream destination is through flight as the national airline of Switzerland, Swiss International Airlines has good connectivity with more than 73 destinations across the world. 

    The major international airports of Switzerland are at Zurich, Geneva, Basel and Bern. You can either book a direct flight or connecting flight to any of these prime destinations of the country. 

    By Train
    Being located in central Europe, Switzerland enjoys a great connectivity with other popular European countries such as France, Italy, Germany etc. 

    Travelling by Swiss rail is very popular among tourists as they get to experience a wonderful high speed rail journey through breathtaking locales of this paradise. You can consider French-Swiss high-speed rail to Switzerland which is one of the best things to experience on your trip to European destinations. 

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    By Road
    The roads in this part of the world are well developed and clean so the road trips are very popular and also enjoyable. You can easily reach here from south Germany and France. 

    Also, the noteworthy part of travelling here by road is that Switzerland is now a part of the Schengen area hence passport checks are very common at Swiss borders. So if you are considering travelling here by road from neighbouring countries, make sure you have the VISA validation according to Swiss Tourism.  

    • Distance from Frankfurt to Zurich. 409.4km via A5
    • Distance from Venice to Zurich. 540.7 km via A4 and A2
    • Distance from Paris to Zurich. 602.6 km via A5
    • Distance from Prague to Zurich. 687.6 km via A96
    • Distance from Amsterdam to Zurich. 819.5 km via A3 and A5
    • Distance from Italy to Zurich. 860.7 km via E35 

    Frequently Asked Questions Related to Thailand

    A 1. Switzerland is famous for its breathtaking locales, watches, chocolates, cheese, art scene, culture, heritage and majestic Alps.
    A 2. Swiss German, French, Italian and Romansch are few of the popularly spoken languages in Switzerland.
    A 3.Yes, people in Switzerland speak English though it is not their official language.
    A 4.Switzerland is the best place to live because it has high living standards and peace.
    A 5.Switzerland is a small country and you can cover its popular destinations in 6 to 7 days.
    A 6.Cheese fondue, Saffron risotto, Croute au fromage, and Raclette are a few of the iconic dishes of Switzerland that are worth trying.
    A 7.Yes, you need a Schengen Visa to travel to Switzerland.
    A 8.Yes, Switzerland is an expensive place to live in. Get in touch with us at Adotrip.com to get further assistance with your trip to any part of the world. We help you with VISA and Forex assistance as well. Enjoy amazing rates and special deals on flight, tour packages, hotels and other travel bookings that will surely reduce your work of research and of course, the travel cost. With us, nothing is far!
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