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Grab The Best Deal on Europe Tour Package, Tips, and Guide

A trip to Europe is an ultimate escape from the monotonous life. The idea of travelling to Europe is quite exciting but at the same time quite challenging. Europe, a continent filled with awe-inspiring attractions and scenic views may leave you confused about where to start. Here, we bring you the most amazing and exciting Europe tour packages that will take you to some of the most magnificent European cities. The continent welcomes more than 480 million international visitors annually. Whether it is a trip with friends, family, or your soulmate, the Destination can evoke a lot of memories to cherish forever. Here, we help you get ready for a hassle-free sojourn to Europe. The jaw-dropping beauty of stunning Milan, romantic Venice, snow-capped peaks of Switzerland, splendour of London Bridge, and picturesque Croatia is ready to welcome you in its warm embrace.

Top 10 Must-visit Places to Visit Through Europe Tour Packages

If you are wondering where to begin, start exploring our well-curated 10 Europe Tour Packages from India. We will help you select the best package that suits your requirements and help make your vacation memorable. One of the first things that you need to keep in mind when planning a trip to this magnificent continent is the best time to visit Europe. Every season has its own pros and cons. Thus, spending on the activities you would like to engage in, choose the opportune time to make a trip to Europe. If you are looking for a beach vacay, summer is the best time to visit. Winters are too harsh and tough visiting the continent. Thus, it is better to plan a trip in the shoulder season. Have a look at some of the best Europe trip packages to amazing countries.

1. Switzerland

Switzerland tops the bucket list of every discerning traveler. Pure and fresh air, alpine forests, snow-clad peaks, stunning hiking trails, incredible landscapes, lakes with crystal-clear water, and majestic views make Switzerland one of the most amazing destinations. Lucerne, Zurich, Interlaken, and more are just a few of the long list of destinations worth exploring in the country. The country is also known for its mouth-melting chocolates. When visiting the country, do plan a visit to its cheese factories.

  • Major Attractions. Chillon Castle, Jungfrau, Rhine Falls, Interlaken, Lake Geneva.

2. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is another amazing destination that should make it to your list of Best countries to visit in Europe. The country is known for its diverse range of tourist attractions. Also referred to as Little Paris of Middle Europe, it is peppered with churches, art galleries, museums, synagogues, thermal baths, ruin pubs, and spas. The lazily meandering Danube River adds a subtle charm to its capital city, Hungary. Visit Buda, the incredible suburban part of the country, known for its cobbled streets, lovely houses, street-side cafes, and a peaceful ambiance.

  • Major Attractions. Buda Castle & Castle Hill, Hungarian Parliament Building & Crown Jewels, St. Stephan’s Basilica, Fisherman’s Bastion, The Danube Promenade, Matthias Church.

3. Italy

One of the best places to visit in Europe, Italy is a beautiful country peppered with magnificent art galleries, museums, and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Picturesque countryside streets, road-side cafes, high-end fashion stores, decadent Italian cuisines, Gondola rides, ancient monuments and structures, Churches, and more will make you fall in love with this magnificent country. Visit Milan and shop till you drop for fashion apparel created by some of the best designers in the world. The birthplace of Renaissance and Roman Empire, Italy spoils you with its multiple facets and experiences.

  • Major Attractions. Colosseum, Florence Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore, The Grand Canal, Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Lake Como, Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre.

4. The United Kingdom

The country paints a pretty picture of the history of Europe. Home to world-renowned sportsmen and artists, Britain has a magnificent side too which should be explored. Full of green spaces, unexplored gems, and historic icons, and modern structures, the UK is another one in the long list of European countries you must plan to visit. Enjoy traditional Welsh delicacies, this land of Big Ben will certainly hook you with its stunning attractions. Also plan to visit its countryside, and experience the rustic and royal facets of the country, all in one place. Home to some of the most premium educational institutions, plan a trip to this magnificent country.

  • Major Attractions. Lake District National Park, Stonehenge, The London Eye, Big Ben, The Cotswold, Big Ben.

5. France

France is known for its magnificence and must not be missed out when planning a trip to Europe. Known for its iconic Eiffel Tower , France is home to some of the most stunning architectural wonders in the world like the Tour de France, Louvre, Montmartre, etc. If you love matching pace with the evolving world of France, visit Paris where you can check out some of the most prominent fashion hubs. The country is also known for its delectable cuisines. Enjoy mouthwatering Cassoulet, Coq au vin, souffle, and more.

  • Major Attractions. Moulin Rouge, Notre Dame De Paris, Eiffel Tower, Musée du Louvre, Château de Versailles, Côte d’Azur, Mont Saint-Michel.

6. Greece