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12 Famous Places to Visit During Monsoon Near Mumbai

12 Places to Visit During Monsoon Near Mumbai 2024



"Rain is the pure magic for the soul."

Are you, just like me, a die-hard fan of rain? Or the melody of the rain droplets scenting the ground soothes your soul to the core? Or does your family love eating the delicious Pakoras, especially during the monsoon season? If so, then you will love reading this article! 

As the monsoon hits India, gentle wind waves of serenity peppered with joyful rain droplets can be seen all around. From the irresistible fragrance of 'Gili Mitti' to hypnotising views of 'Flirting Skies', monsoon is all set to cast its magic all around. In Mumbai, our Bollywood Capital, the magic of monsoon season gently envelops everyone. The city dances with excitement because of its unique monsoon charm, breathing life into its bustling streets. 

From Marine Drive to the little aesthetic cafes, each place is infused with unexplainable love, romance, a little flirtiness, and, oh, the never-ending charms. So, to maximise your lively experience this year, we have curated a well-researched list of the places to visit during the monsoon near Mumbai that will bless your every sense. 

Ready yet? Then, scroll down to explore Mumbai's top 12 magical places, a must-visit during the monsoon season! 

List of 12 Best Places to Visit During Monsoon Near Mumbai: A Must-Visit Guide!

You are about to explore 12 places in Mumbai that are perfect to experience the monsoon thrill and magic. Here you go:   

  • Marine Drive
  • Gateway of India
  • Manori Creek
  • Madh Fort
  • Bandra Bandstand
  • Juhu Beach
  • Worli Seaface
  • Kanheri Caves
  • Carter Road 
  • Powai Lake
  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park
  • Local Cafes 

1. Marine Drive

Marine Drive

Here comes one of the most dramatic, famous, and lovable monsoon spots near Mumbai! Marine Drive is the primary attraction offering panoramic Arabian sea views and vibrant skies beautifully changing colours every hour. During monsoons, Marine Drive's beauty and charm doubles, mesmerising every visitor with the opportunities offered here. The rain-kissed promenade, blessed with the soothing sounds of the waves and the heavenly rain droplets, makes it a picture-perfect setting amidst nature's wonder. 

  • Things You Must Do- Visit Nariman Point, photography, relaxation, long talks with a partner, street food, cycling, and more. 
  • Tip- Watch your step while walking on the promenade, as it can be quite slippery. Stay hydrated, and do not overindulge in street food to avoid stomach issues. 

2. Gateway of India

Gateway of India

The Gateway of India is one of the most visited tourist places in Mumbai, shouting about glorious Indian history and surprising facts. This is one of the perfect places to visit during monsoons in Mumbai. What about enjoying historical exploration amidst the heavily singing dark skies and cosy rains? Well, it seems an ideal setting! Here, you will experience a refreshing ambience, happy faces, and countless photography opportunities. 

  • Things You Must Do- Explore the history, shopping, coffee, watch people, and enjoy the Views.
  • Tip- Be prepared for crowds and avoid visiting during peak hours. 

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3. Manori Creek

Manori Creek

Manori is a small, beautiful, quaint beach just an hour's drive from Mumbai. It is a perfect place to escape during the monsoons. Featuring an exquisite beachside view, you will spend every second away from the stressful and noisy city life. This serene escape is perfect for nature enthusiasts, offering unimaginable views and the magical beauty of nature. 

  • Things You Must Do- Fishing, photography, nature walks, boat ride, birdwatching, and picnicking
  • Tip- Inform the nearby locals about your plans and return times. Also, note down the peak tide timings to safeguard yourselves. 

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4. Madh Fort

Madh Fort

Madh Fort, also known as Versova Fort, is one of the best places to visit during monsoon near Mumbai. It is known for its historical significance and magnificent coastal views. As soon as monsoon season arrives in Mumbai, this fort takes on a mystical charm, with plush greens turning lustrous with rain water while beautifully hugging the old-built walls, creating a perfect setting! You will also witness the waves crashing against the fort's walls, curating a delightful panorama that will soothe your senses from within. 

  • Things You Must Do- Historical exploration, picnicking, and scenic walks
  • Tip- The stairs of Madh Fort become extra slippery during monsoons due to the wet moist growth. Be mindful of your steps, and do not hurry climbing them. 

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5. Bandra Bandstand

Bandra Bandstand

If you find Marine Drive overrated, visit Bandra Bandstand in Mumbai during the monsoons. Believe me when I say this place will cast its magic like no other. Letting you experience nature's wonders from close, you will find your soul utterly relaxed, far from the daily stress and tensions. It's just you and nature, its sea breeze, calm tides, flirty vibes, and nothing in between. During monsoon season, take your loved one to this place and spend the most precious time of your life here. 

  • Things You Must Do. Photography, scenic views, visiting nearby attractions, enjoying local culture & cuisine 
  • Tip- Don’t stay close to the shore, as the rains can make the sand super slippery, increasing the risk of slips and falls. 

6. Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach

Who all enjoys sea views with rain? Visit Juhu Beach, one of the best places to see during monsoon season near Mumbai, as this place will give you magical chills. Strolling along the beachside with heavy winds, caressing your face with delicious local street food quickly melting in your mouth, especially the bhutta and chana chaat, is a perfect one-day getaway! Given the stressful hustle and bustle of modern life, this is indeed the need of the hour. Juhu Beach is ideal in monsoons as it lets visitors experience the cool & soothing breeze compared with the hot and humid temperature of the city.  

  • Things You Must Do- Try beachside snacks, enjoy seaside views, build sandcastles, play beach volleyball, and take horse and camel Rides. 
  • Tip- Keep an eye on your belongings, as this place is heavily crowded during this time of year. 

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7. Worli Seaface

Worli Seaface

Worli Seaface is a perfect place to visit during the monsoon season in Mumbai. Featuring the aesthetic backdrop of Haji Ali Dargah, this place allows tourists to come and experience the high-rise tides creating a dramatic spectacle. Worli Seaface is known to experience extremely high waves that can fear anyone. If you wish to experience this exciting fear, remember to visit this place during monsoons! During this season, the crowd gets limited, making it a perfect retreat for visitors, allowing them to seek solitude and experience the unexplainable magic of monsoon season.  

  • Things You Must Do- Enjoy scenic views, relax by the sea, visit Haji Ali Dargah, and try fishing and street food delights.  
  • Tip- Try Visiting during off-peak hours & Be mindful of your safety. 

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8. Kanheri Caves

 Kanheri Caves

Kanheri Caves are old Buddhist caves located on hilly terrain and are among the best places to visit near Mumbai during monsoon. These caves will give you perfect little climber moments and allow you to experience nature from every end. You can sit here quietly or take some excellent photographs for the moment. For a place like Mumbai, with heavy noises everywhere, Kanheri Caves will be your sanctuary, offering serene relaxation amidst the chairs of bustling city life. 

  • Things You Must Do- Nature walks, photography, visiting nearby Archaeological museums, picnicking, meditation, yoga, bird watching, and learning about Buddhist history and culture.   
  • Tip- Check out the opening hours and entry ticket prices to avoid inconvenience. 

9. Carter Road 

Carter Road 

Carter Road is a picture-perfect stretch along the sea, an ideal spot to enjoy the monsoon magic. This destination in Mumbai is full of majestic sea views on one side and local aesthetic cafes on the other. What about enjoying your favourite food at these cafes while soaking in the all-encompassing Arabian sea views peppered with heavy dark clouds and magical showers? A perfect vistas? Of course! 

  • Things You Must Do- Try local cuisine, walk along Carter Road and indulge in street shopping. 
  • Tip- I have some advice for everyone: connect deeply with nature, observe every inch of its beauty, and put your gadgets in sleep mode. Let us enjoy some nature moments far from the fancy social media world.  

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10. Powai Lake

Powai Lake

Powai Lake is one of Mumbai's most visually appealing artificial lakes, surrounded by scenic hills and nature's wonders. Visiting this spot during the monsoons will enhance your vacation experience as you will spot countless perfectly charming flora. Walking here with your loved ones or just walking alone will let you connect more deeply with nature and cherish each enchanting creation to the core. 

  • Things You Must Do- Walks, boating, nature photography, picnicking, bird watching, cycling, and enjoying nearby cuisine 
  • Tip-  Do follow the safety guidelines mentioned by the park authorities. 

11. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Do you cherish walking amidst the green trails, rain-drenched flora, and dark monsoon skies? Why not visit Sanjay Gandhi National Park during the monsoon season? It is one of the most popular places to visit during monsoons near Mumbai! This place becomes ten times more lively during monsoons, with its plush greens dancing to the rhythms of rain droplets and roaring waterfalls speaking of nature's delight. Perfect for nature lovers, this place lets you kick off thrilling hikes and indulge in joyful boat rides in Tulsi lakes. 

  • Things You Must Do-  Boating, hikes, Butterfly Garden, photography, picnic by the waterfalls, bird watching, and wildlife spotting
  • Tip-  Wear trekking shoes to resist the slippery land and carry your cameras to enjoy the beautiful wildlife photography.

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12. Local Cafes 

Local Cafes

Attention Chai Lovers! Exploring Mumbai's local cafes during monsoon season is one of the most underrated yet delightful experiences. *IMAGINE*—savouring their simple and amazingly aromatic elaichi-rich masala chai with crispy pakoras—tempting, isn't it? So, being the last point on the bucket list of the best places to visit in Mumbai to experience the monsoon magic, we request you to visit these quaint little spots in Bandra and experience simple moments of joy and liveliness with your loved ones! 

  • Things You Must Do. Enjoy masala chai or other popular tea blends with your choice of snacks! You must try their delicious pakoras with the sour and sweet chutneys that enhance the overall taste. 
  • Tip: Let your deep-hidden photographer roll in! Try capturing some aesthetic shots of rain, chai, and a beautiful background. Let your pictures speak of the unparalleled magic of Mumbai’s monsoon and its magic. 

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Our advice? Why not take your loved one with you and intensify your bond while dancing amidst the gentle raindrops, enjoying street food by the Marine Drive, feeling the Arabian Sea’s cool breeze, and endlessly soaking in the soul-soothing landscapes of Mumbai?

So, our avid readers, if you've reached here, we are sure your heart is compelling you to experience this delightful monsoon magic in Mumbai this year! So, what awaits you? June has already begun; hurry and book your tickets to Mumbai via adotrip.com! From seamless travel booking to avant-grade provisions, our team will leave no stone unturned in serving the clients with THE BEST. Let your vacation to Mumbai open doors to countless memories and enchantments. 

With us, nothing is far! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Places to Visit During Monsoon Near Mumbai 

Q1. Is it good to visit Mumbai in monsoon?
A1.Yes! You must visit Mumbai during monsoons as you will get to experience extraordinary adventures at the popular spots. 

Q2.  What are the best places to visit during monsoon near Mumbai?
A2. Below are the best places to visit during monsoon near Mumbai: 

  • Marine Drive
  • Gateway of India
  • Manori Creek
  • Madh Fort
  • Bandrs Bandstand
  • Juhu Beach
  • Worli Seaface
  • Kanheri Caves
  • Carter Road 
  • Powai Lake
  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park
  • Local Cafes 

Q3. In which month does the monsoon arrive in Mumbai? 
A3. The monsoons in Mumbai begin in June, blanketing the city with heavy dark clouds and downpours.

Q4. Is it good to visit Mumbai in July?
A4. Yes. If you wish to experience the Mumbai monsoon, July is the best month for you! 

Q5. Which month is best to visit Mumbai?
A5. Considering the temperature suitability, October to February are the best months to visit Mumbai. However, Mumbai becomes more beautiful during the monsoon seasons.

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