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Food Of Serbia

Serbian Food: Top 12 Must-Try Serbian Dishes

Blessed with its rich history and culture, Serbia is a country falling at the crossroads of East and West. Due to its unique location, architecture, bustling city life, and food, it is heavily influenced by both Middle Eastern and European cultures.

The people of Serbia love to cook and enjoy their food. The most striking feature of their food is the exotic aroma that will surely make you love the food of Serbia. From yummy spreads like Ajvar to Burek, Kajmak, and Djuvec, the Republic of Serbia has discovered several delicacies that will definitely make you say WOW while filling your tummy.

So, if you plan to visit the birthplace of Roman Emperors, check out their gastronomy.

List Of 12 Best Food Of Serbia

Each region of Serbia carries a prime delicacy. You can try several dishes on a trip thanks to the Byzantine, Central European, Mediterranean, and Balkan influences. However, some dishes are considered national treasures available throughout Serbia.

  • Ajvar | The Delicious Spread
  • Serbian Ćevapčići | The Best Street Food
  • Sarma | The Serbian Spring Rolls
  • Burek | The Lovely Breakfast
  • Gibanica | The Variation Dish
  • Prebranac | The Bean Stew
  • Cvarci | The Perfect Side
  • Muckalica | The Left Over Dish
  • Podvarak | The Perfect Winter Dish
  • Punjene Paprike | Another Savory Side
  • Srpska Salata | The Healthy Choice
  • Pljeskavica | Serbian Hamburger

1. Ajvar | The Delicious Spread

The top item on the list of Serbia's famous food is Ajvar. It is nothing but a scrumptious spread made from a combination of red bell peppers, eggplant, and some major spices. Popular across other countries in the Balkans, Ajvar is perfect for spreading on your bread, eating with meat and fish, and even as a side dish with salad.

It is pretty easy to make at home as you only need garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, red bell peppers, and eggplant. Bake the eggplant and bell peppers; then add the remaining ingredients and paste. To add more flavours, you can add chilli flakes or tomato paste.

  • Best Place to try: Zavicaj Restaurant
  • Price: 500 Serbian Dinar

2. Serbian Ćevapčići | The Best Street Food

If you like wandering the streets in a new city, you will surely find this dish on several street food carts. Serbian Ćevapčići are delicious small sausages, the best Serbian street food you can relish. The small sausages are made from minced beef, pork, or mutton. If you like, you can get a combination of all of these, too.

Seasoned with garlic, paprika, black pepper, and salt and grilled over open flame, these yummy sausages taste the best when served with sour cream, cottage cheese, Ajvar, red peppers, green onions, etc. These are popular all over the Balkans.

  • Best Place to try: Walter Sarajevski Cevap
  • Price: 250 Serbian Dinar

3. Sarma | The Serbian Spring Rolls

If you like spring rolls, you will surely love Sarma. Counted among the most popular dishes in Serbia, Sarma is a cabbage roll enclosing seasoned minced meat, rice, and sweet onions.

Ground meat is seasoned with different spices, mixed with rice and sweet onions, and then wrapped in pickled cabbage. Further, this is steamed and served with sides like sour cream or tomato sauce.

Most of the households add some extra spices to amplify its taste. It is best served in winter or on special occasions.

  • Best Place to try: Zlatno Burence, Bistro Grad Hometown Food
  • Price: NA

4. Burek | The Lovely Breakfast

If you crave a super yummy dish in the breakfast, Burek is the perfect choice. Popular among the Balkans and Turkish people, this dish will be your perfect start to the day. Though there is a dilemma if the perfect Burek is made of cheese or meat, it is made from both cheese and meat today.

An ideal burek is made of layers of phyllo pastry and meat, which can be beef, lamb, pork, or any combination of all. If you prefer, you can use a mixture of cheese as a savory and creamy filling. It can either be shaped as coils, cylinders, or round pies.

  • Best Place to try: Pekara Trpković, Kircanski Bakery
  • Price: 100 Serbian Dinar

5. Gibanica | The Variation Dish

The reason Gibanica is called a variation dish is because it can be sweet, savory, simple, or a bit elaborate. Many people like to call it the national dish of Serbia. It can be made in several ways. The simplest way is to bake the well-beaten phyllo dough, white cheese, and eggs.

Another way to make this toothsome dish is by dipping the crumpled flour pastry in the mixture of cheese, milk, eggs, lard, salt, and kajmak. This well-soaked mixture is laid like sheets and then baked in the oven. The resultant dish is served voluntarily and can be consumed at any time of the day.

  • Best Place to try: Dva Jelena
  • Price: NA

6. Prebranac | The Bean Stew

If you want an affordable dish while it is also filling, you can go for Prebranac. It is a juicy Serbian stew that goes excellently with a prime dish. You can also have it as an appetizer or a main dish with crusty bread as a side. Primarily, the soup is made by cooking baked beans with onions, garlic, sunflower oil, Hungarian paprika, and bay leaves.

Served primarily in the winter, the dish is super light and is ideal for vegetarians. So if you want something light, you can go for Prebranac. It is primarily served during the family feast “posna slava.”

  • Best Place to try: Tri Šešira, Zavičaj
  • Price: NA

7. Cvarci | The Perfect Side