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15 Interesting Facts About The Japan

15 Interesting Facts About The Japan | Culture, Cuisine and History

Japan is a fascinating island nation in East Asia, blending modern technology with age-old customs. It has a wealth of cultural treasures like elaborate tea rituals, chic kimonos, and tranquil Zen gardens. Japan’s history spans millennia. But it's also a centre of technological innovation on a global scale, helping to create innovations in machines, electronics, and transportation. Famous sites like the imposing Mount Fuji and the thriving metropolis of Tokyo provide an insight into the country's contrasting identities. With its distinctive fusion of tradition and innovation, Japan continues to enchant the world with everything from sushi delicacies to bullet trains.

List Of 15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Japan

Here are the top 15 facts about Japan you probably didn't know, including anything from the fashion in Harajuku, empty orchestras, and dining manners. While keeping yourself updated about this beautiful country, do not forget to check out some of the top tourist attractions in Japan.

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 1.Japan is home to the world's oldest company

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan, the oldest continually running business in the world, is located in Japan. The inn dates back to 705 AD and has been owned and run by the same family for over 50 generations. A memorial to Japan's rich cultural legacy and persistent business practices, this Yamanashi Prefecture establishment has preserved its traditional hospitality for decades.

2. The population of Japan is the 11th-largest in the world

The population of Japan is the eleventh-largest in the world. The nation has a diversified civilisation due to its advanced technologies and rich Japanese cultural heritage. Japan provides a distinctive fusion of tradition and modernity in its vibrant metropolis and tranquil countryside. Its demographic trends, including an ageing population and low birth rates, could be improved for the country's long-term economic viability.

3. Japanese people live the longest lives

The Japanese population's life expectancy is among the world's highest. Their balanced lifestyle and diet, emphasising fresh fish and vegetables, help them live long lives. Their well-being is further improved by access to high-quality healthcare and strong community support. The exceptional lifespan statistics of Japan are greatly influenced by the nation's cultural customs and healthcare system.

4. There is one vending machine for every 24 people in Japan

The astounding prevalence of vending machines in Japan reveals the country's obsession with them. These machines dispense a variety of goods, from drinks and snacks to even more oddball items like fresh eggs and apparel, with one vending machine per every 24 people. This convenience-driven phenomenon exemplifies the country's creative spirit and how seamlessly technology is incorporated into daily life.

5. Japan produces almost half of the world's zippers

Zippers are not exempted from Japan's influence in the fashion and manufacturing sectors. The nation makes over half of the zippers in the world, demonstrating its meticulous engineering. Japanese zippers are admired by fashion designers and manufacturers worldwide for their high quality and dependability, further proving Japan is a pioneer in production and craftsmanship.

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6. You can spend more than $200 on a Japanese melon

With its abundant fruit, Japanese agriculture reaches new heights, as demonstrated by the premium melons that can fetch prices of more than $200. These expensive fruits, often given as gifts, are methodically grown for their ideal flavour, form, and texture. These lavish, highly valued treats result from the cultural significance of gift-giving and the objective of agricultural excellence.

7. Over 80% of Jamaica's annual coffee crop is imported by Japan