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Earth Day Anniversary

50th Earth Day Anniversary: 5 Ways the Mother Nature is Healing Amid COVID-19

It is not for nothing that people often say, “every bad thing has something good on the flip side”. COVID-19 has proved the same and how! The lockdown courtesy the coronavirus has helped families come closer and gave people time to stop and ponder upon the changes they need to bring to their life. While the ones with a drinking problem can now think of quitting, we are getting enough time to adopt new habits and concentrate on ourselves.

Agreed that coronavirus has brought the world to a halt and it will never be the same again, but it seems, it will happen this time for good as we concentrate more on our hygiene and give a chance to mother earth to heal itself.

As of now, even the biggest of experts cannot comment as to when the pandemic will come to an end but what even a layman can see and witness is the change in nature, environment and the way nature is healing itself.

Soon after COVID-19, that started from the Wuhan city of China, hit the world, many parts of it opted for a lockdown, India’s being the largest lockdown of the world. This self-quarantine has resulted in major changes in nature as it has started healing itself and the results are quite visible too. The skies have become clearer, the smog has lessened and even though we are not going out to enjoy cold, fresh breezes, we know that we would be leaving after us, a better world for the generation to come. 

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day 2020, we have shortlisted 5 ways Mother Earth is healing itself and now, at least for this reason alone, we can take a sigh of relief. Scroll down for the details.

1. Dolphins Witnessed Playing at Mumbai’s Marine Drive

 Dolphins at Mumbai’s Marine Drive

Nature, with all its elements, is thriving ever since the lockdown has been announced. One example of it is the dolphins playing in the waters of Mumbai’s Marine Drive. As people are quarantined, the pollution at Marine Drive has decreased, along with the water traffic, making way for the dolphins. A while ago, people spotted dolphins there and it hit the headlines as well.

2. Delhi Witnesses Drop in Air Pollution

A road in Delhi

One of the most polluted cities, not just in India, but the world, Delhi’s air quality has also improved drastically. According to IMD or India Metrological Department, the maximum temperature of Delhi still is under 30 degree Celsius. With very little vehicles on the road, the AQI of Delhi has come down to 129 which was at a record high of 1000, a few months ago. Same is the case with China as well where pollution has seen a dip by 20 to 30 per cent.

3. Improved Ozone Layer

Earth's Ozone Layer Comparison after Coronavirus

According to a new study, the ozone layer is returning to its original form which was disrupted by humans for long, courtesy their atrocities on Mother Earth. The lockdown and the Montreal protocol of 1987 have helped it a great deal and if we continue to be thoughtful, it will heal fully too. The ozone layer started depleting due to manmade chemical compounds that caused air pollution, harming the ozone layer eventually but the good news is, it is happening no more which reflects a good impact on the ozone layer.

4. River Yamuna Goes Garbage-Free

Clean Yamuna River

What the governments couldn’t do for decades, the lockdown has done in a jiffy. Yes, a few days into the lockdown and what we get is crystal-clear Yamuna. A couple of weeks ago, many netizens shared pictures of River Yamuna on their social media handles lauding mother nature and its unique ways of self-healing. While it feels good to see such clear Yamuna water, it aches our heart as well to realize what have we made out of the beauty that nature has bestowed upon us.

5. The Canals of Venice Clear Up

Ducks Swimming in Venice's cleaned Canal

Although the current state of Italy is heart-breaking and very unfortunate, the silver lining is that the canals of Venice have finally cleared up. Due to the current quarantine period, boating has stopped and the tourists are also no more around, hence the water is cleaner than ever now and fishes, dolphins and swans have made their way back to these canals.

Well, isn’t it amazing to know how a bad thing that has happened to the world, is the harbinger of something amazing as well? Well, let’s just say that when all of it is gone, and normalcy is restored, we ensure that nature continues to heal itself, and we do everything in our capacity to help it do so. 

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--- Published By  Shalini Singh

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