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Bridges In Singapore

15 Famous Bridges In Singapore | You Must Visit In 2024

Discover the architectural marvels and iconic landmarks that adorn the skyline of Singapore with our guide to the 15 famous bridges. Spanning across the bustling waterways and verdant landscapes of the city-state, these bridges not only serve as vital transportation links but also stand as symbols of innovation and engineering prowess. From the iconic Helix Bridge with its spiralling design to the historic Cavenagh Bridge, each structure offers a glimpse into Singapore's rich history and vibrant culture. Whether you're strolling along the scenic Marina Bay or exploring the bustling streets of Chinatown, these bridges promise to captivate visitors with their beauty and significance.

List Of Top 15 Bridges In Singapore

Singapore's bridges are more than mere crossings; they're a symphony of design and functionality. They tell tales of human ingenuity and a city's ceaseless march towards progress. Let's wander across these magnificent links without further ado!

  • Helix Bridge
  • Cavenagh Bridge
  • Jubilee Bridge
  • Alkaff Bridge
  • Elgin Bridge
  • Benjamin Sheares Bridge
  • Henderson Waves
  • Sungei Api Api Bridge
  • Tanjong Rhu Suspension Bridge
  • Lorong Halus Red Bridge
  • Punggol New Bridge
  • Coney Island Park Bridge
  • Esplanade Bridge
  • OCBC Skyway in Gardens by the Bay
  • Sentosa Suspension Bridge

1. Helix Bridge

"Twisting into the future!" The Helix Bridge is one of the Iconic Bridges in Singapore, boasting a design inspired by DNA. This architectural marvel, completed in 2010, captivates with its twisting double helix structure. Beyond aesthetics, the bridge offers interactive platforms to learn about its unique construction. Visitors can enjoy a stroll on the pedestrian walkways while admiring the view of the city's skyline, and the bridge's illuminating light displays showcase a dance of colours. It's a spot that marries science, art, and leisure.

  • Location: Marina Bay.
  • Best Things To Do: Enjoy the artistic light display at night and capture stunning photographs.

2. Cavenagh Bridge

Step back in time on the Cavenagh Bridge, one of the Historical Bridges in Singapore. Built-in 1869, it's the oldest bridge across the Singapore River, showcasing an elegant suspension design. Its importance lies not just in its age but also in its link to Singapore's colonial past. The bridge remains a vital connection between the two banks of the river, weaving history and modernity. The charming lamps that line the bridge add to its nostalgic appeal.

  • Location: Singapore River.
  • Best Things To Do: Walk across the bridge and enjoy the view of the Singapore River Bridges.

3. Jubilee Bridge

A symbol of celebration, the Jubilee Bridge is a graceful arch that adds charm to the city's landscape. Built to commemorate Singapore's Golden Jubilee, it is among the top Bridges to Visit in Singapore, allowing pedestrians an uninterrupted walk by the Singapore River. Its sleek design makes it accessible to all, including those with mobility difficulties. The stunning views it offers of the city's iconic landmarks make it a favourite among locals and tourists alike.

  • Location: Merlion Park.
  • Best Things To Do: Enjoy the evening laser show at Marina Bay Sands.

4. Alkaff Bridge

Known as the 'ArtBridge', Alkaff Bridge is a splash of colours and one of the most beautiful Bridges in Singapore. Painted by renowned Filipino artist Pacita Abad, this 55-metre bridge is Singapore's first bridge transformed into an artwork. Its 900+ vibrant colours breathe life into the Singapore River, refreshingly contrasting the urban surroundings. Its vivid hues have become a favourite spot for photographers and artists.

  • Location: Robertson Quay.
  • Best Things To Do: Savour a meal at a riverside restaurant.

5. Elgin Bridge

Named after Lord Elgin, the Elgin Bridge is rich in history and design. It's one of the walking Bridges Singapore, offering pedestrians a delightful crossing over the Singapore River. This bridge is the successor to Singapore's first bridge and is adorned with elegant sculptures, symbolising commerce, agriculture, learning, and craftsmanship. Its location at the heart of the city makes it an essential landmark.

  • Location: South Bridge Road.
  • Best Things To Do: Snap pictures of the intricate designs and nearby historical buildings.

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6. Benjamin Sheares Bridge

As the longest bridge in Singapore, the Benjamin Sheares Bridge embodies architectural prowess. Spanning 1.8 kilometres, it is an essential link in the city's highway system. Its magnificent architecture and its role in connecting different parts of the city symbolise Singapore's strength and unity. The views from this bridge, particularly during nighttime, offer a stunning panorama of Singapore's skyline.

  • Location: East Coast Parkway, Downtown Core
  • Best Things To Do: Drive or cycle along it to experience stunning city views.

7. Henderson Waves

Renowned for its stunning wave-like structure, Henderson Waves Bridge is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. Its unique shape and construction offers visual pleasure, functional seating areas, and viewing platforms. Connecting Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park, it offers breathtaking views of the city, the harbour, and the Southern Islands. A visit during the evening reveals the bridge bathed in beautiful, warm light.

  • Location: Southern Ridges.
  • Best Things To Do: Hike along the Southern Ridges trail.

8. Sungei Api Api Bridge