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Best Snorkelling in the World

20 Best Snorkelling Spots in the World

Dive into an aquatic wonderland and let the world beneath the waves enchant your senses. Snorkelling, a gateway to the surreal beauty of the underwater, offers a chance to explore vibrant marine ecosystems without extensive training or elaborate equipment. This guide is your passport to the greatest snorkelling experiences worldwide. From the ethereal cenotes of Mexico to the kaleidoscopic reefs of Indonesia, each location in the list of 20 exquisite snorkelling destinations in the world promises an unforgettable adventure into the depths. So, get ready to witness nature's artistry up close and personal. Scroll down to read about the best snorkelling sites in the world and add this incredible experience to your wishlist!

Top 20 Snorkelling Spots in the World

In this comprehensive guide, we'll take you on a journey to the World's best snorkelling destinations. From the crystal-clear waters of the Maldives to the colourful coral reefs of Australia, each top-rated snorkelling location offers a unique experience that's bound to leave you awe-inspired.

  • The Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  • Palawan, Philippines
  • Bora Bora, French Polynesia
  • Maldives
  • Galápagos Islands, Ecuador
  • Big Island, Hawaii, USA
  • Belize Barrier Reef, Belize
  • Komodo Island, Indonesia
  • Cenotes of the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico
  • Fiji Islands
  • Red Sea, Egypt
  • Seychelles
  • Roatán, Honduras
  • Koh Lipe, Thailand
  • Havelock Island, India
  • Bangaram Island, Lakshadweep
  • Grande Island, Goa
  • Tarkarli, Maharashtra
  • Netrani Island, Karnataka
  • Raja Ampat, Indonesia

1. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia: Witness the World's Largest Coral Reef

Dive into the heart of the world's largest coral reef system, where vibrant marine life dances amidst intricate coral formations. Witness the awe-inspiring coral spawning events, a surreal spectacle of nature's artistry. Encounter graceful manta rays and playful sea turtles as you explore this underwater wonderland. The Great Barrier Reef offers an unparalleled snorkelling experience, immersing you in a kaleidoscope of colours and biodiversity that's beyond compare.

  • Location: Queensland, Australia
  • Average Cost: Snorkelling tours start around ₹3,500, with variations based on inclusions.
  • Best Time: June to November for optimal visibility and weather.

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2. Palawan, Philippines: Discover a Mystical World of Underwater Caves

Discover Palawan's crystal-clear waters, where limestone cliffs meet the ocean in a breathtaking dance of nature. Snorkel through hidden lagoons, encountering schools of tropical fish darting among the corals. Unearth the Subterranean River National Park, a mystical world of underwater caves and emerald waters. Palawan's enchanting beauty both above and below the surface promises a snorkelling adventure that's truly extraordinary.

  • Location: Palawan Province, Philippines
  • Average Cost: Island-hopping tours can cost ₹1,500 to ₹3,500, depending on the route.
  • Best Time: November to May for calm seas and vibrant marine life.

3. Bora Bora, French Polynesia: Watch Blacktip Reef Sharks in Their Natural Habitat

Step into a world of sheer luxury as you snorkel in the turquoise lagoons of Bora Bora. Swim alongside gentle stingrays and observe the elegance of blacktip reef sharks in their natural habitat. With the backdrop of an idyllic volcanic atoll, Bora Bora presents a unique snorkelling experience that combines serene beauty with the thrill of encountering mesmerizing marine life.

  • Location: South Pacific Ocean
  • Average Cost: Snorkelling excursions range from ₹3,500 to ₹7,000.
  • Best Time: June to August for ideal water conditions.

4. Maldives: Encounter Ethereal Manta Rays and Whale Sharks

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Escape to overwater bungalows and plunge into the Maldives' vibrant underwater world. Snorkel straight from your luxurious accommodation and explore kaleidoscopic coral gardens inhabited by an array of colourful fish. Dive deeper to encounter the grace of manta rays and the majesty of whale sharks. The Maldives promises an exclusive and captivating snorkelling escapade amid unparalleled opulence.

  • Location: Indian Ocean, southwest of India
  • Average Cost: Resort packages with snorkelling start at ₹22,000 per night.
  • Best Time: November to April for clear waters and comfortable temperatures.

5. Galápagos Islands, Ecuador: Witness Darwin's Living Laboratory

Immerse yourself in Darwin's living laboratory as you snorkel amidst unique wildlife in the Galápagos Islands. Swim alongside marine iguanas, witness the playful antics of sea lions, and share the water with penguins - the only equatorial penguin habitat. The Galápagos offers a once-in-a-lifetime snorkelling opportunity, where you become part of a pristine ecosystem brimming with evolutionary wonders.

  • Location: The Pacific Ocean, west of Ecuador
  • Average Cost: Guided tours incorporating snorkelling start around ₹90,000.
  • Best Time: December to May for warm water and diverse marine life.

6. Big Island, Hawaii, USA: Witness Underwater Lava Formations