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Best Beaches in China

11 Best Beaches in China : Nature’s Beauty in Stunning Harmony

China is not only about skyscrapers, historical landmarks, and cultural festivals. Its beautiful beaches are equally or more special. China has over 14,500 km long coastline and is dotted with beautiful beaches for all age groups.

Let’s think of China beyond concrete establishments and soak into marvels of nature. Visit these amazing beaches for a meditative experience, a fun time with kids and family and a memorable getaway with loved ones. China offers beaches for everyone. You can explore the best beaches in China for trails, water sporting activities (surfing, snorkelling, kitesurfing), fun time with kids, and much more.

List Of Top 11 Beaches in China 

So, plan now and explore the other side of China, which is full of nature’s wonders, with family and friends. Refer to the list of the best 11 beaches in China.

Quick tips for first-time tourists in China some people in China wear full-length facekinis and swimsuits to protect against the sun, so don’t be surprised. You might also experience some people asking for photos with them, especially if you are a foreigner or have become the centre of attention. Stay prepared for such moments.

  • Red Beach China | A Beach in Panjin
  • Yalong Bay | A Hainan Beach
  • Tianya Haijiao | The Beach of Two Big Rocks
  • Sanya Beach | The Premier Beach Destination
  • Baicheng Beach | A Prominent Beach in Xiamen
  • Hundred Steps Beach | Famous Religious and Cultural Centre
  • Thousand Steps Beach | Largest Beach on Putuoshan Island
  • Beihai Silver Beach | Silvery Sands and Crystal-Clear Water
  • Golden Beach | A National Scenic Spot
  • Xiaomeisha | A Beautiful Shenzhen Beach
  • Gulangyu Beach | The Piano Islan. Red Beach China | A Beach in Panjin

1. Red Beach China | A Beach in Panjin

It’s a beach without sand and one of the most famous wetlands in China for its unique features. Red Beach lies in the Panjin region. It gets covered in a native seepweed that turns into a deep crimson shade every September and October. The beautiful crimson hue comes from a special plant, Suaeda Salsa, which grows in April and May and turns from light green to jade to bright red.

The beach is situated in the world's largest wetland and reed marsh. This incredible red wildflower beach is a favourite place among nature lovers. It is 18 km long, home to more than 399 wild animal species and over 260 bird types, including endangered black-beaked gulls and crown cranes. Explore this unique type of beach, a wonderful gift of nature.

Location: WV8V+F3C, Da Wa Qu, Pan Jin Shi, Liao Ning Sheng, China-124217

2. Yalong Bay | A Hainan Beach

Yalong Bay is a prominent Hainan Beach spread over 7.5 km in Hainan, China. PLA Navy, the East Section of Yulin Naval Base, controls the eastern part of the beach. It is also known as the Yalong Bay National Resort. Beaches in China offer a perfect display of natural escapes with modern amenities.

Yalong Bay and nearby areas have hotels and resorts from premier hospitality bodies. Some prominent hospitality properties are St Regis Yalong Bay Resort, Sheraton Sanya Resort, Pullman Yalong Bay, MGM Grand Resorts, Marriott Hotel, Ritz-Carlton Sanya Resort, and Grand Hyatt.

Location: Southeast Sanya, Hainan, China

3. Tianya Haijiao | The Beach of Two Big Rocks

Tianya Haijiao (Corners of the Sea or Edges of Heaven) is a famous tourist destination in China. The place is regarded as the southernmost tip of China’s land area. However, Jinmu Cape is the original south end of the Country. You can view several islets on clear days, making the place a favourite beach destination in China.

Popular tourist attractions are The Rocks of Sun and Moon (two big rocks and hundreds of minor rocks), Southern Heaven Rock, Tian-Ya Cliff with an inscription from Cheng Zhe, and the Pre-Historic Shell Museum.

Location: 24 km west of Sanya City, Hainan, China

4. Sanya Beach | The Premier Beach Destination

Looking for a premier beach vacation in China? Visit Sanya China Beach and get ready to be mesmerised by white-sand beaches, towering palm trees, crystal clear water, rugged mountains, and well-equipped resort hubs through a 50 km long coastline. The best things to do in Sanya Beach are sunbathing, scuba diving, surfing, snorkelling, hiking, ziplining, and more.

Location: Southern Coast of Hainan, directly South of Sanya City

5. Baicheng Beach | A Prominent Beach in Xiamen

Baicheng Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Xiamen, China. You can rent a bike or car and rent around the island. Children can play, and adults can enjoy water sports activities. Baicheng Beach, Yefeng Village, Pearl Bay, Xiaodeng Island, and Bay Park are the top five beaches in Xiamen, China.

Location: South of Xiamen University

6. Hundred Steps Beach | Famous Religious and Cultural Centre

This is a popular beach in holy Putuoshan Island. The island is one of the four sacred mountains in China and is dedicated to Guanyin, a famous Buddhist goddess. You can explore the religious and cultural monuments here, including pagodas, religious temples, and more. A hundred steps beach offers calm and gentle water. You can relax on the shore or spend time with family and friends while sipping fresh coconut water.

Indulge in a pious atmosphere, enjoy beautiful sunsets, golden sand stretch, and a tranquil atmosphere. Key attractions here are Hundred Step Falls and Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.

Location:150 km south of Shanghai City

7. Thousand Steps Beach | Largest Beach on Putuoshan Island