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10 Best Adventure Activities in Manali To Test Your Endurance Level

Escape the ordinary, pump up your adrenaline, visit Manali where adventure activities will surely change your life. Yes, that’s right because this idyllic hill town is among the best adventure destinations in India where travelers can indulge in a whole range of leisure pursuits. Right from breathtaking locales to countless hair raising activities, it is a little paradise on earth that fascinates all types of travelers with its undeniable charm. So if you too are a thrill seeker who is looking for some great adventure opportunities in India, Manali is a place for you.

Add it to your wish list, highlight it with the bold marker pen and scroll down to check out the ultimate list of 10 best adventure activities in Manali that fo’ shizzle will raise the bar of thrill. Take a dekko!

1. Paragliding in Solang & Marhi

Enjoy the thrilling experience of surfing along elevated mountains and jetting freely like a bird in the crystal clear skies in Manali as it is reckoned as one of the best places in India for Paragliding. You are sure to grab the most spectacular birds eye view of the imposing landscape of this mini heaven. There are professional gliders who will assist you with every detail to make sure your gliding is safe and memorable.

Best Time for Paragliding in Manali. April to December

Difficulty Level. High

Best Location for Paragliding in Manali. Dobhi, Fatru, Solang, Kangra, Bijli Mahadev & Marhi

Average Cost for Paragliding in Manali. Anywhere between INR 800 to 2k for short flights and 1k to 5k for long flights.

2. Rafting in River Beas

River Beas gently flows through the dramatic mountain ranges in Manali which adds to the jaw dropping landscape of this gorgeous hill station in Himachal Pradesh. However, this sparkling river also allows adventure junkies from across the globe to indulge in thrilling water sport activities such as river rafting that is classified in different categories depending on the difficulty level. It is one of the best adventures to do in India as it will definitely pump up your adrenaline with multiple rapids and high currents.    

Best Time for River Rafting in Manali. June to July, October to February

Difficulty Level. Moderate

Best Location for River Rafting in Manali. Manaki to Jhiri & Pirdi to Jhiri

Average Cost for River Rafting in Manali. Ranging from INR 500 to 1k

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3. Mountaineering & Rock Climbing

Manali is endowed with magnificent Himalayan ranges and high altitude peaks which makes it a dream destination for mountaineers across the globe. Scaling heights requires a lot of training and high fitness levels and this place in Himachal Pradesh is where you can train yourself before getting on to any climbing excursion. There are various training camps that offer courses ranging from beginner's level to advanced to prepare you for these endurance testing adventure sports in Manali.

Best Time for Mountaineering in Manali. March to June

Difficulty Level. Moderate to Strenuous

Best Location for Mountaineering in Manali. Manali Peak, Patalsu Peak, Pin Parvati, Beas Kund, Hanuman Tibba, Deo Tibba, etc.

Average Cost for Mountaineering in Manali. Ranging from INR 2500 to 7k

4. Skiing & Snowboarding in Solang or Rohtang

Warren Miller once said, a pair of skis are the ultimate transportation to freedom and if you too resonate with his quote then Manali is where you need to head. There are spectacular places like Solang Valley, Rohtang Pass etc. that sit beautifully at high altitude and offer an incredible experience of this winter sport as they remain covered under a thick blanket of snow during winter season. So put on the skis and slide downhill for that much needed adrenaline rush you are waiting for.

Best Time for Skiing in Manali. December end to February

Difficulty Level. Moderate

Best Location for Skiing in Manali. Solang Valley, Rohtang Pass, Marhi, Gulaba and Dhundi

Average Cost for Skiing in Manali. Ranging from INR 500 to 5k

5. Mountain Biking at Rohtang

Riding a bicycle on the rugged terrains is an incredible way to unwind and enjoy the glorious vistas of nature. Mountain Biking is one of the most adventurous activities to do in Manali as it requires proficiency in bicycle handling and a good endurance level. The rough and craggy hilly slopes in Manali increase the difficulty level for the bikers which they really enjoy. This is why Manali has emerged as an adventurous destination for the thrill seekers who visit here in massive numbers from around the world.

Best Time for Mountain Biking in Manali. December end to February

Difficulty Level. Moderate

Best Location for Mountain Biking in Manali. Rohtang Pass, Naggar Castle, Rumsu Village, Rahala Falls, Jana Falls

Average Cost for Mountain Biking in Manali. Ranging from INR 6k

6. Camping in Sethan, Bhuntar & Solang

Brimming with an extraordinary number of camping sites, Manali is an ideal place to visit in India if this adventure activity is lurking on your mind. From camping on the banks of sparkling river Beas to untouched villages like Soyal, Sethan etc, this place offers an amazing experience amidst sublime surroundings. All you have to do is to get your camping tools ready, shout out to your cronies and reach your desired camping site in Manali, you are sure to have a memorable camping experience.

Best Time for Camping in Manali. May to June

Difficulty Level. Moderate

Best Location for Camping in Manali. Sethan, Bhuntar, Solang Valley, Hallan Valley, River Beas

Average Cost for Camping in Manali. Ranging from INR 1500 to 5k

7. Rappelling near River Beas