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Places To Visit Near Dharmasthala

15 Famous Places To Visit Near Dharmasthala

Get Ready! The enchanting realm of Dharmasthala awaits you.

The holy destination of Dharmasthala is situated in the vibrant state of Karnataka. This town is located in the southwest region, enriched with several temples and other tourist attractions. Dharmasthala is the ideal starting point for family-friendly day outings and weekend getaways. Both Jainism and Hinduism are of utmost significance to this region. Around here, history, myths, and religion all coexist. 

Let's ride together to discover the hidden gems of the places to visit near Dharmasthala.

Therefore, buckle up and be ready for a journey!

List Of Top 15 Places To Visit Near Dharmasthala

Step beyond the treasures of Dharmasthala and enter into a realm where breathtaking natural beauty, tranquil hill towns and vibrant cultural attractions invite you. Embark with us on a journey to explore the places to visit near Dharmasthala to make unforgettable memories.

  • Sri Manjunatha Swamy Temple | Blissful Abode
  • The Bahubali Statue | Spiritual Majesty
  • Shri Ram Kshetra | Rama's Realm
  • Belthangady | Green Gem
  • Netravathi River Barrage | The Healing River
  • Shri Chandranath Swamy Basadi | Basadi Serenity
  • Manjusha Museum | Relic Sanctuary
  • Annappa Betta | Annappa’s Vista
  • Surya Temple, Ujire | Divine Blessing
  • Moodbidri Jain Temples | Jain Nirvana
  • Ermai Falls, Ujire | Cascading Beauty
  • Elephant Shed | Trunk Treasures
  • Annapoorneshwari Temple, Horanadu | Sacred Food Goddess
  • Bhadra River Rafting | Bhadra's Wild Ride
  • Fly Chikmagalur | Sky Thrill

1 Sri Manjunatha Swamy Temple | Blissful Abode

The Sri Manjunatha Swamy Temple in Dharmasthala, commonly known as the Dharmasthala Temple, is more than 800 years old and one of the most well-known throughout the nation. This temple serves as evidence of the fusion of Jainism and Hinduism. Manjunatha Temple's uniqueness comes from the fact that this Shiva temple is a part of the Shaiva school of Hinduism, is visited by Vaishnava priests, and is run by the Pergades. Everybody should visit this one of South India's sacred sites!

  • Distance From City : 0 km
  • Major Highlight: Experience the divine abhisheka ceremony, a sacred ceremony for anointing the deity.

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2. The Bahubali Statue | Spiritual Majesty

The remarkable 57-foot-tall monolithic statue of Lord Bahubali is situated in Dharmasthala, Karnataka, on the very top of Ratnagiri Hill, next to the Nethravathi River. For Jain pilgrims seeking tranquillity and salvation, the Bahubali monument is a revered location. To enter this holy premises, visitors must comply with severe rules. Both men & women must enter the temple wearing traditional clothes. This architectural wonder symbolises the time when Bahubali remained still for an entire year while deep in introspection, is among the largest free-standing statues worldwide.

  • Distance From City: 1 km
  • Major Highlight: Be respectful of the regional traditions and customs while admiring its massive and serene presence and taking in the expansive views of the surroundings.

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3. Shri Ram Kshetra | Rama's Realm

Shri Ram Kshetra, situated on the Netravati river's banks, is 3.5 kilometres from the Shri Manjunath Temple. Mesmerising marble idols of Lord Ram, Lord Lakshman, and Goddess Sita can be found in this temple. The two floors of this temple are devoted to 36 idols of the presiding deities. Every year on the festival of Rama Navami, Shri Ram Kshetra is the scene of a lavish celebration. Seven days are dedicated to Rama Bhajana Saptaha in celebration of this festival.

  • Distance From City: 1 km
  • Major Highlight: Experience the spiritually uplifting annual Laksha Deepotsava festival, during which thousands of oil lamps are lit throughout the temple premises.

4. Belthangady | Green Gem

This small village is one of the most visited locations close to Dharmasthala town because it has several attractions. Trekkers might embark on an exhilarating journey through lush forests to the sloping Jamalabad Fort. The forest unfolds a mystery before the hiker's eyes as they move through the natural setting. An established destination for Dharmasthala day tours.

  • Distance From City: 15 km
  • Major Highlight: Ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors, affording opportunities for trekking, wildlife discovery, and taking in the Western Ghats' natural beauty.

5. Netravathi River Barrage | The Healing River

One of the most enticing tourist destinations within 50 kilometres of Dharmasthala, a beautiful getaway from the city, is the Netravathi River Barrage. The Nature Care Hospital, near the barrage, is significant because it upholds the traditional "panchbhut tatwa," or the natural five-element principle of healing. This can be a perfect spot if you are looking for family-friendly attractions near Dharmasthala.

  • Distance From City : 3 km
  • Major Highlight: Boating and picnics are available here, as well as chances for birdwatching, ecotourism promotion, breathtaking sunset views, and support for fisheries.

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6. Shri Chandranath Swamy Basadi | Basadi Serenity

One of the most incredible structures in Dharmasthala and the southern part of India is Shri Chandranatha Swamy Basadi. It is believed that the temple is Digambara's most sacred sanctum. A dedicated abode for each of the four Devathas on its building has a tiled roof. The temple on its white marble have treasured, carved & nurtured the teachings of our mortal life given by Shri Chandranatha Swamy, the Jain Theerthankara Mahaveer, and his disciples.

  • Distance From City: 1.1 km
  • Major Highlights: Explore the outstanding architecture and rich Jain tradition while meditating and praying in this peaceful sanctum.

7. Manjusha Museum | Relic Sanctuary

It is a private museum owned by Shri Veerendra Heggade, which was initially established to record, collect, and preserve the area's history. Located across the Dharmasthala temple, this is a must-see location for Dharmasthala day trips. The museum showcases many unearthed Jain artefacts, carvings and art and houses a collection of temple chariots outside the temple.

  • Distance From City : 0 km
  • Major Highlights: A 300-year-old Veena that once belonged to renowned Vidhwan Veena Sheshanna is preserved here.

8. Annappa Betta | Annappa’s Vista