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There are a million and one reasons to travel and every traveler has a specific purpose. Some are vagabonds who are bitten by the travel bug while some have a quest of expanding their horizon. Some travelers find it an escape while some find it a break from mundane. No matter the reason or purpose, travel helps your mind and body reboot.

And if your mind has started meddling with ideas to travel, now’s the time to take a quick motivation from our guest - a heartthrob of Indian Television and Cinema, Ronit Bose Roy. We got lucky to get a sneak peek into his travel diary. Adotrip brings for you, the first ever travel interview of our most loved Mihir Virani. Craving a bit of inspiration to fire up your wanderlust? Scroll down to read the exclusive interview and get the nosy travel bug out of your system.

: What is traveling to you?

Traveling for me is a burning desire to see as much as possible and to learn as much as I can. I travel extensively for work and I love to travel with my family as and when I get my time off from work. My traveling has mostly been around work and family, so this year's travel agenda was to discover Japan for myself. I had big plans for my first solo trip. There’s something intriguing about Japanese culture that was coaxing me for a while. Hard luck! COVID-19 restricted international travel but as the things would get normal, I would fly to Japan and learn about the culture. Traveling to different lands gives us an opportunity to expand our horizons and become global citizens.

Traveling is like emotions wrapped up into a sea of memories and experiences that you wouldn’t trade for the world.

: Born in Nagpur, spent your childhood in Ahmedabad and then moved to Mumbai. Describe these places in India in your version?

I was born in Nagpur but I was quite young when we moved to Mumbai therefore have faded memories of Nagpur. All I remember about Nagpur is the simple life in big bungalows. Whereas Mumbai is just a contrast, lavish life in cramped apartments. My formative years were in Ahmedabad as my father had set up a new business and we shifted there permanently. Ahmedabad is pretty moderate, neither too simple nor too lavish. After completing my diploma from Baroda, I moved to Mumbai to become an actor. I feel that Mumbai is one place in India that embraces you just as you embrace the city. Infact, it gives you more in return. It is rightly called the city of dreams as many dreams are realized here.

: Despite being a star, you have stayed so grounded and humble. What keeps you connected to roots?

Staying grounded and connected to roots is very important for every individual as roots hold us up and without them we can never grow. Understanding our heritage, roots and ancestry is an integral part of our being that helps us in carving our future. I learnt from my parents to give my best to everything and I added a ‘little extra’ due to my personal understanding of work ethics. This concoction works wonders as the person who has employed me is happy and it adds to my personal growth. Principles of life are like your roots, your foundation and staying connected to it is very important when you reach a certain level.

Staying connected to roots lays a strong foundation and gives us wings to

: Which cities in India have you traveled for shooting and what did they offer?

I have traveled to many cities like Lucknow, Delhi, Chennai etc. I remember at the dawn of my acting career, a lot of shootings happened in places like Ooty and Mahabaleshwar. Every city in India has a distinct charm and something new to offer. I feel India is an incredible place as there’s so much to see and learn from diverse cultures, cuisines and topography.

: Which is your family’s favorite weekend destination in India and why?

My work schedule is such that I can’t step out of the city during the weekends. I usually book a suite at Marriott in Mumbai. We swim, eat, talk and spend quality time together. And if I get a long weekend then my preference is Goa. We have a house there with a calming sea view. It feels nice to have nothing to do apart from gazing at the crashing waves and expansive sea.

:Any unique festival in India that you have heard of or been a part of?

I am a typical Indian who is fond of Holi and Diwali but with time the way of celebration has changed or I should say evolved. With the increase of global warming and pollution, we have completely discarded the idea of burning crackers during Diwali. However, the celebration has no restriction; we light lamps, pray and organize a family dinner. We are a very quiet family and like to keep it simple. For Holi, we have replaced the harsh colors with garlands of flowers. Family get-together is a ritual that we have been following as it is a nice way to stay connected with each other and indulge in hearty laughters during the festive season.

: You started your career working in a hotel. Which hotel in India was your dream to work with and why?

To be honest, working in a hotel was only a back up plan as my family was apprehensive about the acting profession. They were scared that if I don’t make it in the film industry then I would land myself to a poverty stricken life. I valued their concern and took up my first job at Sea Rock Hotel in Mumbai. It was once a very happening place in the city where who’s who of Bollywood used to visit. Catering these personalities kept fueling my desire to pursue my acting dream. Unfortunately, after the Mumbai bomb blast, the hotel lost its existence but that job gave me wings.

: Any incident whilst traveling during the college years that was thought-provoking for you?

I did my college from Maharaja Sayajirao University in Baroda. I used to leave Ahmedabad early every Monday morning and came back home by Friday evening, so I was traveling anyway. It was more of a carefree time than to ponder over profundities of life. All the thought provoking happened in between 20 to 25 years of age when I started understanding my responsibilities.

: What makes traveling a thrilling experience?

I often take road trips with my family and trust me, it's quite thrilling. Sometimes all we need is to drop our worries and sit behind the wheel. Hitting an unknown road is the easiest recipe for feeling liberated. I have driven across Canada, UK and Europe. When you travel by road, you experience a certain charm that each place offers. For instance, once we stopped by a cafe that opened to an expansive sunflower field which was not visible from the road when we were driving from Budapest to Prague. The scenic vista of warm yellow fields was a sight to behold. I want my kids not to miss these little wonders on the way. Road trips allow us to explore the hidden gems.

The freedom of the open road is seductive, serendipitous and absolutely liberating - Aaron Lauritsen

: Most unlikely, but have you ever been on a budget-holiday in India?

TBH, I am in a profession where traveling budget is not a possibility. I can’t put my family at risk just to prove my simple approach towards my travel plans or even life, perse. My wife and I once traveled to the US in an economy class with our 6 months old baby but the experience wasn’t great. Now I really don’t take a chance with my family but yes, we don’t splurge much on shopping even if it’s affordable. My kids are only allowed to pick necessary stuff, so that way, it’s always budget. I wanted to live in a basic hotel and experience the true essence of Japan which got cancelled. God has his own plans!

Rapid Fire

: 3 Travel Essentials

My phone, my credit cards and my sneakers.

: One place from where you felt nothing is far?


: Which place in India would you like to go back to?


: Where did you go on your last vacation?


: Best credit card for travel?

A credit card that is limitless

: Circuit Planner or Travel Agent?

Travel agent as I have to try Circuit Planner.

: What can you drop if your baggage exceeds?

I always pack my bags mindfully. I weigh my luggage to be double sure before I leave.

: Any dish from the Indian menu that everyone must try?

Chole-bhature from Delhi

: Which Indian airline you think is the best?


Every inch handsome, Ronit Bose Roy is one of the best looking men in the film industry. Known for his acting prowess, he has stolen many hearts with his stellar performance in the successful TV soaps like Kammal, Kasauti Zindagi Ki, Kyunki Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu thi, Itna Karo na Mujhse Pyar and many more. He made us sob in movies like Jaan Tere Naam and gave us reasons to admire him in movies like That Girl in Yellow Boots, Student of the Year, 2 States, Boss etc. His talent has no bounds, he eloquently acted in Telugu films and has given best shots in various web series. Unstoppable and Irresistible! He is a lethal combination of good looks, humility and talent. Being our constant inspiration, he is an actor who makes us sob n smile and now has given us innumerable travel goals:)

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