Dipannita Sharma: A Glimpse Of Her Heart Warming Travel Experiences

Time to rewire your brain with some travel inspiration. In a recent chat with a supermodel and stunning Dipannita Sharma, we got a glimpse of her travel experiences and how all of these have expanded her perspective. Now that’s a treat, we know it already because we are also a big fan of her drop dead looks and modest persona!

Here’s An Exclusive Interview With Super Gorgeous Dipannita Sharma

This one is likely to fuel your wanderlust. Check out some snippets from her travel diary!

: What is your travel mantra?

Technically, my travel mantra is to extensively explore as many places in India and abroad. I am not a short-stay person, my trips are longish and elaborate. My idea of travelling is to savour the beauty of one place at a time because I want to see everything. I like to discover every aspect, every single thing the place has to offer, that’s how we gather knowledge about different cultures, rituals, traditions, tastes.

My travel mantra would be to gather in depth knowledge of the place.

: Any childhood memory of Assam that keeps you connected to roots?

Too many. I have fondest memories of wonderful summer holidays with my grandparents in Tezpur, my dad's hometown. We had a huge ancestral home with a massive courtyard and a well. It was so huge that the entire clan used to gather and we used to have a family picnic in the backyard. It was verdant and thick, the branches of trees intertwined in such a way that the sun rays barely fell on the ground. I loved admiring the beauty of nature even when I was a small child. This is my very first memory that I carry along, it keeps me connected to Assam. I also have vivid memories of our road trips when dad used to drive the car and we used to sing all along the way. Childhood days were magical!

: Which part of the country you think is worth exploring and why?

It has to be the Northeast. People may think I am biased but trust me there’s so much to explore in this part of the country. Even if I hail from this region, there are so many amazing places in the Northeast that are on my wishlist. Exotic landscapes, prolific hills, snow-clad mountains, lush green meadows; Northeast India has a spectacular topography that always catches my fancy.

I encourage people to travel to the Northeast because it has so many untouched and undiscovered areas that are surreal in true sense.

: A place where you go to unwind yourself?

I go to Goa apart from the home of course and also because it is accessible. It's half an hour away if I fly and I am a beach body that way. We are huge beach people, me and my husband really enjoy just doing nothing in Goa. In Goa, you really don’t feel the need of doing anything because of the serene calming vibe that totally unwinds.

It's just the feeling out there that takes me to Goa whenever I need to unwind.

: Any unique festival in India that you have attended or is on your bucket list?

I’ll again go back to the Northeast. I wish to attend the Ziro Music Festival that happens in Arunachal Pradesh and NH 7 Weekender in Meghalaya and there are so many other music festivals that are on my bucket list. Vibrant and electrifying festivals in the Northeast are no less than a visual treat as music, dance and art forms are the integral part of Northeastern culture.

Indigenous culture, folk songs and tribal dances of Northeast India are worth witnessing.

: You are also a fashion icon. What are your travel staples?

To be honest, I don’t believe in fake airport looks, that’s totally bizarre. Comfort pants or a dress with sneakers is quite okay when I am travelling. I am not a backpacker kind of a person, I do carry my stuff. I pack at least 3 pairs of sandals; tan, beige or gold and black because these colours go well with any outfit. I carry clothes that can be mix-matched and worn in a way that I am good for a day out and even for an evening soiree. Then there’s a pouch with very basic makeup essentials like a tinted lip balm to keep lips moisturized and a kajal to lift the look. Over time, we know things we can’t do without, we get more sorted with what to pack and what to ditch. My travel essentials are basic but I pair different things together to make it dressy.

Rapid Fire

: Which actor or travel buddy would you like to travel with?

My travel buddy is my husband actually. We are great travel partners. I don’t think I can travel alone with anyone. If it has to be a celebrity then it will probably be someone like Chris Hemsworth.

: If you have to go on a solo trip in India. Where would you go?


: If you have to go on a vacation with your parents where would you go?

My mum loves travelling. I would like to go to Darjeeling to relive childhood memories. Another place is Rajasthan where I would love to go with my mum.

: Your favourite piece of Indian handicraft?

I have a little scarf which is made of Eri silk from Assam. This elegant fabric is weaved from cocoons of silkworms that feed on castor leaves for days. I bought it from a boutique when I was back home. I use it on both Indian and western outfits, it is versatile and extremely beautiful.

: Your favourite beach and hill destinations in India?

My all-time favourite beach destination in India is Goa. I love the hills in the North and Northeast both so I would say Bhimtal and Shillong.

: Your favourite dish from the Indian menu?

Masor Tenga - Assamese style fish curry. It’s luscious and I also love Dosa Sambar.

: One place from where you felt nothing is far?

Mumbai because it is so well connected.

: Your favourite shopping destination in India?


: Your favourite weekend getaway?

Goa is my all-time favourite. When I am in Delhi my weekend getaway is Corbett Park. And when we are in Mumbai, we go to Lonavala which is the closest.

: Adotrip promises the most economical flight tickets. Would you like to book your next holiday with us?

Of course, if I am getting a great deal then why not. We all like to save as much as possible.

Dipannita Sharma, a prominent personality in the glam world has turned heads and won hearts right from the dawn of her career. Within no time, the dazzling beauty from Assam fetched fame of becoming a supermodel of India who walked the ramp for all elite Indian designers and international labels such as Fendi and Valentino. From winning the title of Miss Photogenic in the Miss India contest to judging a fashion show on MTV and then marking a place for herself with remarkable acting prowess in Bollywood movies such as 16 December, Ladies vs Ricky Behl -her phenomenal journey from Assam to Mumbai has inspired many. Dipannita Sharma is a personification of grace and agility, don’t you agree?

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