Anupria Goenka | Favourite Travel Moments of Padmaavat Actress

Who doesn’t know Rani Nagmati of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s epic period drama film, Padmaavat? Having made waves with her stellar performance in many movies and web shows, Anupriya Goenka is now here with us to share some of her very special and priceless travel moments. Whilst chatting up with Anupria, there were moments of nostalgia, laughter and emotions. You gotta read to know more!

Here’s An Exclusive Interview of Padmaavat Actress, Anupriya Goenka

If her interview will not fuel your travel instinct, nothing will! So run down your eyes on the candid chat with DIVA herself.

: What is travelling for you?

Travelling for me is self exploration, increasing my experiences, getting to know about different people, cultures, languages and understanding the world a little more with every trip.

: You were born in Kanpur. What keeps you connected to the city?

I have spent 6 years of my life in Kanpur and my extended family, grandmom, cousins are still there. So Kanpur means family in that sense and there is obviously a nostalgic feeling to it which reminds me of my childhood days. Kanpur is a heady mix of small town life that has amenities akin to metropolitan cities. Whenever I go back to the city, life just feels normal and simpler. It's nice to indulge in some enriching conversations with family about business and other agendas of life. Also, we have a centennial old Dharamshala there so I often visit Kanpur for its maintenance and checking paperwork and all.

Something that you have held for 100 years or more has a huge emotional value and this bond keeps us connected to roots.

: Which part of the country do you think is worth exploring? Why?

I think many. I haven’t really explored the Notrheastern side of the country. I went to Siliguri just for a day when I was heading Bhutan last year. It was more of just touching the base with a northeastern belt and I really wish to explore it extensively. Kerala is one place that is truly magical.

I have travelled to Kochi and Coimbatore in South India which are just ethereal. Then Rajasthan is one place that really enthralled me. India is an amalgamation of so many different regions, cultures, lifestyles, cuisines, people etc that one needs a long break to tick off all beautiful experiences.

India is one place where travellers can actually explore and then re-explore because there’s always a new discovery.

: One place in India that you think is unique from the rest of the world? Why?

India in totality is quite unique and I can’t really zero down to one place per se. I think Kashmir is very special that way because it is absolutely stunning. With its spectacular history, culture, cuisines, festivals, people and of course paradisiacal beauty, I don’t think any place in the world holds so much beauty like Kashmir.

Then there are utterly distinct parts like Hyderabad and Tamil Nadu where you find a different life all together compared to North India. Mumbai has an absolutely different charm and so does Delhi. With so many languages, cultures, dances, cuisines, tribes; I believe all of it makes India unique as a destination.

Also, I am fascinated with the fact that we are the only brown coloured people in the world which makes us unique again. There are two three more places in Asian continent but we have the largest brown coloured race.

: Any unique festivals in India that you have attended or is on your bucket list?

Music festivals of Northeast India are on my bucket list. I have attended Onam in South and Durga Puja in Kolkata which are definitely culturally enriching festivals of India. I am really fascinated with the grandeur of Kumbh Mela.

I have just seen pictures of a huge congregation of people from different walks of life. Millions of pilgrims, Sadhus, Akharas gathered on the banks of Ganges, it’s just grand and I really wish to tick it off from my bucket list soon.

: You’re also a fashion Icon. How do you manage to look stunning while travelling all the time?

I don’t actually because I am a very easy traveller that way. I still travel the way I used to travel before I was an actor. Sometimes, my stylist helps me with airport looks so all the credit goes to them.

Travelling for me is more about being from one place to another. Sometimes the travel time is short, sometimes it's long, so I try to put myself in my comfortable self without being overly concerned about looks.

I believe if you are comfortable during your journey, you always land with a fresh look on your face and this simple trick makes you look more enriched by default. Haha!

Rapid Fire

: Which actor would you like to travel with?

Vicky Kaushal

: If you had to go on a solo trip in India. Where would you go?

Northeast India

: If you have to go on a vacation with your parents where would you go?


: Your favourite piece of Indian handicraft?

Rajasthani handicraft. I love them, I absolutely adore them.

: Your favourite beach and hill destination?

Beach would be Goa anytime because I love the vibe there and the hill destination would be anywhere in Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh.

: Your favourite dish from the Indian menu?

Apart from Ghar ka khana, I love Bengali food. Fish curry, mustard chutney, in fact the complete seven course meal of West Bengal. It’s a delight!

: One place from where you felt that nothing is far.

Delhi. I think it's the heart of the country.

: Which is your favourite shopping destination?


: Your favourite weekend getaway?

Pondicherry and Actor’s retreat in Kamshet

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Of course, why not! Who doesn’t want to save some money.

Rose to fame with Bollywood blockbusters such as Tiger Zinda Hai, Dishoom, Padmaavat and many more, Anupria Goenka today is a popular personality in Tinseltown. With so many hit movies, Bharat Nirman - a Government campaign, over 100+ commercials, famous web shows such as Sacred Games, Criminal Justice and more under her credit, there’s so much she has achieved in a short span of time. And all this fame came to her only because she puts all her heart in the characters she portrays. Not only is she a stellar actress but also an ultra sweet person anyone can strike a chord with. Blazing hot and extremely amiable - Anupria Goenka is a role model for every girl who wants to carve a niche in the cinematic world without any Godfather.

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