Basar is an unexplored tourist destination in the Lepa-rada district of Arunachal Pradesh. The town has beauty in abundance for nature lovers, adventures for the daredevils, and numerous spectacular sites to satiate your wandering soul! Lush green forests, agricultural fields, orange orchards, enigmatic caves, and fascinating waterfalls aptly define the diversity and the beauty of Basar. 

The Galo tribe of North East India resides in Basar, a beautiful hill hamlet. Tourists arrive here from all parts of the country and indulge in fun activities like hiking, trekking, and camping, which are the best things to do in Basar. The best time to visit Basar is the summer season as Basar’s weather remains pleasant from March to July.   

History of Basar 

Not much is documented about the history of Basar owing to its small area and hilly geographical location. The main occupation of the locals of this hamlet is agriculture and their staple food is rice and maize. The Orange, Kiwi, and Pineapple orchards never fail to attract the fancy of tourists. Switching focus to its culture, the Mopin festival, which is a harvest festival is celebrated here with great zest and zeal, along with the BASCON festival, which celebrates the tribal art of the Galo Tribe.    

Major Attractions in and Around Basar 

1. Hido Hidi Waterfall

Falling from a height of 70 meters, the Hido Hidi waterfall is surreal and spectacular. You will feel ecstatic around the waterfall as the ambiance around it is #positivevibesonly! You can gaze at this breathtakingly beautiful waterfall for hours, and its memory will stay with you forever, such is the charm of Hido Hidi waterfall. 

2. Nguda Pokcho Forest

The forest is the most-talked-about destination in Basar among trekking enthusiasts. The trekking trail passing through the beautiful forest is adorned with lush greenery, narrow water streams, waterfalls, and more. All this makes the trekking or camping experience at Nguda Pokcho forest memorable.   

3. Bat Cave

If you are an ardent admirer of bats or batman from the DC comics, or even if you are not, you must visit Padi Village in Basar to witness these mysterious but beautiful caves that are home to bats! A visit to these caves will be an enthralling and nerve-wracking experience, and who knows, you might encounter the batman! 

How to Reach Basar in Arunachal Pradesh

Basar is accessible from other cities and states via roadways, railways, and airways. You can arrive here conveniently via any travel mode and route of your choice. Basar is approximately 2400km, 3200km, 1500km, and 3400km via Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru, respectively. Go through the following compilation of the best travel modes and routes, if a trip to Basar is on your mind!  

By Air. Dibrugarh airport in Assam is the nearest to reach Basar in Arunachal Pradesh. The airport is nearly 150km away, and the fastest route passes through Likabali and Aalo road. Flights from across the country arrive here hence you may choose traveling by air if comfort is a priority and budget is not a constraint. Listed below are some direct flights to Dibrugarh, along with the airfare estimate.    

  • From Delhi. Board IndiGo flight from Delhi. The airfare starts from INR 3,000
  • From Mumbai. Board IndiGo flight from Mumbai. The airfare starts from INR 6,000
  • From Kolkata. Board AirIndia or IndiGo flight from Kolkata. The airfare starts from INR 3,800
  • From Bengaluru. Board Vistara or IndiGo flight from Bengaluru. The airfare starts from INR 5,000

By Road. A road trip via national or state highways in India is an opportunity to witness the surreal landscapes and varied topographies, especially in the North-East states. You can drive to Basar in your vehicle or may get on a tourist bus that runs from nearby cities and states. 

By Rail. Basar railway station is where you must terminate your rail journey to explore Basar. Super-fast and express trains from all parts of the country arrive here. From the station, you can take a taxi or get on a bus to reach the desired destination in town. If you are looking for a comfortable and economical travel option then you must consider traveling by rail.

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