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Being the second-largest city in Andhra Pradesh in terms of population, Vijaywada has a lot of significant value among the tourists. Situated on the banks of the pious river Krishna, this city offers plenty of exploration activities.

It is important to note that Vijaywada is one of the most rapidly growing urban areas in the state of Andhra Pradesh. There are many legends that are associated with the origin of this name. It is said that after killing Mahishasura, Goddess Durga chose this place to relax. And as she had tasted victory, this place came to be known as Vijaywada. Vijay meaning victory and Wada meaning place, thus the meaning of this place literally translates into a place of victory.

And according to the other legends, this place is also known as Rajendracholapura as Virarajendra had won a battle against Chalukyasin here. Another one suggests that the tale behind the city acquiring the name Bezawada is that Goddess Krishnaveni requested Arjuna to make a passage for her to merge in the Bay of Bengal. 

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History of Vijayawada

Bezawada, earlier known as Vijaywada was founded around 626 A.D. by Parichedi Kings. It was ruled by King Madhava Varma. Even a Chinese scholar named Xuang stayed a few years here for the purpose of studying the Abhidharma Pitaka. It is said that the kings of the Eastern Ganga dynasty travelled all the way to the Godavari River and had established a town which they named Vijay Bakhuda. 

Some other records also state that around 260 BC, King Asoka had vanquished the enemy forces to conquer Kalinga, which this place was an essential part of. Then somewhere around the 17th century, Vijaywada saw itself under the rule of Mughals. After that, the Dutch people also ruled it and finally, it was the Britishers who ruled this place before the final independence.

This place is also famous for the foothills of the Indrakeeladri hills and a temple of Malleswara. Moreover, this temple is famous for various scriptures. What is really intriguing is the fact that these scriptures date back to the 16th century and is a hub for spiritual knowledge for anyone who is inclined that way. Moreover, there are ten pillars at a mutilated slab with inscriptions in the Telugu language. All in all, it can be said that for a history buff this place is truly incredible. 

Places to Visit in Vijayawada

Bhavani Island

Bhavani island falls among the largest islands and is situated on the Krishna river at Vijayawada. This is a perfect place to spend an amazing weekend getaway. It also has a number of adventure sports and the island can be reached by the boats from the Krishna river. Undoubtedly, it is a completely stunning view where sunlight makes the flowers shine bright. (Read More)

Undavalli Caves

A wonderful spot to adore the amazing rock-cut architecture of ancient India. These caves are positioned in the city of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. Standing among the best-preserved monuments, the Undavalli Caves is a paradise for history lovers. The caves are divided into three different levels alongside the idols of lions and elephants. (Read More)

Things to do in Vijayawada

Kondapalli Fort

A frequent site for the locales for a day picnic, the fort is spectacularly built up in the 14th-century village of Kondapalli in Vijayawada. Not just the fort offers a historically visual appeal. The village is also known for the wooden toys and especially for Kondapalli dolls. (Read More)

Kanaka Durga

Devoted to Goddess Durga, this place is an amazing spot in the Vijayawada area of Andhra Pradesh. It is here that you can explore the wonderful architecture constructed in the Dravidian fashion; the temple is bordered with scenic hills along with the Krishna river. People visit the temple every year to show their devotion and regard to Goddess Durga.

Events and Festivals in and Around Vijayawada


The diety of the whole city is the reverential Kanka Durga. And the festival of Theppotsavam is conducted for her. The main idol of this temple is dressed in her full finery which shows the utmost devotion of the devotees. It is also celebrated in the other five major temples located in South India. 

Deccan Festival 

Celebrated for a period of five days, the Deccan festival is an incredible concoction of Mushairas, Qawwalis, Gazals and much more. The whole ambiance of this place seems to light up the devotional trance of the devotees. 

Best Time to Visit Vijayawada

The best time to visit Vijayawada is in the winters, it’s good to visit in the month from October to March. As this place is situated nearby Bay of Bengal, it has hot summers, mild monsoons and great winters.

How to Reach Vijayawada

Vijayawada, also known as the Bezwada is an incredible city which lies on the banks of River Krishna. It is located at a distance of 1,844 km, 992 km, 665 km, 1,230 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata. Here is how you can reach Vijayawada by the following routes.

By Air. The Vijayawada International Airport (VGA) has good flight connectivity with other places. One can easily visit from various Indian cities.

  1. Delhi - Board Spicejet, Air India from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. The airfares are starting from Rs.5,000
  2. Mumbai - Board Spicejet, Air India from Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. The airfares are starting from Rs.4,000
  3. Aurangabad - Board Spicejet, Air India from Aurangabad Airport. The airfares are starting from Rs.3,000

After you deboard at the airport, you would need to further travel 17-21 km to reach the city centre.

By Train. Vijayawada railway station is located on the Howrah-Chennai and New Delhi Chennai main lines. This railway station is considered as the fourth busiest railway station in the whole country. Here is the train route you can take from various other Indian cities.

  1. Delhi - Board Tamil Nadu Express from New Delhi Railway Station and deboard at the Vijayawada Junction
  2. Nagpur - Board Chennai Rajdhani from Nagpur Railway Station and deboard at the Vijayawada Junction
  3. Bhubaneswar - Board Coromandal Express from Bhubaneswar railway station and deboard at the Vijayawada Junction
  4. Visakhapatnam - Board SHM SC AC Express from Visakhapatnam railway station and deboard at the Vijaywada Junction

After you deboard at the Vijayawada railway station, you will need to take a cab or some other means of transportation to reach your respective destination.

By Road. You can also travel to Vijayawada via well-maintained road networks. Here is the route you can take for reaching here.

  1. Delhi - 1,985 km via NH44 or NH46
  2. Raipur - 728 km via NH30
  3. Chhattisgarh - 848 km via NH30 or  NH63
  4. Nagpur - 772 km via NH44
  5. Indore - 1,132 km via NH44, NH47 or NH65
  6. Visakhapatnam - 363 km via NH16
  7. Bhubaneswar - 783 km via NH16 

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