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Famous Festival of Arunachal Pradesh

10 Famous Festival of Arunachal Pradesh You Must Experience In 2024

India is well known for both its vibrant culture and peaceful natural beauty. We occasionally wonder why nature wants to impress our minds and souls. Many regions have experienced the allure of nature, but Arunachal Pradesh stands out as one of these special places. Arunachal Pradesh, located in northeastern India, is famed as the "Land of Dawn-lit-Mountains". This region, with an area of 83,743 km2, which borders Assam, Bhutan, and China, is well renowned for seeing the first rays of sunlight fall on Indian land.  

The festival in Arunachal Pradesh showcases the vibrant and diverse culture of the area. There are 26 distinct tribes in the state, and each tribe has its unique way of living. Their idiosyncratic cultures and religions are significant in demonstrating their unwavering views. Their celebration of the festivities reflects their religious commitment and ideals. Not only this, but artistic abilities are also proudly displayed throughout these festivities.

List of Top 10 Festivals in Arunachal Pradesh

The best time to visit this culturally rich state is during the festival season when one can easily understand the affluence and diversity of this place. Many agricultural, seasonal, religious, and sociocultural Arunachal Pradesh famous festivals bring people together to celebrate life's abundant blessings.

The following are some of the most famous festivals in Arunachal Pradesh, and they undoubtedly serve as a catalyst for tourism.

  • Solung Festival | An Agro-Based Festival Celebrated by Adi Tribe
  • Nyokum Yullo | A Pre-Cultivation Festival of spiritual unfolding
  • Torgya | A Celebration To Usher In A Happy New Year By Monpa Community
  • Dree Festival | A Harvest Festival Celebrated With Zest By Apatani Tribes
  • Chalo Loku | The colourful agricultural festival of the Nocte tribe
  • Ziro Festival of Music | The Festival Marking The Beginning Of The Tibetan New Year
  • Losar Festival | The Festival Marking The Beginning Of The Tibetan New Year
  • Boori Boot | A Spring Celebration Hosted By The Nyishi Tribe
  • Siang River Festival | An Annual Agro-Cultural Socio-Religious Festival Held By The Adi Tribe
  • Pangsau Pass Winter Festival | The Global Village Event To Celebrate Peace And Unity

1. Solung Festival | An Agro-Based Festival Celebrated by Adi Tribe

Solung Festival is one of Arunachal Pradesh's most popular festivals. It is popular among the Adi Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. Solung Festival is divided into three parts: Sopi-Yepi, the first sacrificial day when Indian bison and pigs are slaughtered and distributed among family members. Binnayat is the second part of this festival, during which the ritual of offering Kine Nane crops to the goddess is performed. Ekop, also known as Taktor, is the final stage in which men fasten bows and arrows to the doors of every house in the village to protect against evil spirits.

  • Festival Time. 1st week of September
  • Festival Venue. Siang and Dibang Valleys

2. Nyokum Yullo | A Pre-Cultivation Festival Of Spiritual Unfolding

Celebrated by the Nyishi tribe, Nyokum is the pre-cultivation festival of Arunachal Pradesh. Nyokum is derived from two native dialect words: Nyok, which means "land," and Kum, which means "people." This festival is held for two days. The Nyishi tribe's men and women get together to sing and dance. The high priest performs significant rituals, and prayers are offered to the spirits to bring peace and prosperity to each household.

  • Festival Time. 28th February every year
  • Festival Venue. East Kemang District, Lower Subansiri District, Kurung Kumey District, and Papum Pare District

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3. Torgya | A Celebration To Usher In A Happy New Year By Monpa Community

The Monpa community of Arunachal Pradesh celebrates the 3-day Torgya festival. On this day, monks dressed in vivid robes and masks conduct religious dances. The dance is choreographed to the sounds of percussion and drums hitting, as well as clarinet and an enormous telescopic horn blowing: every three years, a large-scale celebration of this festival known as Dungyur is held. A year before the start of Dungyur, a special message was addressed to the Dalai Lama asking for his grace and harmony for this festival.

  • Festival Time. Last week of January
  • Festival Venue. Tawang Monastery

4. Dree Festival | A Harvest Festival Celebrated With Zest By Apatani Tribes

One of the popular festivals of Arunachal Pradesh is the Dree Festival. It is celebrated to honour agriculture, the primary source of income for the people of Ziro. Five gods are mainly worshipped during the festival: Danyi, Metii, Tamu, Mepin, and Meder, to bless their sacrifices in Dree with the harvest feast.

The rituals are only performed by a group of few people and priests, with the rest merely watching. The Sacred Ranii Akhii is brought out into the open by the Apatanis during this festival. The ritual begins with the deities being offered Apong, local rice beer, followed by the sacrifice of the fowls, which are also smeared with Apong before the sacrifice. The Mithoon is the final sacrifice, which is religiously axed and offered to the deities. The festival concludes with Daminda, when everyone gathers and joins their feet to dance, bringing a peaceful end to this sacred Apatanis festival.

  • Festival Time. 5th of July every year
  • Festival Venue. Nenchalya near Old Ziro

5. Chalo Loku | The Colorful Agricultural Festival Of Nocte Tribe

Chalo Loku is a three-day festival celebrated by the Nocte community of Arunachal Pradesh. Cha, which means paddy; Lo, which means season; and Loku, which means festival, are the three words that make up the name. Chalo Loku, thus, means harvest festival.

This festival is observed just before the farmers harvest the paddy.

This famous festival of Arunachal Pradesh is an agriculture festival that begins with an animal sacrifice and is followed by the Chamkat ritual. This ritual introduces male family members who have reached adolescence into the Paang. Paang is the decision-making committee of the Nocte tribe. On the festival's final day, villagers participate in folk dances. People exchange pleasantries, and the festival's highlight is rice beer.

  • Festival Time. October/November
  • Festival Venue. Grounds of the Paang chief's residence, Deomali

6. Ziro Festival | The Music Extravaganza Of The Apatani Tribe

The Ziro Festival is a four-day outdoor festival held in the Ziro Valley of Arunachal Pradesh. Well known for their close connection to the natural world, the local Apatani tribe hosts this annual event. The festival showcases the talent of independent artists. This popular festival of Arunachal Pradesh has been carefully curated to bring together the world's best independent music acts. Ziro Music Festival is famously considered a classic blend of vibrant culture, music, and art.

Throughout the day, thousands of attendees enjoy performances by independent musicians worldwide on handmade bamboo stages. Stalls offer everything from tribal cuisine to handcrafted items. The event rapidly expanded to draw a lively, devoted, international audience. It significantly contributes to the growth of Arunachal Pradesh's non-pilgrimage tourism industry and draws thousands of visitors annually.

  • Festival Time. September
  • Festival Venue. Ziro valley

7. Losar Festival | The Festival Marking The Beginning Of The Tibetan New Year

Losar is the famous festival of Arunachal Pradesh that marks the beginning of spring and the first day of the Lunar Calendar. It is observed by the Monpa tribe, who are said to be Arunachal Pradesh's oldest inhabitants. This is the Tibetan New Year, celebrated to keep evil spirits away. The first three days of the 15-day festival are the most significant.

One or two family members go to the nearby stream early in the morning on the first day of the celebration to draw the first water. They celebrate on the second day by going to each other's homes, singing and dancing, playing games, and holding competitions. They raise flags vertically and horizontally on their rooftops on the third day and pray to deities and spirits throughout this time. The celebration's high points are the deer dance and the amusing spats between the King and his numerous ministers.

  • Festival Time. February/March
  • Festival Venue. Ladakh

8. Boori Boot | A Spring Celebration Hosted By The Nyishi Tribe