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A beautiful village located on the banks of the second-longest river Godavari, Dindi is truly an exceptional place to explore and visit. If you are seeking peace and happiness in life then this is one such place which can help you make a very profound impact. 

Dindi has a gripping power to take you away from the hustling and somewhat chaotic city life and breathe in a little peace in your being which feels absolutely refreshing. Moreover, what makes this place worth discovering is the fact that still, it is quite unexplored by most of the people. The backwater canals, lagoons and the lakes of this region make this place a very interesting choice for the tourists.

The village of Dindi and its surroundings are actually quite full of a lot of buzz. Generally, the mornings are peaceful and you can observe subtle activities happening on the river shores. The ancient temple of the Sidhi Vinayaka is a gem of a place to visit and explore. Apart from that, the Jaganmohini Keshava Temple at Ryali will particularly fascinate you. It is basically a quiet village situated between Vashista and the Gautami tributaries of the Godavari river. 

According to the legend, Lord Vishnu had to take a form of a damsel named Mohini in order to help the devatas to secure the pot of nectar from the demons. Even Lord Shiva couldn’t stop himself from chasing her such was the mesmerizing beauty of Lord Vishnu's female form. And in this chasing process, the flower on Mohini’s tress fell to the ground and Ryali was the place where it fell. It was only after Shiva smelt this flower that he got to know that the lady was none other than Lord Vishnu himself.

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Why You Should Visit Dindi? 

Well, there is every reason to justify that you should be visiting this amazingly incredible place. Whether it be the serene backwaters of this place, palm-fringed canals, or the coconut grooves lining up the streets. This place comes across as the perfect place for rural tourism activities for just about everyone.

Places to visit in Dindi

Antervedi Beach

This beach offers amazingly scenic views where the Godavari meets the Bay of Bengal. To see these phenomena live, where amazing tides push back the river water with pressure is just all in all majestic. Overall, it is quite a great spot for nature lovers.

Antervedi Temple

Situated close to the beach, Antervedi temple is actually devoted to Sri Laxmi Narasimha Swamy. This remarkable landmark is also known as the Dakshin Varanasi. This place is indeed a very unique destination to visit where one can experience spirituality.

Things to do in Dindi

Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary

Sited in the deltaic branches of the Godavari and Goutami rivers, the Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary has a number of mangrove plants occupied with lush green vegetation. Here you get to explore the 24 different species of the Mangrove and more than 120 birds species which are the charm of the sanctuary. Read more...

Peruru Heritage Village

It’s a small village situated close to the Amalapuram and is famous for its lush green vegetation. Not just green vegetation, but you get to cherish and adore the immensely rich heritage and architecture which is preserved for the last 100 years. Read more...

Events and festivals in & around Dindi

Longest Winter Fest

The authorities of Ramoji Film Festival keep on bringing joyous festivals to lighten your lifestyle and live to the fullest. Witness another extravaganza, the Longest Winter Fest with your family. Here you get to experience a variety of activities such as Winter Fest Day Tour along with the Winter Fest Noon Fiesta. Read more…

Lumbini Festival

This festival is celebrated to revive the heritage of Buddhism. It is celebrated to commemorate the teachings of Lord Buddha. And on this occasion various artisans, sculptors join this festival to showcase their skills. Read more…

Best time to visit Dindi

The best time to visit is from October and February, the weather remains wonderful this time. 

How to reach Dindi?

By Air - If you are planning a flight to Dindi then the nearest airport is Rajahmundry which is situated at an approximate distance of 80 kms from Dindi. Apart from that, you can also try Vijayawada Airport which is situated at an approximate distance of 176 km. Dindi, Andhra Pradesh is quite well connected with other cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata etc. The flight will approximately cost you around Rs.5,000-Rs.10,000. 

By Road - If you are planning to visit Dindi, Andhra Pradesh then it would be a convenient experience for you. You can travel from the major metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Pune then to reach out to this place you will either have to take NH44, NH52, NH48 OR NH65 depending upon your location. It would almost take you around 10-12 hours to reach your destination. 

By Train - Narasapur railway station is the nearby station from Dindi. You can get a train from mostly all the major cities such as Delhi, Pune, Ahemadabad to reach this place. After getting off the railway station, you would need to take some means of public transportation such as a cab or an auto.

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