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Sambalpur is a district located in the western state of Orissa and is surrounded with some other districts too. The place is known for Sambalpuri Saree and you can discover a complete mix of exotic places, language, culture, customs, cuisines as well as festivals. Sambalpur Orissa has the fascinating architecture, you’ll find a number of buildings built over a century ago and it’s an ideal destination, travellers come to this place from across the globe. A major point of attraction in the city is Hirakud dam situated across the Mahanadi river and it is also known as world river. Some temples are there that got submerged under water when the dam was built, one can spot them in summer when the water recedes.

Places to visit in Sambalpur


This temple carries quite a significant spiritual aura. And for people who are having an inclination towards religion will be finding a visit to this place quite satisfying. And the diety on the Maa Sambaleshwari temple is located on the Mahanadi River and has been revered for a very long time.

Maa Ghanteshwari Temple

As the name suggests, this temple has just too many bells around it which at the same time also adds the spiritual significance to this temple that it stands for in the first place. And if the wishes of people come true then they re-visit this temple and present bells to Maa as their gratitude. Moreover, what is really great about this fact is that this temple’s bells also work as a warning for the sailors in case of any storms.

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Pradhan Path Falls

These magnificent falls are located at a distance of around 100 km from Sambaleshwari. These are so magnanimous in their stature that these falls would simply blow away your mind. Thus, if you visit Sambalpur then travelling to the Pradhan Path Falls will prove to be simply a great travel experience.

Things to do in Sambalpur

Huma Temple

The Huma Temple was constructed in the year 1670 during the reign of King Balihar Singh who belonged to the Chauhan Dynasty. And owing to a little bend it is also known as the leaning temple of Huma. This temple has been based on the legend of a milkman. It is believed that once when pouring the milk the rock drank it whole and since then there has been a temple here dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuary

In this wildlife sanctuary you will be finding an enriching variety of fauna and flora. Here, you would be able to easily spot a great range of animals such as deers, elephants, tigers and what not. This sanctuary is around 50 km away from Sambalpur and provides you with all the reasons to visit this place.

Events and festivals in & around Sambalpur

Sambal Lok Mahotsav

The Sambalpur Lok Mahotsav is quite a great festival to experience.

Bhai Juntia Festival

The Bhai Juntia festival is quite a well known festival which is specifically celebrated in the western Odisha region. This festival is celebrated in almost every village with great zeal and enthusiasm. Furthermore, it needs to be considered that there are specifically two types of festivals which are Pua Jiuntia and Bhai Jiuntia festival.

Eid Milad-Ul-Nabi

This festival is celebrated on the birthday of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. It is celebrated with great zeal among the Muslims all across the country.

Sitalsasthi Carnival

Celebrated among the Utkal Brahmins mainly this festival marks the celebration of the marriage between Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati. This festival has its roots dating back to around 400 years ago when the king of Sambalpur brought the Utkal Srotriya Vaidika Brahmins from Brahmin sasana villages which are further situated in the Puri district and from then on this festival is celebrated in the form of a carnival.

Best time to visit Sambalpur

The best time to visit Sambalpur are the months of September and March. During this time, the overall temperature is quite pleasant from travel and tourism point of view.

How to reach Sambalpur?

By Air - There are no airports here. And the nearest airport is situated in Bhubaneswar. So, you can consider flying to Bhubaneswar airport and then take some means of transportation like a cab or a bus to reach your destination.

By Road -  The overall connectivity via road is also quite great. So, if you are thinking about travelling to Sambalpur via train then you won’t be facing any kind of trouble.

By Train - The train route is quite well connected with other major cities. So, for travelling to Sambalpur you can consider taking a train to reach your destination.

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