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Mysterious Facts About Puri's Jagannath Temple

Top 10 Mysterious Facts About Puri's Jagannath Temple

Welcome to the Jagannath Temple, a place full of surprises and mysteries. This special temple is important for its spiritual value and because it has some amazing secrets that go against what we normally expect from nature. One of the most talked-about Jagannath temple mysteries involves a flag that acts against the wind. Imagine a flag that doesn't follow the wind's direction but flows contrary to it! It’s a sight that defies common understanding and leaves scientists puzzled.

Adding to the intrigue, a daring ritual is performed daily. A priest climbs the equivalent of a 45-story building using his bare hands to replace this flag. This breathtaking feat, done without any safety measures, is believed to be crucial for the temple’s continuity. Missing a single day could lead to the temple's closure for 18 long years, a testament to its critical importance.

But the mysteries don’t stop there. In a world where shadows are a natural occurrence, the Jagannath Puri story introduces us to an astonishing exception. Parts of this sacred complex cast no shadow, defying the essence of light and shade. So, without further ado, let us continue to understand the mystery of Jagannath temple.

1. Direction of Flag

If you are also willing to ask, why is the Jagannath temple flag opposite? Why does it always float in a different direction from the wind? Let’s get on with it and find out.

It is found that the flag hoisted at the top of the temple dome always flows in the opposite direction of the airflow. There is no scientific explanation for this nature-defying fact.

2. A Tradition Older Than Many Civilizations

Did you know that the flag of the temple in Puri is changed every day? Accomplishing this is no mean feat. Every day, a saint scrambles up the dome of the temple, which is approximately a 45-stories building and changes the banner regularly for 1800 years as a piece of a ritual. If this ritual is not followed even for a day, the temple must be closed for the following 18 years.

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3. The Colossal Chakra

Jagannath Temple
The Colossal Chakra - Jagannath Temple

The colossal chakra which is more than 20 feet in height at the top of the temple was installed ages ago. It is said to be visible from every side of the city and the Chakra seems to be looking back with the same appearance. This is an architectural riddle that has yet to be solved.

4. Installation of the Chakra

The eight-spoke chakra was brought all way up and introduced on the gopuram 2000 years earlier. The designing procedures utilized at that time still stay a puzzle today. The Chakra upright at the highest point of the temple is 20 feet in height and weighs a ton. How this wheel was taken at the top and installed is another mystery that is still unsolved.

5. The Sea

Whenever we visit the seaside, the first thing that our senses catch is the crashing of waves on the shore. In the case of Jagannath Temple, the sea waves seem to go on mute as soon as one steps inside the premises from the Singha Dwara entrance. There is no sound of the waves at all. As soon as one comes out of the temple, the waves can be heard. Again, there is no scientific explanation for this mysterious fact. 

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6. Nothing Flies Above The Temple. Literally Nothing!