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Konark is also known as Konaditya; it’s a small town located in the Puri district of Orissa. It is known for the 13th century Sun Temple and is located at the Bay of Bengal, along with that, you’ll find various historical temples and monuments to visit. This is one of the places where you get the view of the solar eclipse, and it turns into one of the must visit places in India. The Sun Temple architecture is the world famous and splendid religious architecture across the globe. Konark temple has its own history, located two kilometres away from the sea and this temple was used as a navigational point by European sailors and they named it “Black Pagoda.”

Places to visit in Konark


A small village in the Puri district this place is one of the famous Tourist places to visit. Furthermore, this place also has a historical angle with it. It has been one of the main archaeological sites to be present in Orissa and is also mentioned in several Buddhist texts.

Varahi Devi Temple

Situated at Chaurasi, the Varahi Devi Temple is located at a distance of around 27 km from Konark. It is also one of the best places to visit near Konark for both sight-seeing as well as for spiritual significance. Dedicated to Goddess Varahi, this temple was built at the beginning of the 10th century.  

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Maa Mangala Temple

The Maa Mangala Temple carries a great spiritual significance. This Hindu Temple has been situated at Kakatpur in Puri. The other name with which this temple has been associated is the “Sarba Mangala Mandir” It is also one of the most renowned Shakti Peethas situated in Odisha and owing to that is also quite famous.

Things to do in Konark

Konark Museum

The Konark museum is perhaps one of the most ancient museums known. It is situated near the Sun Temple. Moreover, this place is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India and is also quite a prominent place to visit in Konark. This museum has around four galleries which display around 150 artefacts and other objects.

Ramchandi Temple & Beach

The Ramchandi temple is one of the most unique places which you should absolutely consider visiting with your loved ones. The vibe of this temple is out and out amazing in all regards. What is quite interesting to know now is the fact that this temple is much older than the Sun Temple itself.

Astaranga Beach

This beach is situated at a distance of around 34 km. Owing to its immense natural beauty this place is known to be one of the best tourist destinations to visit in Konark. Situated on the Bay of Bengal this beach is known for its length and as a place where you can have the opportunity to cherish some good memories.

Events and festivals in & around Konark

Konark Dance Festival

This festival was started in the year 1986 by some professor and the purpose with which this festival came into being can be termed as quite diverse. The aim of this festival is to bring all the artists together in a bond of brotherhood. Read more...

Dhanu Yatra

This yatra is basically an annual drama-based theatrical performance which is celebrated in Bargah, Odisha and is spread across a radius of 8km. It is also the world’s largest open-air theatre and what is really exciting to know is the fact that it also finds the mention in the Guinness Book of World Records. Read more...

Vishwakarma Puja

The Vishwakarma Day is also known as the Vishwakarma Jayanti is celebrated and is dedicated to a Hindu God regarded as the divine architect. He is also considered as the Swayambhu or the creator of the world. This is a must experience festival for any tourist travelling to Konark. Read more...

Best time to visit Konark

The best time to visit Konark are the months of the winter season. During these times, the overall temperature is very pleasant and is perfect for in regards to travel and tourism activities.

How to reach Konark?

By Air - The nearest airport is located at Bhubaneswar and well-connected from different states like Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, and Nagpur. One can take direct flights from these states.

By Train -The nearest railway stations are situated at Puri and Bhubaneswar and these railway stations are connected to the different destinations in the city.

By Road - Konark Puri is connected smoothly with the National and State highways that connect the town with Puri and Bhubaneswar. Auto rickshaws, taxi, and cycle rickshaws are available to move around the city Konark, Orissa.

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