If you want to travel someplace remote where you could get to know the urban and indigenous aspects of India; its subtle nuances, discover its culture at the grass-roots level then a visit to Raisen district will work wonders for you. 

Taking its name from the Raisen town, this district comes under the Bhopal division. Interestingly, the Raisen town, in turn, was named after the Raisen Fort. 

If we talk a little about history, then the present-day territory of the place was once a part of the Nizamat-A-Mashrif district which lies in the princely state of Bhopal. However, after India got its independence, this particular region was declared as a separate district on May 5, 1950. 

Best Time to Visit Raisen District

So, if you really want to explore this place in all its subtlety then the best time to visit the Raisen District is between the months of October and November.

History of Raisen District

Since the beginning, Raisen has been a significant center of local administration. During the fifteenth century, this fort was under the rulership of the Sultans of Mandu. By 1543, Sher Shah Suri won this region in a battle against the Rajputs. And by the timeline of Mughal Emperor Akbar, Raisen had become the headquarters of Ujjain.

Coming on to 1760, this region was under the control of Fiaz Mohammad Khan, who was the third Nawab of Bhopal state. And when India got its independence, Bhopal became a part of C state of the Union of India and this was when the present district of Raisen came into existence on May 5, 1950. It was also when it was decided to retain a total of seven tehsils in the district.

Major Attractions in and Around Raisen District

1. Raisen Fort

Raisen Fort is a historical travel getaway and dates back to about 800 years in time. Situated in Bhopal, this fort has about nine gateways, fortifications as well as domes from the early medieval period. However, today, mainly it is inhabited by bats. For any true history buff, Raisen Fort is a must-visit. 

2. Upper Lake

Upper Lake is one of the most prominent lakes in Bhopal and is often referred to as Bhojtal. It is believed that it is the oldest human-made lake in the country situated in the west of Bhopal. Till today, the lake acts as a primary source of potable water for the residents of the city. The lake has been named after King Bhoj who had built the lake across the Kolan River in the 11th century.

3. Van Vihar

This is basically a National Park situated in close proximity to the Upper Lake in Bhopal which is near Shymala Hills. The animals present here are kept in a jungle-like environment. Here, you can see several animals like cheetah, Neelgai, panthers. Spread in 4.45 sq. km, Van Vihar can be your next travel getaway. 

4. Lower Lake

Known as the city of lakes, Bhopal is a nice balance of modern and urban feels. Complementing the Upper Lake, the Lower Lake is known as the Chhota Talab. These two takes are dissected via a bridge named Pul Pukhta. Built-in 1794, this lake honors the fascinating city of Bhopal. 

How to Reach Raisen District

To reach Raisen District, you will need to cover a total distance of about 798, 828, 1,381, 1,464 km from cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Here are the following details on how you can reach here. 

By Air

This district doesn’t have its own airport. The nearest airport is the Bhopal Airport (BHO) aka Raja Bhoj Airport situated about 60 km away. The airport has good flight connectivity with nearby cities and is also considered the second busiest airport in all of Madhya Pradesh. After getting off your flight consider booking some means of transportation to reach the district. 

Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available to Raisen District 

By Train

Deboard at the Bhopal Junction located about 40-50 km away. This station has good train connectivity with nearby regions via frequent trains running to and fro. After getting off the train, you will need to take a cab or some other means of public transportation to reach here. 

By Road

Depending upon your geographical location, you can also consider planning a trip to the Raisen district via roadways. For this, you can easily book interstate or private buses, cabs, or if you prefer then self-drive here. 

  • From Indore - 242 km via Indore-Bhopal Road
  • From Jabalpur - 289 km via Jabalpur Road
  • From Nagpur - 373 km via NH47 or NH46

Frequently Asked Questions about Raisen District

Q. What are the top tourist attractions in Raisen district?
A. Some of the top tourist attractions in Raisen district include Raisen Fort, Sanchi Stupa, Dhar Fort, and Bhojpur Temple.

You can plan your trip and create your own route to the city with Adotrip’s technically driven circuit planner. Click here


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