Kanpur is one of the largest urban agglomerations and eleventh most population-dense city. The city is also referred to as the Manchester of India for its commercial and industrial-centric activities. Located in the largest state of India, Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur has truly emerged as a city known for its religious, historical, and industrial significance. With the eternal Holy Ganges flowing by the city, it attracts many religious and pleasure tourists who love exploring its multiple attractions. There is no dearth of some of the best places to visit in Kanpur that keep visitors engaged and hooked with its distinctive beauty. A fast developing and progressing city, Kanpur is the commercial hub of  the state. The city is peppered with textile and leather factories, sugar refineries, chemicals, vegetable oil mills, flour, cotton, etc. The city has also a lot to offer in terms of natural and man-made attractions. 

Best Time to Visit Kanpur

Kanpur is a beautiful city known for its religious and commercial significance. The best time to visit Kanpur is from October to March when the climate is pleasant and less foggy. Visitors can enjoy breezy weather with moderate temperatures if they plan to visit the city from February to March during the Spring season. So, people who can brave harsh winters with thick fog blanketing the city, can plan a visit to Kanpur during these months. Summers witnesses peak temperatures making it tough to explore the city. 

History of Kanpur

Located by the banks of the Holy Ganges, Kanpur emerged as the major commercial and industrial center in North India. As per the city's rich historical past, Kanpur was founded by Hindu Singh, the King of Sachendi State. In erstwhile times, it was referred to as Kanhapur. It remained an obscure village until the first half of the 18th century, but in May 1765, the destiny of this place took a new turn when Shuja-ud-daula, the vazir of Awadh, was defeated by the Britishers. Kanpur ultimately passed into the hands of the Britishers as per the 1801 treaty. It resulted in Kanpur becoming one of the major military posts or stations of British India. On 24th March 1803, Kanhapur was declared a district. In 1857, the place shot to popularity as Cawnpore when it became the warcry of Britishers during the Sepoy Mutiny. It played a pivotal role in the first struggle for Indian freedom. It became the center of activities for freedom fighters like Tantiya Tope, Nanarao Peshwa, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Sardar  Bhagat Singh, and more. After 1857, the city witnessed rapid industrial development with the Government's establishment of the Saddlery Factory. Today the city is one of the most industrialised regions of North India. 

Culture of Kanpur

Celebrated after five days of Holi, the city enjoys annual Ganga Fair where visitors enjoy local cuisines, culture, music, and dance. Pilgrims visiting Kanpur take a holy dip in the sacred River Ganges. Holi colours are thrown on each other and the fair is celebrated with a lot of fun and enthusiasm. This fair is a fine example of cultural and religious harmony enjoyed by the city as people from different religions, castes, and creeds come together to enjoy this annual event. 

Best Places to Visit in Kanpur

 Kanpur is a bustling and vibrant city offering a unique mix of sights and sounds. It enjoys a rich historical past the glimpses of which are manifested in its historical reminders and spiritual monuments. It is one of the major cities of Uttar Pradesh, here are some of the 8 places in Kanpur worth visiting and exploring. 

Allen Forest Zoo

Allen Forest Zoo is also referred to as the Kanpur Zoological Park. Sprawled in a vast area of 70 acres, this beautifully landscaped park is the major attraction of the city. This largest zoo in North India houses animals like leopards, chimps, tigers, rhinos, and more. There is a beautiful lake within the park and a botanical garden on its banks worth exploring. The zoo also has a huge aquarium where it is fun watching aquatic animals in their natural habitat. Kids love riding on the toy train. 

J K Temple

J K Temple or Juggilal Kamlapat Temple is a famous temple in Kanpur dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radhaji. It is a beautiful temple which is known for its incredible beauty and spiritual significance. There are five shrines within temple premises in separate towers, thereby recreating vernacular temple architectural-style. The other shrines are dedicated to Lord Ardhnarishwar, Lakshminarayana, Hanuman ji, and Namdeshwar. Its high roof over the mandapa allows natural light to stream in keeping the temple completely bathed in light. It is one of the most visited Kanpur tourist places.

Moti Jheel

Another one of the most visited places in Kanpur, Moti Jheel is a major attraction. Located amidst picturesque and serene settings within the heart of the city, this place brings you some much-desired moments of peace and calm moments. This lake was built as a reservoir in the erstwhile times and was meant to meet water requirements of the city. After some time, a rectangular park space was added close to the lake as a children’s recreation space. Beautifully landscaped gardens augment the beauty of this verdant space. 


Approximately 24 km away from Kanpur, Bithoor is located on the banks of River Ganges. It used to be an old settlement area but today it is famous as a major spiritual hub. Thousands of pilgrims visit this place every day. The Patthar and Brahmavart Ghats in the area are the best places for the pilgrims to take a holy dip. When planning a visit to Bithoor, do check out Valmiki Ashram where Devi Sita is believed to have stayed during her exile period. Pilgrims also visit Siddhi Dham Ashram set up by Sudhanshu ji Maharaj to enjoy spiritual solace in this peaceful and quiet place. The place is also famous as the birthplace of Nana Sahib, one of the major rebels in the 1857 struggle for independence. 

Luv Kush Barrage

It can be considered as the Marine Drive of Kanpur. Also referred to as the Ganga Barrage, it is an iconic landmark of the city spanning the vast expanse of the majestic River Ganga. It is the logistical lifeline of the city and a perfect place to enjoy awe-inspiring views of the serne and gentle Ganga River flowing by. Numerous eatering, snack, and tea stalls provide delightful munchies while enjoying winter evenings in the city. 

Japani Garden

It is another important landmark of the city bringing the lovely and incredible Oriental aesthetics for the pleasure seekers. Located close to Moti Jheel, this garden is the perfect place to enjoy fun time with families, lazy mornings, or serne evenings, relaxing and admiring the natural beauty strewn around. 

Kanpur Memorial Church

Dating back to 1875, the Kanpur Memorial Church is another attraction in the city that is visited by a lot of tourists. The church was built as a memorial to British civilians who lost their lives during the Kanpur siege. This was one of the bloodiest chapters in the history of the city. The Gothic-style architecture of the church building is visible from far away. It looks impressive standing tall amidst surrounding landscapes. The church and its turrets are made up of red bricks that reflect the age-old architectural style of the bygone era. Such styles were very prominent in 19th Century Europe. A Gothic screen, a memorial garden next to the church, and detailed angel sculpture are other attractions worth exploring. 


 A hub of the leather industry in Kanpur, Jajmau is an industrial suburb where visitors can find out more about priceless archeological findings. Some of these findings date back 1000 years. There are several old mosques in the area. The Siddhnath Ghat also attracts a lot of tourists to this place. Shopping enthusiasts can find lovely leather-made products at the famous leather markets in the area.

How to Reach Kanpur

Kanpur is one of the most important commercial and industrial hubs in Uttar Pradesh. It is also a spiritually, religiously, and culturally significant place, thereby attracting tourists and visitors coming here for different purposes. Kanpur is easily accessible using different modes of transport. Here we bring you pertinent details of transportation modes available, making it easier to access this city.

  • Nearest Major City. Lucknow
  • Nearest Airport. Kanpur Military Airport
  • Nearest Railway Station. Kanpur Central Railway Station
  • Distance From Lucknow. 94.2 Km

By Air

Kanpur is well-connected with the major cities of the country by air. Some of the top airlines ply its services to the city bringing visitors from different corners of the country. After disembarking the plane, visitors can hire a cabor a taxi to reach their destination in the city. 

  • Distance From the Airport. 14 Km

Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available to Lucknow

By Rail

Kanpur is also accessible by train services. The Kanpur Central Railway Station is well connected with the different parts of the country, particularly, Delhi and Lucknow. After getting down from the train, visitors can take a taxi or an auto to reach their destination in the city.

  • Distance from the Railway Station. 3.3 Km

By Road

Kanpur is well-connected with nearby and major cities of the state and country. Well-maintained roads make it easy to drive to the city by own car. A lot of State and Private-owned buses ply its services to the city on a daily basis. Here are the distances from some of the major cities in UP and India. 

  • Distance From Lucknow. 73 Km
  • Distance From Banda. 107 Km
  • Distance From Farrukhabad. 130 Km
  • Distance From Etawah. 134 Km
  • Distance From Shahjahanpur. 165 Km
  • Distance From Allahabad. 188 Km
  • Distance From Delhi. 495.1 Km
  • Distance From Mumbai. 1291.5 Km
  • Distance From Bangalore. 1919.6 Km
  • Distance From Kolkata. 1003.2 Km

Frequently Asked Questions About Kanpur

Ques 1. Which are some of the major attractions in Kanpur?

Ans 1. Kanpur is a lovely city with a lot of attractions. Some of the major attractions include Ganga Barrage, Japani Garden, Moti Jheel, Bithoor, J K Temple, etc. 

Ques 2. Which is the best time to visit Kanpur?

Ans 2. The best time to visit Kanpur is from October to March. People who can brave harsh winters can visit the city in December and January and people who love exploring the city in moderate temperature can visit Kanpur in February to March. 

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