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Barsana is just 48 km away from Vrindavan and 45 km from Mathura and it’s a town in the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh. Barsana was the homeland of Radha, the companion of Krishna. Barsana, Uttar Pradesh is among the most famous visitor’s places close Delhi, best visited during Holi celebration. Read more…

Places to visit in Barsana

Shriji Temple

Shriji, a lovely name given to Radha and it stands among the traditional temples; built up 5000 years ago. Radha was the daughter of Vrishbhanu and it captivates a large number of tourists every year as it is a famous tourist destination.

Radha Kushalbihari Temple

The temple was constructed by a Rajput king where the idol is carved out of the sandstone having elegant and lovely designs. The idol is fixed at the centre of the temple and it is one of the most exotic places in Mathura.

Dan Bihari Temple

Dan refers to the donation and Bihari is added in the reminiscence of Krishna, and this temple has a story linked with the donation. There was a poor Brahmin who was facing issues in marrying her daughter as the money was not available then Krishna arranged the gold correspondingly to the weight of Radha.

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Radha Rani Temple

It is believed that Shreeji is always omnipresent at Radha Rani Temple; in order to get the blessing, various devotees visit this temple with endless dedication. Raja Rani is said as the goddess of Braj and a unique source of prowess.

Maan Mandir

It is one such spot where Radha used to go into the quietness when irritated and Krishna used to plead and cry to delight Radha. At Maan Mandir, you can explore a small tunnel that takes you to a dark chamber where Radha usually used to sit.

Things to do in Barsana

Visit and take aarti at Bankey Bihari Temple

Admire the architecture at Prem Mandir 

Explore the Madam Mohan Temple

Events and festivals in & around Barsana


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Best time to visit Barsana

One can visit the Vrindavan during the winter season; October to March is the best time to consider.

How to reach Barsana?

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