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Why do travellers from India to Thailand need travel insurance?

Saying swadi-ka to Thailand? A delectable mix of landscape, culture and gastronomical delight; Thailand is the preferred holiday destination for Indians. Destinations like Phuket, Bangkok, Krabi, Pattaya are on every Indian’s bucket list.

The affordable luxury, serene beaches and happening locales provide a delightful experience to Indian travellers. Wanderlust gives travellers a break from the mundane and it can make Indian travellers forget about the troubles of their daily lives. But what if something were to burst this bubble while they slay on their vacay? What if disaster strikes while holidaying in this beautiful country? Of course, no one wants to think of this possibility. But isn’t it prudent to take steps to safeguard yourself from potential risks? This is why Indians should know about the option of opting for a travel insurance that can act as a safety net while they enjoy their Thailand trip.

What is international travel insurance?

International travel insurance is a type of insurance that helps cover financial losses associated with circumstances occurring during a trip.

These circumstances could include:

  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Accidents
  • Transportation delays
  • Lost passport
  • Lost checked baggage
  • And more

Is travel insurance compulsory for Indians travelling to Thailand?

For Indians travelling to Thailand, a travel visa is mandatory and can be availed on-arrival as well. While travel insurance is not compulsory for Indians travelling to Thailand, it’s a good-to-have in order to protect the traveller from unforeseen risks. Travel insurance can also help Indians reduce travel-related anxiety as they find themselves in a foreign country where they don’t know the language or have close acquaintances.

Here’s why Indian travellers shouldn’t say ‘Phuket’ to travel insurance in Thailand:

1. It covers medical benefits

Opting for travel insurance for Thailand while on plannig Thailand trip can help Indians gain peace of mind while travelling. Did you know that most Indian insurance does not provide global coverage and must be availed within India? That’s why the best bet for medical coverage while in Thailand is to buy travel insurance. Make sure to note important details such as if pre-existing disease is covered, medical evacuation and hospitalisation cover.

2. It covers trip delays

Trips can be delayed due to various circumstances like natural disasters. Travel insurance can protect the person from having monetary issues due to trip delays.

3. It covers trip cancellation or interruption

Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, trips can get cancelled.

4. It covers loss of passport

Imagine being in a foreign country and your passport- an important international identity proof and permit for your stay -goes missing. The legal hassle alone can leave a huge emotional impact on a traveller. With travel insurance, a person can get reimbursed up to a limit for the amount that they need to spend in order to get a duplicate passport.

5. It covers loss or delay of checked-in baggage

Like humans, airlines too can make mistakes. But their mistakes can lead to a lot of suffering! Lost baggage can be frustrating on a vacation. Travel insurance saves the day by reimbursing a fixed amount in case of loss or delay of checked-in baggage

6. It can be availed online

There’s no need for middle-men and paperwork when it comes to travel insurance. With many online portals providing it, buying travel insurance online has become a cinch! All you need to do is fill in some basic details such as travel destination, dates, age and pre-existing diseases and you will find a list of affordable policies that match your needs. It’s quick and easy!

These are the broad benefits that travel insurance generally offers. It’s important to note that the traveller must go through the policy terms and conditions of each policy to know the exact benefits for the traveller. It is critical for visitors to understand that foreigners will not be provided with free medical care if an accident occurs while they are in Thailand. This means that an Indian citizen must pay for any medical expenses or possible quarantine costs incurred as a result of an accident, personal injury, or Covid diagnosis.

Medical tests required for travel insurance

It isn’t necessary to have a full body checkup for travel insurance. However, you may have to undergo a few diagnostic tests in case the insurer requires them.

Checklist for Indians before buying travel insurance for their Thailand trip

Answering the following questions can help travellers avoid confusion and gain the maximum benefit from their policy.

  1. What is the waiting period?
  2. What is the policy duration?
  3. Is covid cover available?
  4. How many days need to be spent in quarantine in case of covid?
  5. Is there a 24/7 helpline?
  6. Is the insurance company popular in Thailand?
  7. Is the claims process quick and simple?
  8. Are cashless claims provided?
  9. What are the sub-limits on expenses?
  10. What are the exclusions in the policy?
  11. What are the inclusions in the policy?

Don’t be crabby in Krabi due to lost luggage. Be free from travel uncertainties in Phi-Phi islands. Indian travellers can heave a sigh of relief once they’ve invested in travel insurance before their trip to Thailand. To sum up, Travel insurance helps Indian vacationers travel responsibly and with peace of mind to Thailand.


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