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Waterfalls Near Kolkata

15 Most Popular Waterfalls Near Kolkata | You Must Visit In 2024

Kolkata is a city where peace rules and nature's beauty are the main attractions. Discover the 15 Most Popular Waterfalls Near Kolkata for a refreshing getaway into nature's beauty, where each drop is a brushstroke in a painting ready to be seen. Welcome to a world where the beat of Kolkata meets the music of nature in a symphony of waterfalls that will take your breath away. These picturesque Waterfall locations near Kolkata are a dream destination for every nature photographer.

Imagine escaping the bustling metropolis and moving to a natural paradise where water dances to its tune and peace reign supreme. The stunning waterfalls near Kolkata, in the heart of West Bengal's bright landscapes, are a secret symphony of nature's wonders. If you are also thinking about how to reach Waterfalls near Kolkata? Don't worry, we got you. This blog will provide you with all the insights about Waterfalls near Kolkata. You're in luck if you're looking for perfect weekend getaways with waterfalls near Kolkata. Numerous charming destinations offer a delightful escape for a quick recharge.

List Of  15 Best Waterfalls Near Kolkata

Escape to hidden, natural waterfalls near Kolkata for a peaceful retreat, where each cascade is a secret gem waiting to be found. Let's start our journey to these natural wonders, which will leave you awe-struck and are ideal for a charming waterfall day trip from Kolkata.

  • Changey Waterfall | Cascading Serenity
  • Ghagra Waterfall | Nature's Veil
  • Chunnu Waterfall | Hidden Gem
  • Susunia Waterfall | Mountain Mirage
  • Bakreshwar Waterfall | Thermal Tranquillity
  • Dishergarh Waterfall | Industrial Oasis
  • Dhangar Waterfall | Forest Cascade
  • Murguma Waterfall | Wilderness Wonder
  • Bamni Waterfall | Emerald Elegance
  • Turga Waterfall | Secret Retreat
  • Sadni Falls | Nature's Whisper
  • Gangani Waterfall | Rugged Beauty
  • Paglajhora Waterfall | Enchanted Torrent
  • Narada Falls | Stream of Dreams
  • Biharinath Waterfall | Hillside Harmony

1. Changey Waterfall | Cascading Serenity

Changey Waterfall is a beautiful natural wonder that is hidden in a peaceful and beautiful setting. This place is in a quiet area, away from the busy city. This place is perfect for a quiet and peaceful trip because it is surrounded by clean rivers that flow downhill and a lot of lush green trees and plants.

  • Location: Lingsaykha Khasmahal, West Bengal
  • Things to do: Swimming, picnicking

2. Ghagra Waterfall | Nature's Veil

The Ghagra Waterfall is a unique natural sight that catches people's attention with its size. The flowing streams come down from a high point, making for a fascinating view. Ghagra Waterfall is an excellent choice for those who love nature and are looking for exciting adventures.

  • Location: Jhargram District, West Bengal
  • Things to do: Hiking, picnicking

3. Chunnu Waterfall | Hidden Gem

The Chunnu Waterfall is a picturesque sight located in an unspoiled forest. The soothing sound of water trickling over stones also helps to soothe the mind. You can take your loved ones here for a peaceful stroll or a picnic in the great outdoors.

  • Location: Purulia, West Bengal
  • Things to do: Photography, picnicking

4. Susunia Waterfall | Mountain Mirage

Climbers and hikers will love the Susunia Waterfall, surrounded by the stunning Susunia Hills. Rapidly moving clean water over the rugged landscape is a welcome sight. People who want to enjoy the outdoors and reconnect with nature will find this location ideal.

  • Location: Bankura, West Bengal
  • Things to do: Trekking

5. Bakreshwar Waterfall | Thermal Tranquillity

The Bakreshwar Waterfall is a beautiful place where you can relax and feel refreshed in the middle of nature. The falling streams of water create a beautiful harmony that fits in with the natural beauty of its surroundings. As you visit this spot, you'll likely unwind and take in the serene ambience.

  • Location: Birbhum, West Bengal
  • Things to do: Relax in the nearby hot spring

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6. Dishergarh Waterfall | Industrial Oasis

Dishergarh Waterfall is a popular destination for those who appreciate the aesthetic appeal of nature. This stunning waterfall is found close to Asansol and in a peaceful location. The serene motion of the waterfall and the green surroundings unite to make this an alluring place to seek solace.

  • Location: Asansol, West Bengal
  • Things to do: Learn about the local industrial heritage

7. Dhangar Waterfall | Forest Cascade