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15 Best Waterfalls Near Igatpuri

15 Best Waterfalls Near Igatpuri That You Should Go See

Waterfalls Near Igatpuri opens the door to a world of natural wonders and peaceful beauty in the beautiful Western Ghats. Igatpuri, a charming hill town in Maharashtra, India, is encircled by dense forests, rough terrain, and abundant waterfalls that appear to fall from the sky. Each waterfall has its unique appeal and offers excitement and peace to those who want it. The 15 Best Waterfalls Near Igatpuri trek is a thrilling experience.

As the rainy season arrives in Igatpuri, the scenery changes in a mesmerising way. The Igatpuri monsoon waterfalls are a spectacular display of nature's flowing symphony. Walking through this green paradise, the sound of raindrops and running water creates a magical atmosphere.  Best Waterfalls Near Igatpuri 's monsoon waterfalls are a beautiful testament to the beauty of the rainy season, a reminder of nature's extraordinary artistry that will leave you awestruck.

Are you wondering how to reach the Igatpuri waterfalls in the heart of Maharashtra's pristine landscapes? Navigating your way to these natural wonders is a cakewalk. Whether you're arriving by train, bus, or car, Best Waterfalls Near Igatpuri offers excellent connectivity. From the railway station, local transportation or taxis are readily available to take you to the waterfalls. Or, for an immersive and informative experience, consider embarking on Igatpuri waterfall guided tours with us for a hassle-free, relaxed trip.

List Of 15 Most Beautiful Waterfalls Near Igatpuri

Join us as we go on a trip to explore the best waterfalls near Igatpuri, where the soothing sounds of rushing water and the lush green surroundings create an enchanting symphony for the senses. Best Waterfalls Near Igatpuri Welcome to a place where the beauty of nature is the main attraction, and every waterfall has a story to tell. For outdoor adventures, Igatpuri Waterfall camping is the perfect choice. It allows you to soak in nature's embrace while being lulled to sleep by the sounds of cascading water.

  • Valvan Dam Waterfall | Nature's Spillway
  • Pandavkada Falls | Majestic Plunge
  • Zenith Falls | Nature's Zen Retreat
  • The Bhavali Dam Breaks | Tranquil Oasis
  • Kune Falls | Triple Delight Falls
  • Backward Waterfall | The Illusion of Nature
  • Dabhosa Falls | Emerald Escape
  • Umbrella Falls | Nature's Canopy
  • Dugarwadi Falls | Forest Symphony Falls
  • Vihigaon Falls | Adventure Cascades
  • Ashoka Falls | Peaceful Perch
  • Kalsubai | Mountain Majesty Falls
  • Nhani Falls | Nature's Playground
  • Tiger Falls | Hidden Wild Beauty
  • Rajdari Falls | Nature's Grand Veil

1. Valvan Dam Waterfall | Nature's Spillway

The Valvan Dam Waterfall is a beautiful place where water flows over the dam's edge, creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere. It's a great place to relax, connect with nature, and listen to the quiet sounds of water.

  • Location: Lonavala, Pune, Maharashtra
  • Nearby tourist attractions: Valvan Dam, Valvan Lake

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2. Pandavkada Falls | Majestic Plunge

The majestic Pandavkada Falls plunges powerfully from a tall cliff. It's a popular place for people who like both excitement and nature. The roar of the water hitting the rocks below is something you'll never forget.

  • Location: Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Nearby tourist attractions: Kharghar Hills, Shree Ayyappa Temple

3. Zenith Falls | Nature's Zen Retreat

Zenith Falls is a peaceful place to hide in the woods. The falling water creates a soothing atmosphere for a quiet getaway. This friendly place is just a short walk through the woods away.

  • Location: Khopoli, Maharashtra
  • Nearby tourist attractions: Lohagad Fort, Karla Caves

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4. The Bhavali Dam Breaks | Tranquil Oasis

Bhavali Dam Falls is a peaceful and beautiful place where water trickles over the dam's edge. It's the perfect place to have lunch with family and friends. This place is great for relaxing because it is quiet.

  • Location: Nashik, Maharashtra
  • Nearby tourist attractions: Bhavali Lake, Padmalaya Temple

5. Kune Falls | Triple Delight Falls

Kune Falls is a unique place because it has three different levels. These levels combine to make a calm pool at the bottom, which is mesmerising. When you come here, it's like taking a trip through nature's creation.

  • Location: Pune, Maharashtra
  • Nearby tourist attractions: Lion's Point, Bhushi Dam

6. Backward Waterfall | The Illusion of Nature

The Reverse Waterfall is a fascinating natural phenomenon that happens when strong winds push the water back up, making it look like water is flowing. It's a show of nature's magic that everyone should see, and it's fun for people of all ages.

  • Location: Naneghat, Maharashtra
  • Nearby tourist attractions: Bhivpuri Waterfall, Charlotte Lake

7. Dabhosa Falls | Emerald Escape