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Top 10 Waterfalls In Yellowstone

Top 10 Waterfalls In Yellowstone | That You Must Visit

In the intricate scenario of choosing the best hike with favourable weather, the wisdom of the hiker is practically judged. However, it is not a tough game regarding hiking experience in the US. Yellowstone National Park is a clear-cut winner with the best waterfall hikes in Yellowstone.

While being the first national park in the world, it is not just popular for its geothermal features; the park houses over 300 stunning waterfalls that are a spectacle to witness. So, if you are a hiker and love to sit in the serene surroundings, go check out the ten waterfalls in Yellowstone.

Yellowstone National Park has everything a visitor needs across a massive area of nearly 9000 km square. It is the best place for hikers due to its waterfalls, hot springs, and Yellowstone Grand Canyon. Let's have a look.

List Of 10 Beautiful Waterfalls In Yellowstone

  • Undine Falls | For Solitude Seekers
  • Fairy Falls | Highly Recommended
  • Kepler Cascades | The Dream Itinerary
  • Tower Falls | The Rocky Pinnacles
  • Gibbon Falls | The Quintessential Yellowstone Setting
  • Cave Falls | Wider, not Taller
  • Upper Falls | Most Popular in the Grand Canyon
  • Lower Falls | More Popular Than Upper Falls
  • Union Falls | One of the Tallest
  • Moose Falls | Geothermally Heated Fall

1. Undine Falls | For Solitude Seekers

As we said, the waterfalls in Yellowstone are a perfect place for those who seek solitude. The Undine Falls are at the top of the list. Not frequently visited, these falls are the best for those who want to sit in silence. The water falls from a height of 60 m, producing a thrashing sound while hitting the stark canyon below.

The three plunges produce an incredible view to capture. These waterfalls from Lava Creek can be looked up closely by taking an eight-mile hike.

  • Location: Grand Loop Road in Yellowstone National Park
  • Best time to visit: Between May and October

2. Fairy Falls | Highly Recommended

Fairy Falls is one of the spectacular and highest waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park. Falling from 200 feet, hikers will be thrilled to check out this waterfall. They can take the five-mile round trip trail that takes you to this stunning waterfall through lust greenery and meadows.

The trail also takes you to the Spray and Imperial geysers, where you can witness the warmth of hot springs. If you are a photographer, this is where you apply all the photography tips for Yellowstone waterfalls.

  • Location: Midway Geyser Basin
  • Best time to visit: June through September

3. Kepler Cascades | The Dream Itinerary

To break the busier scene outlook, Kepler Cascades is the perfect way. Located 2.5 miles from Old Faithful, you can spot them on the left side of the road. Though you have the option to view the cascades from the roadside pullout, if you are an adrenaline junkie, you can try the short hike or the partially-paved Lone Star Trail.

With an overall height of 150 feet, the largest single drop happens at 50 feet. Fed by the Firehole River, the gushing water perfectly embodies freedom to the visitors.

  • Location: US-287, Yellowstone National Park
  • Best time to visit: September Through Early October

4. Tower Falls | The Rocky Pinnacles

The name of the fall is inspired by the tall towers standing around it. The 132-foot high waterfall plunges into the Yellowstone River and is super easy to reach via a 300-foot stroll from the nearby spacious parking.

The waterfall has captured the eye of various explorers, hikers, and even legislators, making it a must-visit spot. The lush scenery around the waterfall makes it a perfect photography spot, too. As it is at a prime location, you must come here early to avoid crowds. If you are lucky enough, you may also spot a beautiful rainbow.

  • Location: Northeastern part of Yellowstone near Tower Junction
  • Best time to visit: NA

5. Gibbon Falls | The Quintessential Yellowstone Setting

Resting in the beautiful setting of scrubby pine trees and rocky cliffs, Gibbon Falls treats you with a spectacular view. On a sunny day, you could see the crystal clear water perfectly resonating and reflecting the rays of the Sun. The 84-foot high waterfall is fed by Gibbon River, which originates in the Norris Geyser Basin.

Though seeing the waterfalls from your vehicle is possible, it is best to park your car and take a short 0.5-mile trail to the top. The fully paved trail has several vantage points from where you can view and capture some awesome shots of the waterfall.

  • Location: Between Norris Geyser Basin and Madison Junction
  • Best time to visit: May through November

6. Cave Falls | Wider, not Taller

There is an unusual thing about the Cave Falls in Yellowstone. Rather than being tall, the Cave Falls is 250 ft wide and just 20ft tall. Sitting on the westernmost part of the Bechler Ranger Station, they are accessible from the western entrance.

The name of the falls was inspired by a cave and an alcove built on the left side of it. Though it collapsed, the falls still hold the name as they are a perfect beginning to a deep adventure in the park. You can park at the lower small loop parking and head down a short trail to view the falls. There is a campground nearby, too.

  • Location: Cascade Corner
  • Best time to visit: April through October

7. Upper Falls | Most Popular in the Grand Canyon