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most famous waterfalls in thailand

10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Thailand

From slippery slides to awe-inspiring heights, these natural wonders will have you on the edge of your seat. They provide a relaxing oasis in any landscape and offer a chance to escape it all. Thailand is known for its pristine beaches, temples, and wild nightlife, but many travellers forget that the Land of Smiles has an abundance of waterfalls. There’s no better way to get away from the busy city life than taking a trip to one of these incredible waterfalls in Thailand.

Whether you want to relax on a hammock, swim, or explore the area’s jungles, visiting these waterfalls will be an unforgettable experience for you and your family. Here we bring you a carefully curated list of mesmerising waterfalls in Thailand that will leave you awestruck.

List of 10 Captivating Waterfalls in Thailand

If you’re looking for adventure, here are some waterfalls you should visit. Here we compiled a list of the ten best waterfalls in Thailand that can make your journey memorable.

  • Koh Luang Waterfall. A Stalactite Waterfall
  • Man Daeng Waterfall. Hidden Gem of Thailand
  • Erawan. A Splendid Beauty
  • Haew Narok Waterfall. Most Impressive Waterfall
  • Pha Charoen Waterfall. Emerging Lime Waterfall
  • Saeng Chan Waterfall. A Cliff Waterfall
  • Sri Dit Waterfall. Most serene waterfall
  • Bang Pae Waterfall. Recreational Spectacular Sight
  • Khlong Chak Waterfall. Emerging beauty from the caves
  • Thi Lo Su Waterfall: A Magnificent Wonder

1. Koh Luang Waterfall | A Stalactite Waterfall

Situated at 20 meters in Mae Ping National Park, the Koh Luang Waterfall will bring you to a seven-tier waterfall in a thick jungle. The stream tumbles over the tiers, carving out spots for you to sunbathe and swim. The sound of the waterfall roars out from deep within the forest, a soothing experience that will ease stress and soothe your soul. This is one of the best waterfalls in Thailand and should be on everyone’s list if they visit southern Thailand.

  • Location. Tambon Ko, Thailand
  • Best Time to Visit. May to October
  • Things to do in Koh Luang Waterfall. Clicking selfies, watching nature at its best, admiring the cascading seven-tiered waterfall, and visiting the viewing platform to admire the area’s unique beauty and a refreshing dip in the nearby large lake.

2. Man Daeng Waterfall | Hidden Gem of Thailand

Hidden in the woods and a long 4-km hike from the park’s main offices, Man Daeng Waterfall is a unique sight you will never forget. This is a true gem of Thailand that’s not crowded with tourists like so many other attractions. It’s also one of the most serene waterfalls in Thailand, as the sounds of rushing currents and the sound of the forest will help you feel completely immersed in your surroundings.

  • Location. Kok Sathon, Thailand
  • Best Time to Visit. June to November
  • Things to do in Man Daeng Waterfall. Explore Phu Hin Rong Kla national park, Trekking, Enjoying the peaceful nature sounds which soothed the mind and soul.

3. Erawan | A Splendid Beauty

Situated in Tenasserim Hills in Thailand, the Erawan is the most enthralling waterfall, boasting seven distinct tiers, each more beautiful. You can even snorkel in the first tier, home to some of the most vibrant fish in the world. Tourists visit these beautiful Thai waterfalls to get some adventure and enjoy picnics near the falls.

  • Location. Tenasserim Hills, Thailand
  • Best Time to Visit. September to December
  • Things to do in Erawan. Tourists visit this waterfall to enjoy the beauty and picnic with their family, clicking selfies and enjoying the adventurous trekking ride.

4. Haew Narok Waterfall | Most Impressive Waterfall

Haew Narok Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Thailand and also a UNESCO world heritage site, dropping 150 meters from top to bottom. It is an amazing experience to take in the beauty of the falls while surrounded by greenery.

  • Location. Na Hin Lat, Pak Phli District, Thailand
  • Best Time to Visit. May to November
  • Things to do in Haew Narok Waterfall. Clicking selfies, Camping, and Enjoying the beautiful scenic views surrounding the waterfalls.

5. Pha Charoen Waterfall | Emerging Lime Waterfall