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8 Tips to Save Money on Your Vacation in Europe

St. Augustine of Hippo, the great philosopher, once mentioned that “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Europe is an important chapter of this book. Yes! Europe is a chapter because it is a continent with 44 countries. Thus, there is a lot to see and experience in this magnificent continent sharing its border with the largest continent - Asia. Europe cannot be called one page of the World book because each country in Europe is special in its own way and must be seen at least once in a lifetime.

Vacation in Europe is therefore a gala affair and needs time, money, research and passion to pursue. As a travel lover, this incredible continent is any day a dream destination for most of us. However, proper and timely planning about everything needs to be done well ahead of time to save money and hassles in the foreign land.

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There are many countries in Europe. Therefore, there are various types of places to visit in Europe. The list is almost never-ending and for sure, however, long a vacation one plans, when in Europe, any vacation will seem short.

However, visiting so many beautiful and popular places would not be an easy affair. One has to plan for inter-city transfers, hotel bookings, meals, and lot more things. Over and above that, there are a number of things to do in Europe, for example, skiing in the Alps, enjoying theatre performances, visiting the best historical monuments, taking a gondola ride, and tasting the incredible food across the cities to experience the best flavours, textures, and mouth-melting tastes. This calls for an additional cost of tickets and entrance fees for such events and activities. Planning such events and activities in advance would help in managing the travel budget to some extent.   

Before planning a vacation, most people face a dilemma about whether Europe is an expensive place to visit or not? The answer to this question though is not very easy and crisp. Why? Because planning a budget Europe trip is absolutely possible but this might require adjusting on many quarters and compromising on many fronts. Since a budget Europe trip also needs to be planned according to the taste and preferences of all the people travelling, this might be a daunting task.

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However, as they say, there is a solution to every problem. Similarly, this problem of creating a budget trip to visit Europe too has solutions. There are a number of travel hacks for Europe trips that would surely take care of the budget, that too without compromising the satisfaction level of anyone.

8 Tips to Save Money on Your Vacation in Europe

Vacation in Europe is almost a dream for everyone. However, the dream is not converted into reality for most people just on grounds of the huge expenditure involved in such a trip. However, there are small tips and travel hacks which might make the tour somewhat economical. Some of these tips and travel hacks include:

1. Choosing The Cities And Places Well

Europe is a big continent with more than 40 countries. Some of these countries are quite popular tourist destinations. Choosing the right cities and the places one wants to visit wisely can keep the expenditure under control. For example, visiting places like Berlin, Paris and London are quite expensive whereas a trip to Bulgaria or Greece might not cost that much. Therefore, choosing the places wisely becomes the key to planning a budget Europe trip.

2. Booking The Flights Early

Flight tickets are quite costly. In case of any travel what pinches the most is the cost of flight tickets. However, planning much ahead of time can help the tourists get the best deals and offer on flight tickets. Last-minute bookings of tickets would only increase the cost of the trip. Furthermore, there are many places to visit in Europe. Exploring one place after another will add up to the travel cost. Therefore, planning the itinerary well is the crux of the entire trip. It is advisable to plan in a way such that no round trips have to be made within Europe. Round trips to a particular location would only add to costs. Also, it is advisable to spend some time researching the travel plans and comparing the flight fares before proceeding with the actual bookings.

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3. Saving On Travelling Within Europe As Much As Possible

While flight tickets are soaring high, travellers need to search for alternative options for travelling. Interrail is one of such economical yet adventurous options for travelling and exploring Europe. Interrail is nothing but the concept of travelling across the countries in Europe by train. Some of these train travel routes are epic in themselves, thus enhancing the charm of trips to Europe. The tourists can also try to get an interrail pass from the competent authority. This will save costs further. The travel using the trains is not only safe but also enjoyable as it gives a chance to explore the places even more.

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4. Taking Public Transport

European cities have a wonderful network of public transport systems. Using the public transport system would help the tourists in saving huge costs of intercity travel. The use of public transport would also help the tourists to explore the city and its life and people in a far better way. Taking the metro, bus, ferry, or tram is a much better way to explore and roam around the city. The tourists just need to have a map of the city so that they do not get lost and they are ready to go. Tourists can also book a public transport pass that allows them to travel using various modes of public transport throughout the city for the entire day. This is way cheaper than hiring a taxi each time, isn’t it?

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5. Getting The Best Hotel Deals

Travelling to any location involves planning a lot of things. This includes planning where to stay and for how many days to stay. Choosing the right stay is a very important component of the entire travel plan. The hotels should be selected wisely. Choosing a hotel near a specific location might give a beautiful view but it is surely going to raise the cost of travel within the city. Therefore affordable accommodation in the central area of the city might be a wise decision. Further, though there are a lot of sites and travel companies providing the best hotel deals in Europe, one needs to be sure and wise about choosing the time of travel. In the case of off-season travel, tourists can get better deals on hotels.

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6. Buying City Passes

Almost all the cities in Europe have a lot to offer. From scenic beauty to museums, monuments to zoos, tourists have a lot of things to do in each city. Therefore, many of these cities offer passes for all these major attractions. These passes are cheaper ways of visiting the major attractions. For example, a museum ticket might cost around 500-1000 INR whereas a pass like the Paris Museum Pass helps the tourists to visit 60 such museums in two days. The pass might cost somewhere between 3000-3500 INR. Such a pass would not only save costs for the tourists but would also help them save time (time of standing in a queue to get a museum ticket). Further, there are certain museums that offer free entry or discounted entry on certain days such as the Louvre offers free entry on the first Saturday of every month between 6-9:45 P.M. local time. Researching them and planning accordingly too might be a trick to save some money.

7. Choosing The Right Roaming Plans

International calls have always been costly. International roaming charges are quite high. Therefore, travellers need to choose the right roaming packages while travelling. Such roaming packs should also include data since travelling using GPS navigation or researching the places would require call data. It is advisable to use the free Wi-Fi networks available at hotels, airports and other public places. This would save them some costs since even the mobile data is costly on roaming. It is also advisable to use the calling and messaging facility wisely and use it only when needed since the calls and messages are also costly. However, the use of platforms like WhatsApp calling and messaging over a Wi-Fi network can be a useful travel hack for Europe trips. You can also choose to get an international plan for Europe for the travel duration. This might save you some costs.

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8. Saving On Water And Meals 

Bottled water is quite expensive in most places in Europe. However, the regular tap water supplied in Europe is safe for drinking too. Therefore, it is advisable to carry a bottle and fill it up with tap water whenever possible. Using this water would help the travellers save a huge cost of buying bottled water to drink. Furthermore, though European nations are known for their incredible food, stopping to buy a meal every time would be a waste of time and money. Therefore, carrying enough snacks to munch during the trip would be a wise decision.

Europe is a dream destination. You can make it the most memorable trip by researching well and following these tips and tricks to the extent possible. Visit Adotrip.com, your travel buddy and enjoy amazing tour packages, flight deals, hotel bookings, and other travel-related services under one roof, that too, at cost-effective rates. It is surely going to help save a lot of money when you embark on your dream destination. Bon Voyage!!!

Frequently Asked Questions About Budget-Friendly Europe Trip

Q 1. What are the best places to enjoy and explore Europe?

A 1. Some of the best places to enjoy and explore in Europe include having a romantic date in Paris, visiting the world-class city of London, walking through the alleys of history in Rome, roaming around the canals in Venice, having a tryst with nature in the Swiss Alps, or viewing the architectural splendours in Barcelona and Florence, and many more.

Q 2. Can I travel to Europe on a budget?

A 2. Yes, you can travel to Europe on a budget. You just need to follow some tips and hacks that will help you keep your travel costs in check and allow you to enjoy this amazing destination without burning a hole in your pocket.

Q 3. Which is the cheapest European country for vacation?

A 3. Bulgaria is the cheapest European country for a fun-filled vacation. It is located along the Black Sea and is largely unexplored. A visit to this country will allow you a relaxing vacation, away from the touristy crowds.

Q 4. How many days are enough for a trip to Europe?

A 4. Depending on the number of countries you plan to visit, you can plan a 10-days to a month-long trip to Europe. 

--- Published By  Arpita Mathur