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All About Schengen Countries | 26 Popular Destinations in Europe

Right from exploring the picture perfect locales to enjoying a gamut of enriching experiences, Europe has always been a dream destination for every traveler even if getting a Schengen visa is hands down arduous. The sprawling region comprises 26 popular tourist Destinations in Europe that are legitly beautiful and worth travelling. Trust me, nothing is far in Europe if you are really keen on discovering the paradiscial wonders of the continent. Good news! Most of the countries here have abolished internal and external barriers between each other under the Schengen treaty to ease the comfort of cross border travelling. 

So here’s the list of 26 Schengen countries that are always on the travelers wish list. Take a dekko!

1. Austria


Located in Central Europe, Austria is a landlocked country that is a paradisiac medley of vibrant culture, rich heritage and nature’s beauty. Known for dramatic Alps, pristine lakes, quaint villages, gourmet hubs, verdant meadows, marvelous Baroque monuments, exhilarating activities and whatnot, a tour to Austria is totally memorable.

Capital City of Austria: Vienna

Top Tourist Attractions of Austria: Vienna, Innsbruck, Sandburg, Hallstatt, Graz, Zell am See

Best Time to Visit Austria: April to May and September to October

Currency Used in Austria: Euro

2. Belgium


One of the smallest countries in the Schengen region, Belgium is still impactful as it is studded with many iconic and popular travel destinations in Europe. Right from boasting the imposing Grand Palace in Brussels, fascinating canal systems in Bruges to featuring striking Battlefields of Flanders, the mini paradise is significant for its rich ancient past and idyllic landscape.

Capital City of Belgium: Brussels

Top Tourist Attractions of Belgium: Brussels, Bruges, Ghent and Mechelen

Best Time to Visit Belgium: April to June and September to October

Currency Used in Belgium: Euro

3. Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Another fascinating Schengen country that is flooded with a massive tourist influx is the Czech Republic which sits beautifully in the heart of Central Europe. Right from well-preserved historic cities such as Prague to imposing castles, buzzing nightclubs, magnificent colonnades, romantic narrow streets, and Bohemian culture, the Czech Republic is an idyllic pad for history buffs, and nature lovers, holidaymakers, and party animals alike.

Capital City of Czech Republic: Prague

Top Tourist Attractions of Czech Republic: Prague, Olomouc, Ostrava, Liberec, Ceske Budejovice, Brno, Adršpach Rock City, Loket

Best Time to Visit Czech Republic: End of May and September to October

Currency Used in Czech Republic: Czech koruna or Czech crown

4. Denmark


One of the happiest countries in the world, Denmark is a place where you can meet healthy wealthy and caring folks, enjoy freedom, find virtues like generosity, honesty and good governance. This Scandinavian country offers a classic blend of soaring mountains, sprawling gardens, quaint towns, bustling cities, sandy beaches along with unique flora and fauna which are really captivating.

Capital City of Denmark: Copenhagen

Top Tourist Attractions of Denmark: Copenhagen, Jutland, Faroe Islands, Grenen, Tivoli Gardens, Aarhus, Rubjerg, Funen Island, Aero Island, Kronborg Slot

Best Time to Visit Denmark: June to August

Currency Used in Denmark: Danish krone

5. Estonia


Located in the northern part of Europe, Estonia is a less explored country and a pretty affordable option in the entire continent. Travelers can discover the classic townships of Tallinn to the breathtaking coastal resort city of Parnu. Besides, the country features a shimmering coastline, offshore islands, beautiful heritage buildings from the mediaeval era, fairytale forests and vibrant culture which fascinates people a lot.

Capital City of Estonia: Tallinn

Top Tourist Attractions of Estonia: Tallinn, Saaremaa, Tartu, Parnu, Hiiumaa, Viljandi, Narva Castle, Rakvere Castle, Lahemaa National Park, Soomaa National Park, Matsalu National Park, Lake Peipus

Best Time to Visit Estonia: May to August

Currency Used in Estonia: Euro

6. Finland