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Things To Do In Madikeri

15 Famous Things To Do In Madikeri | Activities List With Location

Located in Karnataka's lush hills, Madikeri invites you to a nature-packed escape. Surrounded by misty hills and coffee plantations, this hill station is a sensory treat. There is a long list of things to do in Madikeri, but we've curated the ultimate guide to let you experience the best of Madikeri adventures. Best visited from September to March, Madikeri showcases vibrant colours post-monsoon. Easily accessible from Bangalore, it's your gateway to Coorg's heart.

Whether you seek a budget-friendly retreat or a lavish holiday, Madikeri caters to all preferences. Engage in many activities, from exploring historic forts like Madikeri Fort to savouring the region's famous coffee at local plantations. Find the unique charm of Madikeri, where mist-kissed landscapes and the warm embrace of Coorg's hospitality beckon every traveller seeking a peaceful escape in the lap of nature.

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List Of Top 15 Things To Do In Madikeri

Experience the best things to do in Madikeri, from scenic viewpoints and waterfalls to historic temples and aromatic coffee plantations. Immerse yourself in the charm of this hill town, savouring unique encounters that make Madikeri truly unforgettable.

  • Raja's Seat: Scenic Sunset Point
  • Abbey Falls: Cascading Beauty
  • Tadiandamol Peak: Highest in Coorg
  • Mandalpatti Viewpoint: Panoramic Vistas
  • Omkareshwara Temple: Historic Architecture
  • Coffee Plantation Tour: Aroma Exploration
  • Chelavara Falls: Pristine Cascades
  • Kopatty: Trekking Paradise
  • Dubare Elephant Camp: Elephant Interaction
  • Namdroling Monastery: Tibetan Tranquillity
  • Madikeri Market: Local Delights
  • Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary: Biodiversity Paradise
  • Madikeri Fort: Historical Citadel
  • Nisargadhama Island: Riverside Retreat
  • Coorgi Cuisine: Flavourful Gastronomy

1. Raja's Seat: Scenic Sunset Point

Raja's Seat, a regal vantage point in Madikeri tourist attractions, reveals breathtaking sunsets over the Western Ghats. Once a favoured spot of kings, its unique design and manicured gardens offer peace and spectacular views. This iconic seat, embedded in Coorg's legacy, is a testament to the region's royal past. Visitors can relish the scenic beauty and witness the captivating tradition of the rulers who sought solace in this natural masterpiece.

  • Major Attraction: Scenic Sunset Views
  • Best Things to Do: Enjoy the Garden Atmosphere
  • Best Time to Visit: Evening

2. Abbey Falls: Cascading Beauty

Abbey Falls, a fascinating cascade located in lush surroundings, is a symphony of nature's grandeur and one of Madikeri's best things to do. The falls plunge dramatically into a pool, creating a visual and auditory spectacle. Popular among nature enthusiasts, Abbey Falls provides a refreshing escape. Surrounded by coffee plantations, the falls embody Coorg's pristine beauty, making it a must-visit for those seeking a harmonious blend of peace and natural allure.

  • Major Attraction: Cascading Waterfall
  • Best Things to Do: Nature Photography
  • Best Time to Visit: Monsoon Season

3. Tadiandamol Peak: Highest in Coorg