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Famous Temples Of Indonesia

20 Famous Temples Of Indonesia You Must Visit

As you traverse the enchanting landscapes of Indonesia, a land of pristine beaches and lush jungles, be sure not to overlook one of its most intriguing aspects – its temples. These Ancient Hindu temples are living testament to a rich spiritual heritage, waiting to captivate and inspire travellers. As the renowned author Toba Beta once mused, "Temples stand in silence, an unspoken proof of humility and gratitude," indeed, Indonesia's temples are just that – silent storytellers of an awe-inspiring past.

Indonesia's temples reveal a beautiful blend of religion, art, and architecture. From the stunning coastal perch of Tanah Lot Temple to the intricate stonework of Candi Plaosan, these sacred sites encompass a rich mosaic of Hindu and Buddhist faiths. After all, as the famous saying goes, "Travel brings power and love back into your life." Indonesian temples are a living testament to this idea, offering solace in silent meditation and radiating grandeur at the Best temples for sunrise.

So, when you explore this land, do not forget to lose yourself in the echoes of the past, for there, in the heart of these temples, you'll discover the true essence of Indonesia's beauty.

List Of 20 Best Temples Of Indonesia

Have you ever wondered about the hidden stories and spiritual enhancement within the temples of Indonesia? These enigmatic structures hold centuries of Indonesian temple history and spirituality. Get ready for a virtual journey through the enchanting temples of this captivating archipelago. We're thrilled to present you with our meticulously curated list of the 20 best temples in Indonesia.

  • Tanah Lot Temple | Deity of the Sea
  • Candi Plaosan | Buddha's Peaceful Retreat
  • Mendut Temple | Avalokiteshvara's Haven
  • Pura Petitenget Temple | Ocean Deity's Sanctuary
  • Arjuna Temple | Shiva's Sacred Complex
  • Gedong Songo Temple | Peaks of Divine Harmony
  • Borobudur Temple | Buddha's Enchanting Stupa
  • Kalasan Temple | Tara's Blessing Abode
  • Uluwatu Temple | Cliffside Kecak Dance
  • Sewu Temple | Thousand Buddhas' Serenity
  • Ratu Boko Temple | Majestic Sea Shrine
  • Pura Kehen Temple | Dewi Sri's Grove
  • Pura Besakih Temple | Agung's Divine Blessing
  • Pura Batu Bolong Temple | Ocean View Sanctuary
  • Goa Gajah Temple | Elephant Lord's Cave
  • Prambanan Temple | Trimurti's Splendour
  • Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple | Sunset Deity's Cliff
  • Pura Ulun Danu Beratan | Lake Goddess's Reflection
  • Pura Taman Ayun | Royal Garden of Mengwi
  • Lempuyang Temple | Gateway to Heaven

1. Tanah Lot Temple | Deity of the Sea

Have you ever imagined a temple rising from the sea, defying the ocean's mighty tides? Tanah Lot Temple, perched on a rocky islet along Bali's southwest coast, embodies this awe-inspiring spectacle. Its name, "Tanah Lot," means "Land in the Sea," and that's exactly what it is—a temple rising from the ocean's edge. As you approach this iconic sea temple, a question arises in everyone's mind: How did the Balinese craftsmen construct this marvel amid the ever-shifting Indian Ocean? Tanah Lot's spiritual significance is entwined with its spectacular natural setting.

  • Location: Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia
  • Timing: 9 am to 7 pm
  • Special Attractions: Sunset views, Kecak dance performances, Snake cave

2. Candi Plaosan | Buddha's Peaceful Retreat

Candi Plaosan, often called the Twin Temples, is a silent testament to Central Java's rich history. The temple complex consists of Plaosan Lor and Plaosan Kidul, each dedicated to a unique interpretation of Buddhism. Did you know that it'sthese temples were believed to symbolise peace and tolerance between Buddhism and Hinduism during the Sailendra Dynasty? Candi Plaosan's unique blend of Buddhist art and architecture makes it remarkable. With an impressive number of relief panels depicting various scenes from Buddhist scriptures, it's one of the most Sacred temples in Java.

  • Location: Prambanan, Central Java, Indonesia
  • Timing: 6 am to 6 pm
  • Special Attractions: Twin temples, Extensive relief panels, Javanese Buddhist heritage

3. Mendut Temple | Avalokiteshvara's Haven

In the heart of Central Java, the Mendut Temple quietly stands, a lesser-known gem among the grandeur of Borobudur. Mendut Temple, with its unusual character among Javanese temples, invites visitors to explore its enigmatic past. Did you know that the temple is not just a relic but an active place of worship, where annual Vesak ceremonies attract pilgrims worldwide? Step inside, and an impressive 3-metre tall Buddha statue'll greet you in a unique pose. It's here, under the watchful gaze of Buddha, that visitors can connect with the essence of Mahayana Buddhism.

  • Location: Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia
  • Timing: 6 am to 5 pm
  • Special Attractions: The 3-metre tall Buddha statue, Annual Vesak ceremonies

4. Pura Petitenget Temple | Ocean Deity's Sanctuary

Bali's Pura Petitenget Temple exudes an air of serenity and spirituality, along with coastal charm. But what sets this temple apart from the rest? Located on the shores of the Indian Ocean, Pura Petitenget invites visitors for its spiritual aura and the amazing sunset views. Did you know the temple hosts the famed Balinese beach ceremonies and lively beachfront processions? As the sun dips below the horizon, creating a captivating dance of light and shadow, the Petitenget Temple is a sacred setting for Bali's unique spiritual and natural beauty.

  • Location: Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia
  • Timing: 24/7
  • Special Attractions: Sunset views, Balinese beach ceremonies, Beachfront processions

5. Arjuna Temple | The Sacred Complex

As you set foot in the Arjuna Temple complex, the allure of time-worn history surrounds you. This ensemble of Hindu temples may make you ponder the incredible dedication of the Javanese to preserving their cultural and spiritual heritage. While gazing at the intricate stone carvings, consider this fact: these structures date back to the 8th century, making them some of the oldest Hindu temples. Arjuna Temple is a testament to ancient architectural genius and a timeless sanctuary that invites curious travellers to explore Indonesia's rich culture.

  • Location: Dieng Plateau, Central Java, Indonesia
  • Timing: 24/7
  • Special Attractions: 8th-century stone carvings, Dieng's mystical ambience

6. Gedong Songo Temple | Peaks of Divine Harmony