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Best Things to Shop For In Nepal

Best Things to Shop For In Nepal

Nepal is famous for its Himalayan footsteps, natural scenery, rare flora and fauna. Sure, but do you know that there are some great shopping destinations in the country, too? Whether it is artwork, handicrafts, clothes, or food items, Nepal has it all.

Due to its natural & cultural significance, several items are only available in the landlocked country. Therefore, if you are looking for unique souvenirs, you must visit some specific spots in Nepal. Here are some of the destinations for endless Shopping in Nepal.

What are the Best Things to Shop For In Nepal?

It is often noticed that the rare things in a location often have a hefty price tag. But Nepal is way different. Everything unique and elegant about this country is available at an economical price.

And if we talk about the things that you can buy, there are many of them.

  • Pashmina
  • Singing Bowls
  • Khukuri
  • Rice Paper Products
  • Handicrafts
  • Thangka Paintings
  • Clothes
  • Hemp Bags
  • Traditional Jewellery
  • Statues and Masks

1. Pashmina

As the cold weather is prevalent in Nepal, woollen fabrics are a primary item that most visitors purchase. Pashmina, a super cosy and snug wool fabric, is popular in Nepal.

Most visitors tend to buy Pashmina shawls from the country's market. Being the local produce of the country, the shawls are cost-effective and are readily available in several types.

You can choose from water Pashmina to silk or cotton blends to 100% Pashmina. Ensure you have a sharp eye, as these goods can be counterfeited. So, now you know how to buy Pashmina shawls in Kathmandu.

2. Singing Bowls

Do bowls sing? In Nepal, they do! When you are passing through the Souvenir shops in the Thamel district, you are surefire to find these awesome pieces of souvenirs. They may not seem to have much utility, but once you rub a small wooden stick on the rim of its walls in a circular motion, the produced sound is super soothing for the ears.

The sound helps in meditation and is also believed to have healing powers. These are primarily made of brass and available in plain or engraved textures.

3. Khukuri

For lovers of antique weapons, the Khukuri is a must-have souvenir. Available solely in Nepal, the weapon and tool were primarily used by the Nepal Army and Indian Army’s Gorkha regiment. You can get this in the Thamel district on your way back home.

Make sure that you keep it in the check-in baggage and choose the size allowed for you to carry to a country.

4. Rice Paper Products

If you are fond of diaries, journals, and calendars, Nepal has something really special for you. The rice paper items in Nepal are one of the most unique things you can get for your home. The rice paper is made out of rice husk via a tiring process.

The initial use of rice paper was in manuscripts and paintings. However, with time, it has been used to make diaries, journals, calendars, and lampshades. The vast utility and creativity of the item make it an ideal gift for friends and family.

5. Handicrafts

No matter how many online shopping sites in Nepal are there, the best traditional handicrafts in Nepal are found in the local shops in Nepal only. On your way through the country's streets, you can discover and buy several handicraft items.

These include anything from the prayer wheel and vibrant traditional masks to super rare puppets, carved wooden sculptures, and pottery products. All these handicrafts are affordable and will enhance the grace of your home.

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6. Thangka Paintings

For art aficionados, The Thangka Paintings are the perfect souvenir to take back home. These paintings are primarily made from textiles covered with silk. They usually portray the Buddhist or Hindu deity. It is believed that if practitioners use it for meditation, they can forge a path between the deity and themselves.

These authentic and beautiful pieces of artwork from Nepal serve as a perfect gift for special occasions.

7. Clothes

No matter where you are, every place on the planet has a unique fashion. The same is the case with Nepal. The clothes, primarily the woollens, are popular in Nepal. Other than Pashmina Shawls, there are several other clothes that you can buy on your trip to Nepal, such as Daura Suruwal, Sari, and Dhaka Topi.

Dhaka Topi and Daura Suruwal are popular among men, while the saree is a traditional attire for women.

8. Hemp Bags