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Places to Visit Near Jammu

15 Famous Places To Visit Near Jammu In 2024

The state of Jammu and Kashmir is one of the only in the Asian continent that is closest to the magnificent grandeur of the Himalayan mountain range. There are three of them, with Jammu being one of them. Raja Jambu Lochan, the city's founder, is honoured with his name. The largest city in the Jammu division is this one. The area, which sits along the river Tawi, is beautiful. There are many Places to Visit Near Jammu that one can visit with their family.

Jammu has a humid subtropical climate, just like other regions of north-western India. The summers are exceptionally hot, with high temperatures occasionally reaching 460 c. The temperatures throughout the winter are often below 40 degrees Celsius. Rainfall in the city is very heavy during the monsoon season. Consequently, October to May is ideal for exploring the Scenic Places Near Jammu.

Check Out the 15 Famous Places To Visit Near Jammu

There are many incredible Family-Friendly Attractions Near Jammu, whether you're considering a trip there or searching for awesome places to visit over the weekend. These locations include those with a rich historical past, places of worship, and stunning natural beauty.

  • Anantnag - A Picturesque Village
  • Raghunath Temple - Largest Structures in Northern India
  • Nathatop - Represents True Beauty
  • Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary - Home to a Wide Variety of Animals
  • Peer Kho Cave - Enormous Temple Courtyard
  • Baag-E-Bahu - Best Location for Picnics and Photography
  • Manda Zoo - Explore Unique and Beautiful Animals
  • Amar Mahal Palace - Famous for Its Architecture
  • Surinsar Lake - Perfect Location for a Leisurely Picnic
  • Mansar Lake - Well-Liked Picnic Area
  • Ranbireshwar Temple - Lingam Emblematic of the Lord Shiva
  • Katra - Charming Village Nestled in the Lower Himalayas
  • Vaishno Devi Temple - Devoted to the Goddess Mahalakshmi
  • Bahu Fort - Constructed Using Lime and Black Mortar
  • Ladakh - Experience Thrilling Activities

1. Anantnag - A Picturesque Village

One of Jammu's most well-known Historic Sites around Jammu is Anantnag. Anantnag is well known for its breathtaking surroundings and its raging stream. The Kashmir valley's financial and commercial centre is Anantnag. Millions of tourists come to this picturesque village each year despite the bloodshed throughout the years. There are various famous festivals of Jammu

  • Highlights: See the Martand sun temple and the renowned kokernag botanical garden.
  • Distance from Jammu: 213 km


2. Raghunath Temple - Largest Structures in Northern India

The city of Jammu is home to the well-known Raghunath temple. The temple is also one of the largest structures in all of northern India, and it is always bustling with worshippers. Around 130 years ago, between 1822 and 1860, Maharaja Gulab Singh began work on building the Raghunath temple. His son, Maharaja Ranbir Singh, then finished the project.

  • Highlights: discover more about various lingams and saligrams
  • Distance from Jammu: 2.2 km

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3. Nathatop - Represents True Beauty

The hill station is blanketed with snow during wintertime, accentuating its splendour. Nathatop has gained popularity over the years for its paragliding and skiing sports. There are several roadside food vendors providing regional cuisine in the hill station. Additionally, it has good weather all year round.

  • Highlights: experience paragliding and skiing sports
  • Distance from Jammu: 108.9 km

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4. Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary | Home to a Wide Variety of Animals

This wildlife sanctuary, which is not far from Jammu and known for Weekend Getaways From Jammu for its many pheasants, is home to many animals, particularly birds. Numerous pheasants, Indian mynah, blue rock pigeons, Indian peafowl, and chakra may be seen here. Leopards, grey langurs, rhesus monkeys, boars, and other animals are also present here.

  • Highlights: know more about different animals and birds
  • Distance from Jammu: 30 km

5. Peer Kho Cave | Enormous Temple Courtyard

A temple named Peer Kho Cave is one of the top Offbeat Destinations Near Jammu. The temple is one of the oldest in the city, and according to archaeological findings, it was constructed during Raja Ajaib Dev's rule in the fifteenth century.

  • Highlights: The enormous temple courtyard attracts attention, particularly when illuminated during the celebration of several Hindu holidays like Diwali.
  • Distance from Jammu: 4.4 km

6. Baag-E-Bahu | Best Location for Picnics and Photography