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places to visit in lakshadweep

Top 10 Places To Visit in Lakshadweep 2024

Are you in a tropical state of mind? Well, here’s an exciting place for you. A dreamy island in India that will make you fall in love with its hypnagogic landscape and immersive experiences. Any guesses? Ahem! It’s none other than the immensely gorgeous Lakshadweep Island that is a perfect escape from the cacophony of citylife. Twelve undisturbed atolls, three impressive reefs, five submerged banks and ten dazzling islands make Lakshadweep a tropical paradise worth visiting. So pack everything classy from your beach wardrobe and get ready to discover this amazing archipelago that is all about ocean breeze, salty air, tropical vibes, sun-kissed beaches, and endless affairs. Wanna know more about the places to explore in Lakshadweep?

Top 10 Tourist Places to Visit in Lakshadweep

Scroll down to the list of top 10 places to visit in Lakshadweep where relaxation, adventure, and sweet memories are a sure thing. This perfect patch of heaven located close to the Malabar coast of Kerala ensures all your senses are treated with the wonders of nature and fascinating experiences. Take dekko beach bodies!

  • Agatti Island
  • Kadmat Island
  • Bangaram Atoll
  • Kalpeni Island
  • Kavaratti Island
  • Andretti Island
  • Minicoy Island
  • Kiltan Island
  • Thinnakara Island
  • Amini Island

1. Agatti Island

Agatti Island | #1 of 10 Places to Visit in Lakshadweep

Agatti is the main island of Lakshadweep which is also the gateway to all the islands and beaches in this union territory of India. This breathtaking slice of paradise is perfect for beach bodies, nature lovers, adventure junkies and offbeat travellers. Spanning over an area of 8 km, this stunning archipelago is thinly populated and stays undisturbed from human interference. Travellers can easily explore this tiny island on foot and revel in serendipitous encounters at every corner. It is an easily accessible island as there is an aerodrome where flights from all major cities land and take off on a regular basis.

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2. Kadmat Island

Kadmat Island | #2 of 10 Places to Visit in Lakshadweep

Often referred to as Cardamom Island, Kadmat is a gorgeous archipelago to discover thriving coral kingdoms and exotic marine life. It is the most beautiful patch of sand where you can bask under the sun and admire the beauty of the serene blue sea. Besides gazing at its dazzling landscape, travellers also get a chance to indulge in lifetime experiences of snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking and many other adrenaline pumping activities. Reckoned as the nesting spot for marine turtles, it’s a perfect place to explore the abundance of marine wealth. You can visit this bewitching hamlet for unwinding and enjoying special moments with your loved ones.

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3. Bangaram Atoll

Bangaram Atoll | #3 of 10 Places to Visit in Lakshadweep

Sublime beaches, stunning topography, luxuriant plantations, exotic aquatic creatures are some of the major highlights of Bangaram Atoll that captivates the connoisseurs and tourists alike. This teardrop shaped island is famous for nature's bliss and unusual phenomena like bioluminescence. The sparkling sea at Bangaram looks stunning in the night due to phytoplankton, algae and jellyfish present in the waters. The scenic beauty of this atoll can easily cast a spell on the visitors as it has everything your heart desires. It is an uninhabited island where you get the seclusion and time to be with yourself. Also, the island is perfect for honeymooners as it is a most sought after romantic escapade that has a full-on romantic vibe.

4. Kalpeni Island

Kalpeni Island | #4 of 10 Places to Visit in Lakshadweep

Kalpeni Island is famous for crystalline clarity of its water, sun kissed beaches, abundant aquatic species, exhilarating activities, pleasant weather and exceptional coral formations. The lagoon here is totally serene and is perfect for reef walking, swimming, sailing boats, snorkelling and many more immersive activities. The other tourist attraction here is the breathtaking Koomel bay that overlooks the untouched islands of Pitti and Thilakkm. You can unwind yourself basking under the sun and indulge in a gamut of water sports for a memorable experience at Kalpeni Island.

5. Kavaratti Island

Kavaratti Island  | #5 of 10 Places to Visit in Lakshadweep

The Island of Kavaratti is the capital of Lakshadweep. It is the most well-developed island in this union territory of India and is qualified as the main tourist hub. The serene lagoon here is perfect for water sport indulgences and relaxation. Reckoned as the coral paradise, this is the most beautiful island in Lakshadweep that is ideal for divers and nature lovers. Besides its vibrant marine life, the island is famous for a scoring number of mosques. Ujra mosque is the most famous of all due to its stunning architecture and the water with curative properties.

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6. Andretti Island

Andretti Island | #6 of 10 Places to Visit in Lakshadweep

Also known as Andrott Island, Andretti is the largest island of Lakshadweep which lies closest to the Indian subcontinent. The island offers a perfect blend of the modern world and nature’s bliss. Besides, the island is also known for its rich heritage. You can discover fascinating sites of Buddhists and Islam. Also, the virginity of the island is one of the major reasons behind its serene environ and spellbinding beauty. This island is totally worth visiting if you want to enjoy that much needed break and bounties of nature.

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7. Minicoy Island

Minicoy Island | #7 of 10 Places to Visit in Lakshadweep

It is the second-largest island of Lakshadweep that is regarded as its best kept secret. Away from cacophony and chaotic influx of tourists, this ethereal piece of paradise is indeed a must visit island of Lakshadweep. Dotted with palm groves and tall coconut trees, Minicoy, also known as Maliku truly justifies the tropical environment and scenic beauty of an idyllic island you must have dreamt of. Besides its untouched villages and azure lagoon, the island is also famous for iconic landmarks and cultural vibrancy. You can visit the lighthouse which was built by the Britishers in 1885 and also interact with locals as a part of cultural exchange.

8. Kiltan Island