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15 Best Tourist Places To Visit In Angamaly

15 Best Tourist Places To Visit In Angamaly

Just tired from the hustle and bustle of life and want to rejuvenate yourself? Well, we have got the right place for you. 15 Best Tourist Places To Visit In Angamaly, a small city located in Kerala, South India, is the best place for you to visit to just take a break and reset your mind. We have picked out the best Scenic hiking trails near Angamaly for you. The iconic temples, beautiful sunsets on the beaches, tiring yet memory-filled days, who would not want these?

List Of Top 15 Places To Visit In Angamaly

Amidst the delicious food of South India and the sound of water crashing against the beaches, you'll find a thousand stories that beckon you to explore the city's culture, history, and spirit. Let's set sail on this journey as we curate a list of the best places to visit in Angamaly!

Are you seeking the calm of your soul amidst this hustle and bustle? If yes, let's explore family-friendly attractions near Angamaly!

  • Sri Adi Sankara Keerthi Sthamba Mandapam | Insight into a life
  • St. Joseph Church | Beauty and Peace
  • Kodanad | Fauna and Flora
  • Kallil Temple | A Man-made Wonder
  • St. George's Basilica | Extravagant Church
  • Mahogany Thottam | Scenic riverside destination
  • Vamanamoorthy Temple | Interesting Mythology
  • Sri Ramakrishna Advaita Ashram | Cultural Events
  • Chendamangalam | A perfect getaway
  • Iringole Forest Temple | Temple with Lush greenery
  • Malayattoor Church | Aesthetically built
  • Athirappilly| Grand Waterfalls
  • Cherai Beach| Swimmer's Paradise
  • River View Walk Way| Nature Lover's Heaven
  • Angamaly Walkway End Point | Tranquil Escape

1. Sri Adi Sankara Keerthi Sthamba Mandapam | Insight into a life

The best historical site you can visit is Angamaly. Who knew exploring a memorial of a great Adi Sankara would be so enriching and insightful? The architecture of this place speaks for itself as on entry, you will see two elephant statues, and on entering, you will see the life of Adi Sankara.

  • Best thing to do: Explore the life history of Sr Adi Sankara.

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2. St. Joseph Church | Beauty and Peace

It is a major religious spot for pilgrims, and its extravagant structure is a beautiful sight to see. A major hub for people who follow the Catholic church, this place is a must-go. Located on the Periyar River, it is a sight to see.

  • Best thing to do: Enjoy the Prayers at the Church.

3. Kodanad | Fauna and Flora

Kodanad is an affordable weekend getaway from Angamaly. A village near the riverside is a view to behold and a perfect getaway from Angamaly. It is an elephant training centre, so you can imagine how a nature lover would love it.

  • Best thing to do: Enjoy the nature and playfulness of elephants

4. Kallil Temple | A Man-made wonder

One of the best historical sites near Angamaly would be the Kallil Temple, as it is carved out of a huge granite rock and is located over a hill.

  • Best thing to do: Marvel at the structure of what a human mind and strength can do!

5. St. George's Basilica| Extravagant Church

It is one of the largest churches in South India with a huge parish hall and is for everyone who enjoys the calm and serene environment of a church.

  • Best thing to do: Enjoy the architecture of the church

6. Mahogany Thottam | Scenic riverside destination

Are you in South India and didn't experience the greenery around? Well then, this is the place for you as this is an outdoor adventure near Angamaly. Situated near a river, it is a perfect destination for you to explore nature.

  • The best thing to do is have a beautiful picnic with your family and friends.

7. Vamanamoorthy Temple | Interesting Mythology

It is the only temple in South India that worships the Fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Isn't it interesting? To go to the only temple that worships this incarnation?

  • Best thing to do: Enjoy the Hindu mythology and learn more about the Hindu culture.

8. Sri Ramakrishna Advaita Ashram| Cultural Events

The place where you will find peace and serenity and see your life as still. If you are someone who is looking to find peace and calm in this chaos, you must visit this Cultural event in Angamaly.

  • Best thing to do: Look around this ashram to explore what activities are conducted.

9. Chendamangalam | A perfect getaway

Chendamangalam is an affordable weekend getaway from Angamaly. It is a small town located a few kilometres away and is a rare geographical location with a combination of hills, rivers, and inlets.

  • Best thing to do: Go around the town to explore local markets and traditions.

10. Iringole Forest Temple | Temple with Lush greenery

Iringole Forest Temple is a must-visit with family. Located amidst dense forest and aesthetically built, it makes itself a known place.

  • Best thing to do: Take out a whole day to explore the temple.

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11. Malayattoor Church| Aesthetically built

Justifying its name, it is located near Angamaly and is a beautiful church built for pilgrims to visit and find serenity and calm. It is the first pilgrim centre in India to be accorded international status by the Holy See, the official seat of the Vatican, so we can only imagine how beautiful a sight it would be!

  • The best thing to do is explore the market around the church,

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12. Athirappilly | Grand Waterfalls

Nature never fails to remind us of its power. Athirappilly is famous for its waterfalls with a height of 80 ft amidst the lush and dense trees. Imagine how the waterfall looks!

  • Best thing to do: Click pictures with your family and capture the moment in front of this majestic fall.

13. Cherai Beach | Swimmer's Paradise

With glistening blue water and sunsets to remember, Cherai Beach is a must-weekend getaway from Angamaly. If you are lucky, you might also see dolphins!

  • Best thing to do: Enjoy watersports and even catch the sights of Dolphins.

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14. River view Walk away | Nature Lover's Haven

If you are looking to refresh and reset your mind, then this is the place for you. Take a long, slow walk along this beautiful point to refresh your mind.

  • The best thing to do is to enjoy a beautiful sunset by the walkway.

15. Angamaly Walk Away End point | Tranquil Escape

A serene walking place to enjoy an evening, cool and breezy weather. If you just want to chill with your friends and family, the best time would be to go in the late afternoon or evening.

  • Best thing to do: Have a peaceful walk with your favourite music.

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As we have unveiled the beauty of Angamaly and its neighbouring places, now it's time you start packing your bags and book that ticket! Places To Visit In Angamaly We believe that travelling can make you learn things that no other thing could teach. As your journey concludes on the beaches and hills of Angamaly, it's time we bid adieu to this destination and move on to look to new adventures. With Adotrip, your adventure awaits on those scenic beaches and high-reaching hills. Enjoy a wealth of information and end-to-end travel assistance and book Flights, Hotels, and Tour Packages under one roof.

With us, nothing is far!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Places to Visit in Angamaly

Q1: What are the main tourist destinations near Angamaly?
A1. The main tourist attractions near Angamaly are :

  • Sri Adi Sankara Keerthi Sthamba Mandapam
  • St. Joseph Church
  • Kodanad
  • Kallil Temple
  • St. George's Basilica
  • Mahogany Thottam
  • Vamanamoorthy Temple

Q2.Can you recommend any cultural or historical sites to explore around Angamaly?
A2. Here are some cultural and historical sites to explore around Angamaly:

  • Sri Adi Sankara Keerthi Sthamba Mandapam
  • St. Joseph Church
  • Kodanad
  • Kallil Temple
  • St. George's Basilica
  • Mahogany Thottam
  • Vamanamoorthy Temple

Q3. Are there any religious or spiritual places to visit in the vicinity?
A3. Yes, there are many religious and spiritual places to explore :

  • St. Joseph Church
  • Kallil Temple
  • St. George's Basilica
  • Vamanamoorthy Temple

Q4.What options for shopping or local markets are available near Angamaly?
A4. A local market where you can shop is :

  • Angamaly market fresh
  • Woodlands supermarket
  • Josh Mall
  • JM movies

Q5. Can you suggest some natural landscapes or scenic spots around Angamaly?
A5. Here are some natural landscapes you can explore around Angamaly

  • Iringole Forest Temple
  • Athirappilly
  • Cherai Beach
  • River view: Walk away
  • Angamaly walk away from the point

Q6.Are there any nearby villages or towns that offer unique experiences?
A6. Yes, you can visit :

  • Thrissur
  • Ernakulam
  • Kodanad

Q7. What are some opportunities for outdoor activities or recreational pursuits nearby?
A7. For outdoor activities and recreational pursuits, you can visit :

  • Chendamangalam
  • Cherai beach
  • Athirappilly
  • Mahogany thottam

Q8. Are there any festivals or events happening in towns near Angamaly?
A8. Onam, the state festival, is celebrated with pomp and glory in Angamaly. It is a ten-day festival and is majorly celebrated by Hindus. The festival marks the homecoming of the King of the Malayali people, King Mahabali.

Q9.Which nearby attractions provide insights into local traditions and crafts?
A9. To get an insight into Local traditions, you can visit

  • Vamanamoorthy Temple
  • Kalil Temple
  • Kondanad
  • St. George's Basilica

Q10. What are some family-friendly attractions or activities to enjoy around Angamaly?
A10. Some family-friendly attractions are

  • Iringole Forest Temple
  • River View Walk Way|
  • Angamaly Walkway End Point 

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