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4 Famous Malls In Mysore

4 Famous Malls In Mysore For Shopping

Mysore is a heaven for history buffs and shoppers. The city is beautiful and known for its royal heritage and vibrant culture. In central Karnataka, Mysore attracts tourists with its stately palaces, lush gardens, and ancient customs. Fashion enthusiasts will be delighted to explore the top malls for fashion in Mysore, offering a wide array of trendy apparel. 

Mysore's malls are modern marvels that blend the city's rich history and heritage with its forward-thinking present. Rather than just malls, these shopping venues are bustling encounters that combine the old and new, making shopping in Mysore fascinating. Additionally, shoppers in Mysore can often take advantage of enticing Mysore mall deals, ensuring that their shopping experience is enjoyable and budget-friendly.

List Of Top 4 Malls Of Mysore | Unveiling The Must-Visit Malls

From the upscale Mall of Mysore to the family-friendly Forum City Mall, each retail location captures the city's personality and offers something for everyone. Let's explore Mysore's charming malls, where past and current meet and shopping is an art form.

  • Mall of Mysore | Majestic Retail Haven
  • Forum City Mall | Contemporary Shopping Oasis
  • BM Habitat Mall | Trendsetter's Paradise
  • Garuda Mall | Elegance and Utility Combined
  • Mysore Central Mall | Your Everyday Shopping Destination

1. Mall of Mysore | Majestic Retail Haven

The Mall of Mysore, in the heart of this old city, is a modern shopping destination. The Mall of Mysore is a popular shopping area noted for its lively aura and various stores and restaurants, making it one of the best shopping centres in Mysore. An energetic atmosphere of antiquity and modern elegance greets you inside. Contemporary and regional architecture make mall shopping unique. Once inside, you'll witness famous local boutiques and national and international chains selling the newest tech, fashion, and lifestyle goods. To fuel up while touring, the mall features restaurants for different tastes. The Mall of Mysore captures the appeal of this picturesque city with its combination of traditional and modern shopping.

  • Location: D. Devaraj Urs Road, Nazarbad, Mysuru, Karnataka 570010.
  • Nearby Places to Visit: Mysore Palace, St. Philomena's Church, and Karanji Lake.
  • Timings: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Features: Mall of Mysore is a premium shopping destination with a wide range of national and international brands, a food court, and an entertainment zone.

2. Forum City Mall | Contemporary Shopping Oasis

The famed Forum City Mall in Mysore is bustling with activity and enjoyment. This massive complex's many shops and boutiques excite shoppers. The many speciality shops, technology retailers and high-end fashion firms here cater to every need and demand. Families and solo shoppers can enjoy the lively atmosphere. The smell of fresh coffee at chic cafes makes shoppers stop and relax. The wide variety of restaurants and eateries satisfy your appetites for local specialities and international cuisines. With its vibrant atmosphere and offerings, Forum City Mall is a testament to Mysore's evolving retail landscape, where modernity meets tradition in perfect harmony.

  • Location: Adichunchanagiri Road, Siddhartha Layout, Mysuru, Karnataka 570011.
  • Nearby Places to Visit: Mysore Zoo, Karanji Lake, and the Chamundi Hill Temple.
  • Timings: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Features: Forum City Mall offers a contemporary shopping experience with various retail stores, cinema complexes, and dining options.

3. BM Habitat Mall | Trendsetter's Paradise

Mysore's buzzing BM Habitat Mall brings a modern flair to the area around the city. Stylish and convenient, this mall draws shoppers and leisurely people. Entering reveals a tidy, inviting space. The mall is popular with Mysore shoppers because it stores fashion and technology. BM Habitat Mall's laid-back vibe is fun for all ages. Mall restaurants offer fast bites and sit-down meals to refresh while shopping. The many shops and eateries in BM Habitat Mall update Mysore's retail environment.

  • Location: No.1501, Jayalakshmipuram, Mysuru, Karnataka 570012.
  • Nearby Places to Visit: Jaganmohan Palace, Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion, and the Royal Mysore Walks.
  • Timings: 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Features: B.M. Habitat Mall is known for its fashion outlets, dining options, and entertainment facilities, making it a popular choice for shoppers.

4. Garuda Mall | Elegance and Utility Combined

Garuda Mall is a shopping destination that effortlessly combines elegance and practicality. This mall embodies the modernity that has become synonymous with Mysore. It boasts a diverse range of international and local stores, ensuring that it caters to the needs of a wide array of shoppers. Families particularly appreciate the mall's versatility, and it's no surprise that it's considered one of the city's family-friendly malls in Mysore.

  • Location: New Sayyaji Rao Road, Agrahara, Mysuru, Karnataka 570021.
  • Nearby Places to Visit: Mysore Palace, the Chamundi Hill Temple, and St. Philomena's Church.
  • Timings: 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Features: Garuda Mall offers a diverse shopping experience with international and local brands, entertainment options, and dining facilities.

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These malls enrich Mysore's retail landscape and reflect the city's dynamic spirit. They're not just sites to shop; they're experiences that resonate with locals and tourists alike. With the help of the Mysore Mall Directory, finding these malls becomes effortless, ensuring that everyone can indulge in the city's vibrant shopping scene. Whether you're a fashion enthusiast, a budget-conscious shopper, or a family looking for a fun day out, Mysore's malls have something special for everyone, making shopping in the city an absolute delight. Plan your vacation today with Adotrip and embark on this unforgettable journey. Enjoy a wealth of information and end-to-end travel assistance and book Flights, Hotels, and Tour Packages under one roof. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Malls in Mysore

Q1. What are the must-visit malls for traditional Mysorean crafts and products?
A1. When it comes to traditional Mysorean crafts and products, the Mysore Silk Udyog in Devaraja Market is a must-visit. While it's not a mall in the conventional sense, it's a hub for authentic Mysore silk sarees and other handcrafted items. You can also explore local artisans and craft markets around the city.

Q2. Do Mysore malls have facilities for senior citizens and people with disabilities?
A2. Many malls in Mysore have facilities for senior citizens and people with disabilities. The more giant malls like the Mall of Mysore, Forum City Mall, and BM Habitat Mall are equipped with wheelchair ramps, accessible restrooms, and elevators, ensuring a comfortable experience for all shoppers.

Q3. Are there any eco-friendly or sustainable malls in Mysore?
A3. No, there's not any eco-friendly or sustainable malls in Mysore.

Q4. What are the cultural and entertainment options available in Mysore malls?
A4. Mysore malls are not just shopping destinations; they often host cultural events and entertainment options. Live performances, art exhibitions, and movie theatres within many malls offer a diverse cultural and entertainment experience. For example, Garuda Mall often hosts cultural events.

Q5. Are there any malls in Mysore with a focus on wellness and fitness?
A5. While Mysore malls primarily focus on shopping and entertainment, some, like Forum City Mall, have wellness and fitness centres or studios. These facilities offer yoga classes, fitness centres, and relaxation options, ensuring a holistic approach to well-being for health-conscious shoppers.


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