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langkawi skybridge in malaysia

Langkawi Skybridge In Malaysia - History, Tickets, Opening Hours, Best Time to Visit

Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah, is one of the most beautiful destinations in Malaysia. Beautiful ensconced amid the emerald waters of the Andaman Sea, this tropical haven is all about crystal clear waters, pristine beaches and rainforests. This archipelago is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. Get ready to lose yourself amid spectacular landscapes like the iconic Langkawi Sky Bridge. This engineering marvel is a fantastic beach town's most-visited and enjoyed attractions. Enjoy breathtaking views of azure blue waters below, tiny specs of verdant islands peppered on the shimmering waters. As you stroll through this masterpiece, you will experience a gentle breeze caressing your face. Langkawi is more than a beach destination; it is magic all around.

As you immerse yourself in the beauty of Langkawi's natural wonders, prepare to elevate your experience to new heights by embarking on an unforgettable Langkawi sky bridge tour. Get ready to be amazed!

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Exploring Langkawi Sky Bridge | A Bird’s Eye View of Heaven

Adding Langkawi Sky Bridge to your must-visit attractions in Langkawi will allow you to immerse yourself in scenic beauty, enjoy panoramic views, and experience the thrilling sensation of walking among the clouds. Let us explore this engineering marvel.

  • Langkawi SkyCab– This is the name of the Langkawi cable car. There are multiple choices available if you wish to ride the cable car. If you want to enjoy 360-degree views of the scenic panorama around, you can select glass-bottom gondolas. The other options available are panoramic views and standard cable cars. If you travel in a group or wish to travel in privacy with your family, you can book a private gondola. Skip the queue with free pass tickets!
  • Langkawi Skybridge—This beautifully constructed, curved walkway commands spectacular views of Langkawi. To reach the Langkawi Sky Bridge viewpoint, you must take the Langkawi SkyCab. Note that the tickets for Langkawi SkyCab and Langkawi Skybridge are sold separately.
  • Langkawi SkyGlide— This compact shuttle runs between the Skybridge and the top station of the Cable Car. You can either walk or buy a 10 MYR ticket to use SkyGlide.

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Langkawi Sky Bridge History

The iconic Langkawi Sky Bridge, famous today as the symbol of ingenious modern engineering, dates back to 2003. The concept behind this engineering masterpiece was to allow visitors stunning views of the scenic landscapes of Langkawi. Nestled in the lap of nature, this bridge finds its presence amid the lush rainforests of Gunung Mat Cincang. The work on this bridge was completed in 2005. The Langkawi Sky Bridge's height is 700 m above sea level and spans 125 metres. Suspension cables and a single python provide support to this bridge. Visitors can access the bridge through a cable car and enjoy 360-degree awe-inspiring views.

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Best Time to Visit Langkawi Sky Bridge

If you plan to visit Langkawi Sky Bridge, ensure your trip is during the dry season. Thus, the best time to visit Langkawi Sky Bridge is November to April. Optimal visibility, clear skies, and pleasant weather enhance the pleasure of enjoying spectacular views. Travel experts advise visitors to avoid visiting the Sky Bridge in the rainy season, spanning from May to October, as copious rainfalls lead to reduced visibility and slippery conditions, thus spoiling the overall experience. Plan a visit to the Sky Bridge on weekdays in the mornings to get the best views of Langkawi’s beauty from the iconic attraction.

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Langkawi Sky Bridge Tickets

The cost of Langkawi Sky Bridge tickets varies depending on the ticket type, add-ons, and packages selected. Here are the available options, along with their respective prices -

Ticket Type

Price (RM)

Standard Gondola

55 (adults), 40 (children)

Glass Gondola

105 (adults), 80 (children)

360 Gondola

155 (adults), 130 (children)

VIP Gondola

500 (adults), 400 (children)

Private Gondola

800 (adults), 600 (children)

Express Lane

50 per person

Sky Bridge

6 per person

Sky Glide

16 per person

Sky Dome

15 per person

Sky Rex

15 per person

Cable Car + Sky Dome

65 (adults), 50 (children)

Cable Car + Sky Bridge

60 (adults), 45 (children)

Cable Car + Sky Bridge + Sky Glide

75 (adults), 60 (children)

Cable Car + Express Lane + Sky Bridge + Sky Glide

125 (adults), 110 (children)

Book your tickets after checking out this list, which provides detailed Langkawi sky bridge costs, to make a well-informed decision.

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Langkawi Sky Bridge Opening Hours

The Langkawi Sky Bridge operates daily from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm, offering visitors ample time to experience its breathtaking views. It's advisable to arrive early to avoid crowds and make the most of your visit to this iconic attraction nestled amidst the natural beauty of Langkawi.

Things to Know Before Visiting Langkawi Sky Bridge