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Top 10 International Places to Visit in August

August is just around the corner! Those who love the pitter-patter of rain; the thunderous sound of clouds, nature soaked in the splish-splashing heavenly water droplets; and people whose heartbeats dance with every drop falling on the earth understand just how special August means to them and their near and dear ones. The British American poet Priscilla Denise Levertov also mentioned, “Breathe the sweetness that hovers in August.” She was a poet, and she understands that the month of August is something special. The sweetness of the raindrops upon the parched land and the mesmerizing scent that emanates has always attracted the poets, after all!

While in the northern hemisphere – August declares a transition from summers to the faint beginning of autumn, in the southern hemisphere – this month denotes the end of chilly winters. Therefore, this time of the year is somehow special for everyone. There is no dearth of places to visit in August in the world. Visiting in the month of August also has a special advantage. This, being an off-season month almost across the world, means cheaper hotel and flight deals and great discount offers too! Book tour packages online to take advantage of beautiful weather and amazing locations along with the best deals on hotels and flights.

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Top 10 International Places to Visit in August

Some of the Best Places to Visit in August around the world are listed below:

1. Malaysia- A Stunning Archipelago

Malaysia is one of the favourite places to visit in August in Asia. The temperature hovers around 27 degrees which makes touring around this Asian country quite a pleasure. Malaysia has a plethora of sightseeing options that suit tourists of different types and different interests. The country has tropical beaches, high-class cities, animal safari, and yummy food joints to suit anyone and everyone. Everyone has something to do in this Asian country. Some of the interesting places that should be included in the itinerary are a visit to Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of the country.

Things to Do in Malaysia

  • The city offers some spectacular sights such as tall towering buildings such as the Petronas. The city is also known for its food joints and shopping stores.
  • You can also plan a visit to the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park for an animal safari or take a walk down the history lanes in the historic town of Malacca.
  • After the hectic tour, you should head for a beach retreat at Langkawi, a group of islands situated off the coast of Malaysia and enjoy some quality time relaxing, sunbathing, and eating good seafood.
  • Enjoy these locations during the month of August in the Malaysian way!

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2. Mauritius-Packed With Coastal Bounties

Moving a little westwards from Malaysia, Mauritius is a small island country situated in the Indian Ocean that offers beautiful sightseeing opportunities, especially during the month of August. With temperatures hovering around 23 degrees Celsius, this island country offers a range of activities that tourists can enjoy in Mauritius. Crystal Cobalt waters, sun-kissed beaches, pristine surroundings and a favourable climate to enjoy all are just to name a few.

Things to Do in Mauritius

  •  Some unique things that should be enjoyed in Mauritius include visiting the underwater sea walk at Grand Bay and watching the dolphins sway at Tamarin Bay.
  •  A visit to the Mauritius National Botanical Garden to have a glimpse at the diversity of fauna. Visit the beautiful Bois Cheri Tea Plantation for some scenic shots.
  •  Engage in some adventurous activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, horse riding, cave sea kayaking, and kite surfing, among others available at specific locations across the Mauritian beaches.

In short, the island nation offers a complete rejuvenating holiday package for you and your entire family.

3. South Africa-A Land of Untamed Bushveld

South Africa has been a prominent location, especially for sports lovers and animal enthusiasts. However, the country is best visited from May to September. August is the most favourable month since the dry winter climate during this month leads to cooler days and colder nights, making the beach visits comfortable while the jungle and wildlife safari is pleasurable.

Things to Do in South Africa

  •  Some prominent places to visit in South Africa include enjoying the safari at Kruger National Park and spotting antelopes, giraffes, elephants, rhinoceros especially white ones, lions, and leopards, among others.
  • Take a stroll amidst the African penguin colony at Boulders Beach.
  •  A visit to the Elephant National Park and Sabi Sabi Game Reserve for wildlife adventures.
  •  You can also enjoy hiking and rock climbing at Table Mountain, enjoying the tranquillity at the tip of Africa at Cape of Good Hope; and enjoying the historic relics and sightseeing at Robben Island.

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4. Kenya- Known for Wild-Rich Savannahs

Kenya is a country located in the east of Africa, and August is the preferable time to visit this country. The country is known for its wildlife, and wildlife safaris amidst the Great Savannahs are the most attractive tourist activities. However, the month of August is preferable because of two valid reasons. First, August is the month that records the maximum wild beast migration in Kenya because of its favourable climatic conditions. Secondly, the tourists get to enjoy the wildlife safaris since the month of August records clear skies and dry days (this being the end of the winter season in the southern hemisphere), resulting in uninterrupted safaris.

Things to Do in Kenya

  • Some of the major tourist attractions in Kenya include relaxing at the palm tree-lined beaches at Diani Beach, Manda Island, and luxury hotels in Nairobi.
  • Enjoy the wildlife safari at Masai Mara to spot some cheetahs, zebras, and wild beasts.
  • Visit the various national parks such as Amboseli National Park, Aberdare National Park, Tsavo East National Park, and Samburu National Park;
  • Enjoy the adventurous trips to Lake Nakuru and the Great Rift Valley.

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5. Switzerland-A Land of Epic Landscapes

The dream destination that has been wished as a holiday by every single individual at least once in a lifetime, Switzerland is perfect for visiting in the month of August. The winters are very cold, and summers are mildly warm in Switzerland. August is the last summer month. The confluence of off-setting summer and on-setting winter makes the place even more favourable for travelling.