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15 Fascinating Places in the World Where Traveling is Forbidden | Unknown and Unexplored Spots

Are you an explorer at heart who always strives to look for hidden, unexplored, unknown spots while traveling? Traveling has always helped people to discover, explore, and understand new cultures, places, religions, faith, and people. Travel has always fascinated human minds, and some great minds love treading on the unknown paths, discovering something new, and exploring the hidden treasures of the planet Earth. The world is full of hidden or secret places where traveling is forbidden or mostly avoided by people. Nothing else thrills but the call of Earth for an adventure traveler to discover, explore, and experience the mystery and pristine beauty of this planet. Visit secret places in the world and quench the thirst of your adventurous spirit.

What to expect when you arrive at such places? Thrill, excitement, fear of the unknown, and joy of unearthing mysteries are just a few of the experiences you can expect. If you get a kick out of treading on an unexplored path, it is time to pack your bags and set out on a journey to the world’s most well-kept secrets. We need to accept the fact that the Earth holds a lot of secrets, and we must accept the fact that we may not get to see them all. Here are some of the places that should be on your wish list. Check it out!

1. Lascaux Caves, France

An archeological marvel, the Lascaux Caves in France is certainly a hidden gem waiting to be explored by those who can understand its significance. Archeologists from across the globe love visiting this cave and exploring its unique cave system that holds paintings dating back to the pre-historic era. Some of these paintings are approximately 17,300 years old and still look striking. The cave was closed for public viewing, fearing the harm coming to the ancient work of art due to excessive human proximity.

2. Cape Melville National Park, Australia

A beautiful peninsula in Australia, Cape Melville National Park is peppered with giant granite boulders and dense rainforest. When exploring this area in 2013, a group of scientists discovered three new species indigenous to this peninsula. The place that was touted as the ‘lost world’ gained popularity among scientists. The place is still largely unexplored, and rightly so. It is the only way to save it from the damage due to excessive exploration.

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3. North Sentinel Island, India

One of the forbidden islands in the world, the North Sentinel Island in Andamans, India, is home to the Sentinelese tribe. The people belonging to this tribe prefer staying isolated to safeguard themselves. At times, they become aggressive and violent to protect their isolation. The island has been home to this tribe for the past 50,000 years. The Indian Government has prohibited travelers from traveling to this island.

4. Ise Grand Shrine, Japan

Japan is home to more than 80,000 shrines. Known for its globally renowned shrine culture, the country places a lot of value on spirituality. Ise Grand Shrine is one of the most important and expensive shrines in Japan. Its architectural grandeur and following of age-old Shinto traditions have made it unique. The temple is built every two decades, and millions of dollars are spent in the process. The most important aspect of this temple is that only royal family members are allowed to enter this shrine.

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5. Snake Island, Brazil

It is one of the most forbidden places in the world. Located in Brazil, the snake island, as the name suggests, is densely populated with different species of poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. The danger level of visiting this place can be easily imagined with deadly snakes hanging from the tree branches. After a lot of unfortunate incidents, the Brazilian government has gone ahead and made visiting the island illegal. The island has 4000 Golden lanceheads, which are considered the deadliest snakes on the planet.

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6. Surtsey Island, Iceland

A quaint island located in the archipelago off the coast of Island is another one of the many best secret getaways in the world. The island came into existence after a violent volcanic eruption that latest for four years. The island is presently open only to geologists and scientists. The place is off-limits for tourists as the ecosystem of the island is very fragile and might get damaged due to human intrusion.

7. Dulce Base, USA

A small town located in New Mexico near the Colorado border, Dulce Base is also a forbidden place to visit for travelers. This town houses an underground laboratory where a group of scientists carries out an array of unbelievable experiments. It is tough to believe that this town has a massive underground compound hidden from the prying eyes, where state-of-the-art lab equipment carries out human-animal hybrids and other unheard-of experiments.

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8. Doomsday Vault, Norway