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famous festivals in france

10 Famous Festival of France You Must Experience In 2024

Salut! You have landed at the right place if you are eagerly looking forward to learning about the electrifying festivals that take place in France. I think this country smells like truckloads of romantic and exciting aspects that make you fall in love with France again and again till infinity! The festivals are a fantastic expression of their taste in music and their striking culture, much like their cuisine, which is so extraordinary and flawless!

The French Foire incapacitates infinite thrill, unmatched drama, bliss, positivity, rousing energy, pyrotechnics, epic fun, unimaginable excitement, and the list continues but never ends. Well, if we revolve our thoughts around the cultural show that is put on at these festivals, then believe me, you can automatically feel the french magic happening in front of your eyes! All the extreme fun awaits epicures, venturesome, music aficionados, and adventure connoisseurs worldwide to come and be a part of the festivals of France offering guaranteed elation!

What a moment it would be in a distant country where the nights seamlessly turn into the morning, and the strangers grooving along become friends creating promising memories.

List of Top 10 Festivals of France That Are Just Fantastic

If you heavily desire to feel the gripping essence of the magnitude of music, then mate, come here and soak in the bliss of the festivals in France. Not to boast, but it is what it is. The vibes will be overdosed with every single excitement angle that you must be craving for since whenever!

  • Cannes Film Festival
  • Festival of Lights, Lyon
  • Bastille Day
  • Nice Carnival
  • Summer Opera Festival
  • Menton Lemon Festival
  • Le Fête de la Musique
  • Berck-sur-Mer Kite Festival
  • Festival d’Avignon
  • Festival Medieval de Sedan

1. Cannes Film Festival | Festival de Cannes

Renowned as one of the biggest and the most happening events in France, Cannes Film Festival or France Film Festival, is celebrated with utmost zeal and passion. A charismatic event where famous celebrities gather from the media, fashion, and cinema world. This festival is celebrated to honour and elevate the importance and raise profiles of International cinema and Hollywood. You can see the presenters celebrating new talents and honouring the current ones. The Cannes Film Festival is nothing but a grand celebration of the cinema at an international level.

  • Location of Cannes Film Festival. Cannes, France
  • Duration of Cannes Film Festival. 12 days

2. Festival of Lights, Lyon | Fete des Lumieres

The Festival of lights began on 8 December 1852 and is one of France's most innovative and wonderful festivals. A winter festival is famous for the rare installations of some epic lights where the city is magically adorned with vibrant vibes & lighting. A grand opportunity that is ready to showcase the city in its most colourful, radiant, and enchanting facet! The sole belief behind celebrating this festival is to infuse the spirit of solidarity, where Lyon people can be seen placing candles on their window sills and balconies. Come and explore the most incredible festival of lights in Lyon and cherish the lively bliss of the illuminated place!

  • Location of Festival of Lights. Lyon, France
  • Duration of Festival of Lights. 10 days

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3. Bastille Day | Fete De La Bastille

One of the grand events in France that will uncover the most phenomenal side of the country! A striking celebration in which a synchronised showcase of solemn military parades and wonderful dance performances with pyrotechnics takes place. Bastille Day is the oldest and a massive cavalcade taking place in Europe, which is definitely an event to witness! The Fireman’s Ball and the spectacular pyrotechnics are some of the major highlights of the event that induce a sense of some uniquely cherishable moments.

  • Location of Bastille Day. Paris, France
  • Duration of Bastille Day. One day

4. Nice Carnival | Côte d’Azur France

A Winter Festival of France with truckloads of fun, excitement, passion, and enthusiasm of the highest degree! A perfect showcasing of the local festivities in a grand manner worth appreciating. The Nice Carnival incorporates some grand marches, phenomenal fireworks, flower battles, and more amazing aspects. This carnival was introduced to offer some exciting entertainment for the bourgeoisie, wintering on the wonderful French Riviera.

  • Location of Nice Carnival. Nice, French Riviera
  • Duration of the Nice Carnival. 17 days

5. Summer Opera Festival | Choregies d’Orange

The World’s biggest and most epic opera festival is here! A premier show that wonderfully entices the Roman amphitheatre in the ancient Orange Roman town. A perfectly sequenced performance of opera, harmonised ballets, melodious recitals, and classical music concerts occurs. This summer opera festival started in 1860, wonderfully honouring Rome’s splendour and unmatched charm. The festival begins with an opening day where the classical music is showcased in a much more exciting and magnetic form, along with a live television broadcast that leaves you completely in awe!

  • Location of Choregies d’Orange. Orange Theatre Antique, Southern France
  • Duration of Choregies d’Orange. 4 days

6. Menton Lemon Festival | Fete du Citron