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Karva Chauth diet plan

Tips To Keep Yourself Nourished On The Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth is finally here now. The much-praised celebration says a lot about the affection for a wife for her husband with a daylong fast that she keeps for him. Usually, this is one of the hardest celebrations in India because the women are required to keep a long day vrat where she eats before sunrise and afterwards, straightaway after moonrise.

However, this Karwa Chauth, it’s time to worry less about the right sort of food, the day is certain to go easily. Below-given are the exceptional foods you should ingest on the day and keep fast in a healthy way. Take the guide:

Before Sunrise:

Generally, Karwa Chauth fast is seen by eating 'Sargi' at the beginning of the day. Sargi should incorporate the following things:

Fruits & Nuts

Fruits and nuts are an unquestionable requirement amid a fast. Being a source of rich supplements, this is essential as it keeps you nourished with the required liveliness while you avoid nourishment and water the entire day of Karwa Chauth.

Milk Items

To help you keep full for a long time, milk items like curd and paneer are crucial. They are rich in protein and are perfect to help you pass the day without feeling hunger cravings.

To enable you to keep full for the whole day of Karwa Chauth, milk products like curd and paneer are the best eatables as they are rich in protein.


Sugar ingest is energetic as it keeps your vitality up for a significant lot of time during Karwa Chauth. Nonetheless, there should be a limit to sugar intake as having it toward the beginning of the day meal expands food cravings. Along these lines, include precisely sugared desserts.

Traditionally, it includes ‘pheni’ (milk and semolina).

After Moonrise

It is recommended that the fast should be broken progressively with little sips of water for the begin. Afterwards, the following food things should be a part of your 'After Moonrise' diet on Karwa Chauth:

1. Non-Acidic Food

2. Without any doubt, you should include protein-rich nourishment. Abstain from eating too sweet things or scorched food. Decent nourishment that incorporates vegetables, curds, entire grains as chapatis, rice with pulses are the best alternatives. You can also take buttermilk to rehydrate yourself.

3. With these tips, make sure you celebrate the day without any discomfort.

Happy Karwa Chauth!

--- Published By  Vineet Gupta