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History Of Seychelles

History Of Seychelles : Cultural, Festivals And Historical Landmarks

Seychelles, a small yet captivating archipelago, offers more than just stunning beaches. The country's rich history, dating back to the 18th century, adds depth to its enticement. Despite a past marred by slavery under French influence in Seychelle and British colonial rule, Seychelles has evolved into a multicultural nation with influences from various African regions. The country gained independence in 1967 and became a republic in 1993, boasting a gender-equal government and a strong focus on education. Today, Seychelles is renowned for its natural beauty, diverse marine life, and historical sites like the VallĂ©e de Mai. 

Let's sail through the history of Seychelles to broaden our knowledge and gain a better understanding of its past.

Ancient Roots