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Find A Sense Of Adventure Travel With These Travel Documentaries

“The gladdest moment in human life is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

It has been truly said that travelling is a great opportunity to explore and experience the adventures of life. Having the feeling in your gut - when nothing is known, then everything is a possibility; gives rise to a longing for expansion which resonates with life. 

And if we specifically talk about travelling in India, then from exploring the ghats of Benares to riding solo and tasting Punjabi food to traversing the backwaters of Kerala; exploring India is a feeling of echoing bliss. Keeping this thought in mind, we at Adotrip have come up with a few popular travel documentaries; we can bet that these will get you on your toes and motivate you to finally go on a fascinating escapade. 

#1. Hit the road: Mumbai

Source: The EPIC Channel

Have you wondered how would it be like to travel and explore a journey of 1300 kms in an auto-rickshaw? We can bet you didn’t! Unusual question isn’t it?

Yes, that is what Richard Gazarian & Keith King, the stars in this show do; showing the courage and undertaking the challenge to travel from Mumbai to Chennai in an auto-rickshaw.

Can you imagine, in an auto-rickshaw!

Their main adversity lies in overcoming the monsoon rains, cold and yes, how can we forget the heat waves of India. It is intriguing to see how these guys overcome these extreme weather conditions while travelling. Produced by Armenia based studio, this travel documentary is full of witticism and incredible travel encounters.

Did you know that this documentary was recognized as one of the top 10 adventures of the year in 2012 by Lonely Planet?

Run time: 80 minutes

#2. Riding solo to the top of the world


This amazing documentary is more or less a dream come true for any person who likes to ride bikes. Yes, in this documentary the star of the show, Gaurav Jaini takes upon his shoulders to complete this somewhat risky ride from Mumbai to Ladakh. And in this solo journey of self-discovery, he cruises his way back to Changthang Plateau.

And the sense of completion and gratitude which this guy feels overcoming his shortcomings throughout and on the completion of this journey is simply majestic to watch. This amazing show has also been produced by the Dirt Track Productions.

Moreover, owing to its artsy brilliance, Riding solo to the top of the world has been given many awards such as Best Non-Feature Film at the 53rd National Film Awards, I&B Ministry, Govt of India, Golden Conch for Best Documentary at the Mumbai International Film Festival etc.

Run time: 94 minutes

#3. One crazy ride

Source: dirttrackproductions

Another Dirt Track Production, this travel documentary is based on a 2002 route-charting expedition in India. It showcases the journey of five friends who go on a ride of a lifetime towards Arunachal Pradesh through the Herculian Himalayas.

Full of crazy weather, risky paths, untouched routes by humans this is something which will infuse you with a sense of freshness and a desire to travel and explore. Indeed this is an amazing experience to watch the five of them to face their fears and simultaneously overcoming them.

One Crazy Ride has also been awarded many accolades like Jury Award at Flagstaff Mountain film Festival, USA, Best Mountain Culture Film at Kendal Mountain Film Festival, UK etc.

Run time: 87 minutes

#4. Around the world in 80 days

Source: Alone Sole

Around the world in 80 days has been one of the most enchanting novels of all time. Written by Jules Verne this is a story to become, to experience and to navigate life. And this documentary which borrows the same name is written and presented by the actor-comedian Michael Palin, who, as per the novel, the protagonist of the story accepts the challenge to tread the world in 80 days. The excitement of the documentary showcases the people venturing into new lands and filming the exotic locations. This documentary is broadcasted in a total of 7 episodes spanning countries and continents alike.

No.of episodes: 7

#5. Parts Unknown: India

Source: CNN

This one has been hosted by one of the most celebrated chefs of our time: Anthony Bourdain. It kicks off with an episode curated especially for the flavours of Punjab. Mr. Anthony Bourdain, single-handedly takes us on an eventful journey of a lifetime to explore the colours and flavourful nuances of the city of Punjab. It also explores the Sikh culture and makes us realise how interesting Punjab as a place really is!

Run time: 60 minutes

#6. Way Back Home

Source: TheVibe

Way Back Home is one of the amazing series typically made to explore the lesser-known or you can say the best kept secret regions in the valley of Himalayas. This travel documentary was released on MTV Indies and was hosted by Rohan Thakur. It is indeed a charming musical tribute to the natural beauty and serenity of the snow-capped Himalayan mountains.

No. of episodes - 13

For more such interesting trivia stay tuned with Adotrip. And as far as planning your itinerary is concerned, you can always count on Adotrip's circuit planner tool.  

--- Published By  Rohan Bhalla

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