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Popular Hindu Pilgrimage in India Every Seeker Must Visit

The connection between India and mysticism seems to be two sides of the same coin. Our culture has always been an epitome of spiritual significance and has been a guiding light for many in finding liberation and mukti.

Yes, mukti, has always been the highest goal in our culture. It is said that India was once a land of 33 million Gods and Goddesses. This tells us how vast and greatly we as a people, a culture were impacted by the significant touch of spirituality.

And for finding God, truth, or whatever you may want to call it many of us go on spiritual journeys for satiating our religious fervor. Let’s explore some of the most popular pilgrimage sites. 


Out of the seven holy places, Haridwar carries a great spiritual significance. And this is also the place where the Ganga river enters the Indo-Gangetic planes for the first time. Moreover, there are also many mythological stories which depict how the drops of Amrit had spilled on this very land while Garuda was carrying them. 

The Aarti or the Puja is done at the ghats are a sight to behold. A million lamps are lit here bursting clouds of smokes which create an enchanting and beautiful aura when they rise into the atmosphere reverberating with the mindful and intensely rhythmic chants of the bells. Haridwar is also the land where the Kumbh Mela takes place once every 12 years of time attracting multitudes of devotees.

Amarnath Yatra