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Famous Foods of Mexico

10 Must-Try Famous Foods of Mexico in 2024

Mexico never ceases to impress with its colonial charm, historical Mayan ruins, beautiful heavenly beaches, to authentic best Mexican food where tradition meets taste. Visita Mexico to explore the unforgettable cuisine world of Mexico for the love of your tastebuds and knit some flavourful memories.

Do you know Mexico has seven culinary regions famous for their exclusive food and beverages and more than 60 types of chillies, which make the fundamental part of Mexico's cuisine?

Mexico's food scene is much more than tacos and tequila. The culinary history of the Mexicans is diverse, ancient, rich, and evolutionary through fusion cuisine. Cuisines and dishes of Mexican culinary regions have a distinct aroma of their tradition and culture. From the green Yucatan Peninsula to the desert of Sonora, you can explore and experience a wide range of exclusive ingredients, dishes, Mexican desserts, soups and more.

List of Top 10 Mexican Dishes that Provide Glimpse of Its Rich Culinary Legacy, A Fiesta for Tastebuds

Embark on a journey of the culinary delights of Mexico with us. Read on our minutely hand-picked 10 authentic best Mexican food items and savour this comida memorable (Spanish for memorable food) during your visit to the country of magical experiences.

  • Chilaquiles| Traditional Mexican Food for Breakfast
  • Mole| A Rich Sauce for Mexican Dishes
  • Chiles en nogada| The Patriotic Food of Mexico
  • Tacos al pastor| A Popular Variety of Tacos Mexico
  • Tostadas| Fried Corn Tortillas
  • Tamales| A Nourishing Food
  • Elote| Corn on the Cob
  • Enchiladas| A Mayan Legacy
  • Guacamole| Popular Mexican Food Dates Back to the Aztecs
  • Pozole| Pre-Hispanic Soup

1. Chilaquiles | Traditional Mexican Food for Breakfast

Chilaquiles is a traditional Mexican breakfast dish, usually served with refried beans or frijoles (Spanish). It contains lightly fried corn tortillas cut into quarters and topped with red or green salsa. Pulled chicken and fried or scrambled eggs are often used on top. You can also add cream and cheese.

The Mexican dishes are known for their historical legacy, and the Chilaquiles are no different. The staple food for lakhs of Mexicans has come from ‘The Spanish Cook’ by Encarnacion Pinedo in 1898 and has become common food across states of Mexico.

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2. Mole | A Rich Sauce for Mexican Dishes

Mole pronounced as ‘mol-eh’, is a rich sauce in Mexico. The word Mole originated in Nahuatl for the word for indigenous sauce variety. Three states of Mexico claim to be the original birthplace of this peppery sauce: Oaxaca, Puebla and Tlaxcala.

You will find multiple types of Mole sauces across seven culinary regions of Mexico, a popular household cooking ingredient. Only Oaxaca has 7 types of Mole sauces. Mexicans prepare Mole with around 20 or more ingredients, including varieties of chilli peppers. The process of making it requires constant stirring.

According to experts in Mexican cuisine, preparation time varies between 30 mins to up to 1 hr. The most popular Mole is mole poblano. It is a red sauce best served with chicken or turkey. Chef Mauro Mendez says, “Mole goes with all festivals, occasions, and get-togethers. It has a wide range of colours, textures and flavours. It encompasses different dishes and flavours.”

3. Chiles en nogada| The Patriotic Food of Mexico

Also known as the patriotic food of Mexico, chiles en nogoda boasts Green, White and Red colours of the National Flag. The green colour comes from poblamo peppers stuffed with picadillo. Picadillo is a mixture of fruits, chopped meat, and spices. Cream sauce made of walnut gives the white colour. And pomegranate seeds provide the red part of this popular traditional Mexican food from the Puebla region.

You can explore this food of Mexico at all the prominent restaurants and hotels of the North American country, including Plaza Mexican, Cabos Mexican, Casa Mexican etc.

4. Tacos al pastor| A Popular Variety of Tacos Mexico

Mexican culinary journey is incomplete without Tacos, dating back to the 1920s and 30s. You can explore more than 40 types of traditional Tacos and fusion versions. One of the prominent varieties of this traditional Mexican food is Tacos al pastor meaning ‘in the style of the shepherd.’

The making process of the dish includes cutting thin strips of pork off a spit, putting them with corn tortilla and serving with topping and seasonings like coriander leaves, pineapple, and onions.

5. Tostadas | Fried Corn Tortillas

Tostada is the famous Mexican street food that means ‘toasted.’ The preparation of this delicious food on the go includes frying corn tortillas in boiling oil until they become golden and crunchy. Once ready, you can have it alone or with garnishing. Popular toppings with Tostadas are cooked meat, ceviche, seafood, frijoles or refried beans, etc.

Do you know, according to the Mayan legend, tortillas were created by a farmer in ancient times to feed his hungry king? The word ‘tortilla’ came from ‘torta’, a Spanish word that means ‘round cake.’

6. Tamales | A Nourishing Food

Tamales is a traditional Mexican food dates back to Inca, Mayan, and Aztec tribes, developed to carry during war expeditions. Mexico cuisine is known for specific dishes for different times of the day. One of the most popular dishes of Mexican cuisine, Tamales, can be enjoyed as breakfast. The Mexicans also eat this sweet dish with fillings at lunch and dinner.

The cooking process of Tamales includes stuffing corn dough with savoury or sweet filling, wrap in corn husks or banana leaves, and putting it for steaming. Fillings depend upon your preference- veg or non-veg. It varies from fruits, vegetables, and peppers to meat with mole. The usual flavouring includes cumin, oregano, thyme, different peppers, and garlic powder. Once ready to eat, remember to remove the wrapping. Enjoy the Mexican delight!!

To taste authentic Mexican Tamales, visit leading restaurants like Plaza Mexican, Casa Mexican etc.

7. Elote | Corn on the Cob

Elote is another mouth-watering on-the-go Mexican street food. It is a must-try food item on your Mexican trip while visiting one of the fabulous beaches or taking a casual stroll. You will find this corn on the cob at almost every nook and corner of Mexico. People travelling from India to Mexico can easily relate to this with our favourite ‘Bhutta’ with some cheesy and peppery twist.

The making process includes boiling corn and serving them in cups or on a stick. The usual add-ons are salt, chilli powder, butter, cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream, lime, etc.

8. Enchiladas | A Mayan Legacy